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At SAKAEM we strive to provide you with a pleasant car transport experience. Auto transport doesn’t have to be complicated, and we prove it through personalized customer service, affordable pricing, and a comprehensive suite of services.

At SAKAEM we strive to provide you with a pleasant car transport experience. Auto transport doesn’t have to be complicated, and we prove it through personalized customer service, affordable pricing, and a comprehensive suite of services.

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Why choose SAKAEM


Trust the experts with your car relocation. Years of experience means your vehicle is taken care of. A strong track record of safety and service lets you relax knowing your car is in good hands.


Understand what your quote includes and the quality you’re paying for when shipping with a reputable carrier. Fair and transparent pricing lets you confidently book your car transport.


There are no upfront costs when booking. Don’t pay for your service until you receive it. Book your shipment and pay your deposit when the truck is dispatched for pickup.


Have a team ready to assist you with a smooth shipping process. Our team aims to customize your booking to fit your individual needs while addressing your questions and concerns.


Enjoy one point of contact from start to finish for a hassle-free shipping process. Your dedicated advisor will expertly guide you through each step for easy auto transport.


Your shipment will automatically include insurance. While we do our best to provide you with a safe and secure shipping solution, insurance protects your car from the unexpected.
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How car transport works

1. Get a Quote

Start by requesting a quote. You’ll work with an experienced advisor who will create a customized shipping plan.

2. Vehicle Pickup

Once you’ve booked your car shipment you’ll prepare your vehicle. A driver will communicate with you for pickup and load your vehicle on the truck.

3. Vehicle Delivery

Once the driver reaches your vehicle’s destination, you’ll arrange for pickup. Inspect your vehicle and take delivery.

What factors affect the cost of shipping a vehicle?

Frequently Asked Questions

Our experienced team can assist you with shipping any type of vehicle that you have. From the smallest of the compact cars to the largest SUVs and trucks, we can safely deliver your vehicle to you. We understand that each auto transport is different and can tailor your booking to fit your needs. This could be the most economical auto transport for your old beater. Or it could be a white-glove service for a prized collector or sports car.
Yes, you can place up to 100 pounds in a single box or piece of luggage that’s placed in the trunk of the vehicle. This ensures your belongings are kept safe and secured during transit.
Yes! Each shipment booked automatically includes insurance coverage. This coverage automatically applies the moment your vehicle is in possession of the driver and continues throughout the entire shipment until your car is safely delivered at its destination.
Your shipment advisor will notify you of your expected pick up date and time. While you make this selection during your booking, there may be slight adjustments as the pickup time draws near, and there’s a better assessment of the driver’s location and status.
You can track the progress of your car transport by reaching out to your shipment advisor. They can give you the latest information on where your vehicle is and the expected delivery date. If your advisor isn’t available, we have a dedicated team that’s ready to assist.
The best and fastest way to pay for your car relocation is with a credit card. You’ll never be asked to pay upfront for your shipment. When the time comes, we can quickly and securely process the payment to ensure there are no delays in your shipment. This also gives you a verifiable record should you need to submit for reimbursement to your company.
The transit time for your auto transport will depend on several factors. Each shipment is unique, so the distance between your pickup and drop off location, time of year, and the demand for shipping services all factor into the time it will take to deliver your car. Your shipment advisor will keep you informed of your vehicle’s progress and the expected delivery date.
There are two methods for transporting vehicles, either on an open or enclosed truck. Both methods have their advantages and disadvantages. Your shipment advisor can help you determine which method will work best for your car, budget, and shipment timeline.
Our knowledgeable shipment advisors can help you determine the best timeline for your car shipment. We have several shipping solutions to fit both your time frame and budget constraints.

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