Car transport services for Auto Dealers

We offer Auto transport services for dealerships by transporting cars from dealerships efficiently, securely, and affordably.

From one to many 
Competitive transit times
Get 100% traceability of your flows
Enhance the profitability of your sales

Why Partner with SAKAEM?

10000+ Vetted Carriers

Our biggest strength lies in the solid nationwide and international network of carriers. These carriers are thoroughly vetted and ensure timely pick-up and delivery of your cars.

Multiple Shipping Options

As an auto dealer, we understand that you might have varying needs. That’s why we offer across-the-board shipping options. Whether you want to ship a single unit or fully-loaded carriers, open or closed, we’ve all covered for you.

Safety First

Safety is your #1 priority, and so it is ours! We have a team ready to assist you with a smooth shipping process. Our team aims to customize your booking to fit your individual needs while addressing your questions and concerns.

Single Point of Contact

Our process does not involve a “terminal to terminal” approach; rather we offer an end-to-end service. You would be in direct contact with a single carrier that will pick up and deliver your vehicles. Hence, you would always get specific, thorough, and timely updates in case there are delays due to unforeseen circumstances or any schedule changes.

Exceptional Customer Service

We thrive when your business thrives. Our experts with decades of auto transport industry experience work constantly to provide the most optimum solutions. We boast the trust of our returning customers by maintaining a high standard of customer service.

We’re Tech-Driven

We believe technology has a huge role in the logistics industry and have stayed toe-to-toe with the latest technological advancements since our inception. Our reliance on technology translates into a seamless experience for you.

How it Works?

1. Give us a Call

Get your quote instantly on our website or give us a call (248)-943-5798, no payment required until you schedule pickup

2. Vehicle Pickup

Schedule your pickup date, time, and location. At the time of pickup inspect the vehicle with your driver and make detailed notes of the vehicle’s condition, then hand it over and relax.

3. Vehicle Delivery

Meet your driver at delivery location, re-inspect your vehicle, sign the Bill of Lading, and you are done

Want to Ship Multiple Cars Together?

You might be stocking new inventory and wanting to ship many cars. Well, don’t worry. We transport your using open car shipping method, which allows us to ship multiple cars together and you get a bang for a buck. 

Looking for a Safer Way to Transport?

If you’re seeking superior protection for your cars, then our enclosed shipping method works like a charm. Your cars will be shipped by an enclosed trailer, which gives extra protection against weather and other outside elements.

Frequently Asked Questions

No, you don’t. All times aren’t the same and that means fluctuations in demands as well as supply. We suggest you talk to one of our support team members to understand how it works.

Our carriers are equipped with latest technology to minimize issues. In addition, you get a dedicated support manager to help you at every step of the road.

Yes, we do ship luxury and collectible cars. We understand that they require robust protection and we don’t leave a single stone unturned in doing so.

Yes, we’re licensed by Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration to transport cars.

Yes, all cars we transport remain protected under insurance coverage. 

How much will It cost
to ship your car?

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