Car Shipping Florida: Moving your car is easier than you think

Brantley Kendall

14 Oct 2021 3 years ago

There is an ever-increasing demand for car shipping to Florida and rightly so. Florida is one of the best tourist attractions in the US. Moreover, people trying to escape harsh weather conditions flock to Florida to enjoy their vacations. In this article, we’ll explain everything you should know about the cost to ship a car to Florida.

Demand for Car Shipping in Florida explained

Florida is, no doubt, one of the most beautiful states in the US. Boasting the longest coastline in the country, Florida is the favorite place for tourists in the country. The state has beautiful theme parks, big golf courses, attractive state parks, and amazing historical places which make it a dream place for tourists in the US. 

Such beautiful places and wonderful weather make Florida a highly attractive place for people looking to avoid harsh weather conditions and spend quality time at the beaches. This is the reason employees working from home, college students, military officials, seasonal travelers, and families looking to enjoy vacations head to Florida annually. Moreover, if people have their cars with them during this time, it increases the joy manifold.  Fortunately, moving your car to Florida is much easier now than you think. Using the car shipping services of brokers like SAKAEM Logistics saves you time, money, and effort.  

Snowbirds flocking to Florida need car shipping services

Snowbirds are lucky that they get to enjoy the best weather throughout the year. However, this luxury comes at a price and the snowbirds have to travel for long distances to reach Florida. Driving a car to such a long distance can exhaust anyone physically and mentally. Moreover, it puts the safety of the families moving South at a risk. A safer and convenient alternative though is to use the car shipping services of a company to move the vehicle to Florida.

Similarly, heading back to the North by driving can be an exhausting experience. Sometimes, it can take at least 2 days of drive to reach from Florida to places like Illinois. If snowbirds work with a company for car shipping from Florida, they can enjoy a few hours’ flights from Florida to their home. Meanwhile, their car will be safely shipped to their doorstep without putting extra miles on it.

Things to consider while shipping a car to Florida

There are several factors you need to consider while shipping a car to Florida. The type and condition of the vehicle you wish to move matters a lot in determining the time and cost of shipping. For instance, the size and weight of your car affect the shipping charges. Similarly, if your car is not operational and needs to be towed, it increases the cost of shipping. The time and season of moving your car also impact the shipping charges. For example, during the winters, people in large numbers head to Florida to escape the harsh weather conditions. During this time, the cost of shipping increases significantly along with delays in shipping timelines. Finally, the mode of shipping, enclosed or open, also plays a decisive role in determining the shipping charges. You need to keep all of these factors in mind before shipping your car to Florida. 

Cost of Car Shipping to Florida

The cost of shipping a car to Florida depends on many factors. The first factor that impacts the cost of shipping is the location you want to ship your car to. If you are looking to ship your car to a big city in Florida, chances are that you’ll have to pay less as it will be a popular auto transport route.  On the other hand, if you want to move your car to a rural area, the car carrier will have to leave the main route to deliver your car. This increases the overall cost of shipping your vehicle to account for the extra miles and time spent by the car carrier.

Another factor that varies the cost of car shipping to Florida is the time of the year. During the winter season, snowbirds and vacationers flock to Florida to have some quality time. As a result, the traffic on the road gets increased along with a massive demand for car shipping. During this car hauling season, the cost of car shipping to Florida is slightly higher than on normal days.

The third factor that varies the cost of shipping cars to Florida is the mode of shipment. Car shipping companies generally offer two options to their customers. The first one is the open car shipping where we ship your car on a car carrier carrying many cars in one go. In this mode,  your car is exposed to the weather throughout the shipping process. This mode of shipment is less expensive as many cars are shipped simultaneously on one trailer. For daily use vehicles, this is the recommended mode of shipment. The second mode of shipment, enclosed car delivery, is more expensive and is generally suitable for sports or antique cars. In this option, we ship your car in a closed truck so that your car remains safe from the weather and road debris throughout the shipping process.

Choosing the best company for car shipping to Florida

When you decide to move to Florida, you may consider having your vehicle with you to enjoy the beauty of the sunshine state. Normally, there are two types of car shipping companies available to move your car to Florida. The first type of company is the actual car carrier which can move your car to your desired location.

The second type of company is a car broker like SAKAEM Logistics which remains in touch with thousands of car carriers and offers you the best service at economical rates. If you work with a broker for car shipping to Florida, you don’t need to worry about anything at all. The staff of the company will coordinate with the car carrier and update you regularly about your car. Another advantage of using the services of a broker for car shipping to Florida is that there is always a carrier available as a backup option. In case the car carrier breaks down during the shipping process, a backup carrier will ensure timely delivery.

How does car shipping to Florida work?

Car shipping to Florida is an easy and three-step process. In the first step, you reach out to the car shipping company for a quote. An experienced car shipping advisor will prepare a customized shipping plan tailored to your needs.

In the next step, you’ll prepare your vehicle for pick-up. A driver from the car shipping company will contact you for the pick-up and load your car on the car carrier.

In the third and final step, the driver will contact you after shipping your car to the destination so that he can hand over the car to you.

Interesting facts about Florida

  • Florida is home to more than a thousand golf courses, seven thousand lakes, and eleven thousand miles of river.
  • The Florida state also has several military bases including those of Air Force, Coast Guard, Navy, and Army.
  • You also get to see alligators and crocodiles co-existing in Everglades National Park which is the only known place on earth where this happens.
  • Florida is also a unique state for the fact that it shares a border both with the Gulf of Mexico and the Atlantic Ocean.
  • Owing to a favorable temperature, several major league baseball teams come to Florida during spring training season.

Beautiful Beaches in Florida

The massive demand for car shipping in Florida is partly due to the beautiful beaches which attract a lot of tourists from all across the US.

  • Naples:

Naples is one of the ideal locations for tourists during the winter season. The place is home to several restaurants, five-star hotels, and beautiful golf courses.

  • Sanibel Island:

This beautiful island is another peaceful spot for tourists owing to its beautiful art galleries, shops, and restaurants. 

  • Destin:

Destin is one of the most affordable beach towns in Florida where you’ll find a peaceful environment to enjoy your vacations.

  • St. Petersburg:

St. Petersburg is known as the sunshine city of Florida. The city offers an ideal environment for families who love to spend quality time on beaches.

  • Clearwater Beach:

Clearwater Beach is an ideal location for people looking for healthy activities like swimming, beach volleyball, or just a normal beach walk.

  • Florida is also known as the theme park capital of the world as it houses Busch Gardens, SeaWorld, Disney World, and Universal Studios.
  • Three national forests, 37 state forests, 12 national parks, and 175 state parks are also located in Florida.
  • Daytona Beach is famous for holding the Daytona 500 wherein thousands of NASCAR fans gather in February every year.
  • Miami Beach also attracts thousands of tourists from all across the US who are looking for lively beaches and joyful beach nights.
  • Last but not the least, Florida has many places of cultural and historical significance as well including Kennedy Space Centre, the Ringling Museum of Art, Cape Canaveral, and Art Basel.

Frequently Asked Questions about car shipping to Florida

Which types of cars can you ship to Florida?

We can ship any kind of vehicle to Florida including SUVs and trucks. SAKAEM Logistics takes pride in the fact that our team can assist you in shipping any type of vehicle to or from Florida. We consider every shipment as unique and do our best to make sure your car reaches its destination in time.

Is my car insured while it is being shipped to Florida?

The answer is yes. When you work with SAKAEM Logistics, we ensure your car from the moment it is loaded into the truck to the moment it reaches your doorstep.

Can I track the status of my car while it is being shipped to Florida?

You can always track the status of your car while we ship it to Florida. For this, you just need to contact our team and they’ll give you the latest updates on your car.

Can I keep my stuff in the car during car shipping to Florida?

Yes, you can keep your things in the vehicle during car shipping to Florida. It is a good idea if you keep all your stuff in a single box in the trunk so that it is safe during the shipping process. However, you should limit the weight of your box to a hundred pounds.

What is the payment procedure for car shipping to Florida?

Payment through a credit card is the most convenient option for car shipping to Florida. When you work with SAKAEM Logistics, we’ll never ask you to pay upfront. Our team will coordinate with you to process your payment smoothly so that there are no delays in your shipment.

Who will be in touch with you for car shipping to Florida?

Your shipment advisor for car shipping to Florida will stay in touch with you throughout the process. Moreover, he’ll notify you in advance of the expected pick-up date and time. However, slight variations in pick-up date and time are possible and you will be notified in such a case.

Brantley Kendall