Enclosed Car Shipping

Ship your car safely through our enclosed car transport, protecting your vehicle from weather and damage for its entire journey. Protect your investment, transfer your car securely.


If you are looking for a company to transport a vehicle, look no further! This was my 1st time needing such a service and I had a lot of anxiety about doing this....that is until I spoke with Dawn.


Thank you SAKAEM Logistics for delivering my car safely to me! You made it so easy! I will definitely be calling you again when I buy my new car!


This was my 1st time needing such a service and I had a lot of anxiety about doing this....that is until I spoke with Dawn. The entire process was world-class and left me with the same type of feeling I have when I buy a new suit at Nordstrom's!

What is enclosed car shipping?

Enclosed car transport is the perfect way to ship a luxury car, classic car, or simply one that you have invested in and value highly. It’s an entire trailer built specifically around protecting vehicles, adding protection on all four sides to prevent damage.

Enclosed car shipping is a premium service tailored for those who prioritize the utmost care and protection for their vehicles. Unlike open carriers, enclosed transport utilizes trailers designed to shield cars from external elements and potential hazards. These specialized trailers are equipped with advanced security features and climate control systems to safeguard your prized possessions throughout the journey.

Moreover, enclosed car haulers offer versatility, accommodating multiple vehicles in a single shipment. This consolidation not only ensures efficient logistics but also enhances the collective protection for all vehicles involved. Whether it's a high-end luxury car, a vintage classic, or a cherished investment, enclosed transport provides peace of mind by minimizing the risks of weather-related damage, accidents, and unsightly scratches.

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Enclosed vehicle shipping at SAKAEM

At SAKAEM, we understand the importance of safeguarding your valuable vehicles during transport. Ship your car safely through our enclosed car transport, protecting your vehicle from weather and damage for its entire journey. Benefit from unparalleled protection for your cherished automobiles, ensuring they arrive at their destination in pristine condition.

With enclosed shipping, you're not just transporting a vehicle; you're entrusting its safety to a dedicated network of professionals committed to delivering excellence in automotive transportation. Whether you're a discerning collector, a passionate enthusiast, or simply someone who values their vehicle's integrity, enclosed car shipping offers unparalleled security and reliability for your transportation needs.

How does enclosed car shipping work?

Enclosed car shipping operates on a meticulous process aimed at providing maximum security for your vehicle. Upon scheduling your shipment with SAKAEM, our team coordinates the choice of carrier and pickup of your car from your specified location. We ensure that the shipping company you’ll be working directly with, meets all your quality standards and can be trusted with your precious cars.

Choose SAKAEM for your enclosed car shipping needs and experience unparalleled protection and peace of mind.

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Personal trailers prevent others from interacting with your vehicle.

Shared trailers have a max limit of vehicles, lowering the risk of damage.

Entirely closed space prevents damage from weather, road, and more.

Highly trained drivers add another layer of protection.


Shipping may take longer due to more secure driving and slower offloading.

More expensive auto transport option than open car shipping.

Increase in fuel costs due to trailer weight.

When should I use enclosed car transport?

Shipping a standard vehicle

If you value your vehicle whether it’s a car you’ve owned for years, one with which you have a particular connection, or one that’s a gift, then closed auto hauling is a great solution. Because of its design, your vehicle is enclosed for the entirety of its trip.

While the usual consumer base for enclosed vehicle transfers is a higher-end crowd with car collections or luxury vehicles, the service is prepared to handle any vehicle. If you value your vehicle, no matter the make or model, closed transport is your best option.

Shipping a luxury vehicle

If you own luxury vehicles, classic cars, and similar automobiles that are highly valuable or you’ve invested a lot of time into, then you should consider enclosed auto transport. This method of shipping offers the highest level of protection for your vehicles and diminishes all areas of mistakes or risk.

Luxury and expensive vehicles are handled with much greater care when using an enclosed car hauler. The drivers and caretakers are trained in this specific line of work, fully understanding the value of what they’re shipping.

Shipping a classic vehicles

Vehicle collectors benefit greatly from enclosed car shipping. With trailers that typically hold 5 vehicles, you can claim one entirely for yourself. This helps minimize interactions with other car owners as well as access to the trailer.

Your vehicles will remain closed inside for the entirety of the trip since access to the enclosed trailer will only be needed for loading, unloading, and the initial inspection. Collectors shipping multiple vehicles at the same time can see a monetary benefit, since using the entire trailer alone spreads the cost.

Frequently Asked Questions

When preparing your vehicle for enclosed shipping, make sure nothing remains inside. That includes the glovebox, trunk, seatbacks, and anywhere that you might have placed any items. This is especially true for household items, as auto shippers are prohibited from transporting vehicles with them.


Keys must be handed to the shipper for the duration of its transport, according to the Department of Transport. You should also make sure the gas tank is ¼ full, at most. This helps avoid excess charges due to weight.

Yes. Our carrier registration process validates each transport company against the Saferwatch database. In addition to this, we procure insurance and additional documentation all while ensuring information and safety measures are up to date.

In the unlikely event that your vehicle gets damaged (the risk of this happening is incredibly low), we have you covered. With us, every shipment is insured. The carrier we use will always document the status of your vehicle at pickup and upon delivery. This helps us pinpoint when damage occurs and what the likely cause of it is.

Yes, we also offer open auto transport. This is a more economical method of shipping. You can read more about this service here.

Yes, we carry a valid insurance certificate which is available to view upon request. It covers damages or loss during shipping, which is fully supported by documentation from the carrier.

Unfortunately, we do not. However, if you have a specific carrier in mind, please let us know. We will do our best to accommodate your request.

For consumer vehicles, there is essentially no restriction on what can be shipped through enclosed auto transport services. Cars, vans, SUVs, and trucks are all compatible.

If you are attempting to ship an oversized vehicle, one that is heavily modified, one of extreme value, or one that has been totaled, then specialized equipment might be necessary to ship. Not all vehicle shipping companies have this specialized equipment. Therefore, you should state very clearly to us what you are planning to ship so we can utilize the carrier that best fits your needs.

Yes, you can. Use our quote system to select the type of shipment as well as your vehicle’s condition to receive the best price for your needs.

The quoted price will include all costs if the information you’ve provided is accurate. Please make sure you state the correct vehicle condition during the quote process to avoid any surprise fees. If a carrier receives an order for one type of vehicle but the vehicle differs from that order upon arrival, you are likely to be charged additional fees as well as changes to the shipping timeframe.

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