Car Transport for Military

Need to ship your personally owned vehicle (POV) for your military PCS? SAKAEM offers discounts for military car shipping and ensures safe and on-time delivery. We immensely value the service of the military members and wish to do our part in providing the best military car shipping experience.

How does military vehicle shipping work?

1. Get a quote

Get your quote with military car shipping discounts on our website or give us a call (888) 725 0005. There is no need to pay until you schedule a pickup.

2. Vehicle Pickup

Schedule your pickup date, time and location. At the time of pickup inspect the vehicle with your driver and make detailed notes of the vehicle’s condition, then hand it over and relax. You may directly contact the driver to get specific updates during the shipping process.

3. Vehicle Delivery

Meet your driver at the delivery location, re-inspect your vehicle, and sign the Bill of Lading.

What we offer

Military Discounts

SAKAEM has great respect for the service provided by military members and offers car shipping military discounts to make the move from one base to another easier.

Expedited Shipping

We understand the time critical needs of military car shipping. We are well equipped and ready to take care of moving your car within a short notice when you receive your PCS orders.

Personalized Door to Door Service

SAKAEM offers door to door military car shipping service for POVs. We keep in mind your personal preferences like time and location for pick up or delivery. The driver will pick up and deliver your vehicle as close to your chosen address as safely and legally possible.

Insured and Safe Shipping

We guarantee peace of mind. All our carriers are fully vetted and insured. Our professionals handle your vehicle with utmost care during military car shipping to ensure safe and damage-free delivery.

Wide network of Carriers

SAKAEM has a strong network of carriers for shipping military members vehicles throughout the USA. We can assure timely pick-up and delivery of the military POVs to and from any location within continental USA.

Exceptional Customer Service

Our customers deserve nothing but the best, especially military members. Our experts are just a phone call, message or email away when you need any assistance with military car shipping.



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What factors affect the cost of shipping a vehicle?

What is the best shipping method for me?

Our expert consultants can assist you in determining the optimal way for your shipping requirements. Both alternatives have significant benefits that make them ideal for a wide range of requirements. When deciding on the best mode of transportation, keep your budget, automobile value, and timeframe in mind.

Use open if:

Your vehicle is several years old.
It has wear and tear from daily driving.
You have a limited budget.
Your timeline is shorter.

Use closed if:

Your vehicle is brand new or high value.
It’s in pristine condition.
You have a larger budget.
You can wait for the vehicle’s delivery.

Frequently Asked Question

Yes, SAKAEM offers car shipping military discounts.
The government may pay for one POV shipment when it is a PCS order, however it depends on individual scenarios.
Military service members may be entitled to ship one privately-owned vehicle at government expense from overseas locations with PCS orders. However, SAKAEM currently does not provide this service.
The government may pay for only one POV shipment when it is a PCS order, however it depends on individual scenarios.
The time-frame of military car shipping depends on several factors such as shipping destination, availability of carriers, seasonality. We do our best to suit our customers’ time critical needs.
To qualify for car shipping military discounts you would need to provide proof of being a military member such as your military ID card.
Yes, SAKAEM provides fully insured military car shipping.

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