Cost to ship a car

Discover how affordable the cost to ship a car can be with SAKAEM. Our shipping calculator provides accurate results to give you real-time pricing for shipping your car, no matter how far it’s going. We’re dedicated to providing car shipping cost solutions that are timely, cost effective, and reliable.

Shipping service landscape – What you can expect when shipping your car with SAKAEM

There’s a wide variety of reasons why you should choose car shipping instead of driving it. Driving it a long distance, like cross country, consumes a very large amount of gas and energy. Plus, the physical toll it takes on your vehicle ages it faster and decreases its value thus the cost to ship a car rises exponentially.. Shipping your car instead of driving it avoids consuming too much fuel and the degradation of your vehicle’s engine. It will look and feel newer for longer. Shipping is also a more cost-effective method for longer distances due to the varying price of fuel along the drive.
The cost to ship a car varies depending on the make and model of your vehicle, year, size, weight, and overall value. The distance it will travel also factors into the final cost as well as the cost of fuel needed for its transportation. The best solution to discovering the cost of shipping any type of vehicle is by using our instant car shipping calculator. It’s an intelligent tool that factors in every detail to give you the most accurate estimate possible.
The auto transport industry is highly competitive with multiple methods of shipping that’s made up of carriers, lead providers, and brokers. Carriers are the car shippers that actually transport your vehicle. They carry it from your initial pickup point to your final destination. Lead providers connect you with potential carriers (called “leads” in the industry). They provide connection, but you are given responsibility for negotiation with the chosen carrier which may reduce your cost to ship a car. Brokers offer the most flexibility because they use a wide range of carriers to compare and contrast. They also handle all communication, leaving you free to focus on more important matters in life.
Even if you have a preferred car shipping company, using a broker has its advantages when negotiating an auto transport quote. Brokers have spent the time to build relationships with the carriers they offer to you, so it’s more than just a price comparison service. The estimated cost provided to you is often negotiated less than the typical price due to those previously mentioned relationships. Try it for yourself with our car shipping calculator. See how affordable it is to ship your car with us, all thanks to the professional relationships we’ve built over the years.

How to get a vehicle transportation quote?

The easiest way to get a car shipping quote is by using our calculator below. The price is always accurate based on the information you provided and the current rates from each carrier. With the correct information, we can quickly and accurately provide you with an affordable quote. If you don’t want to use our calculator, you can also call or message us directly to understand your car shipping cost. Follow the criteria below when providing your details:
Destination and pick-up location
Zip codes provide the most accurate quote
Vehicle transportation preference
Open trailer, closed trailer, etc.
The year, make, and model of your vehicle
To determine dimensions and the price of your vehicle
Vehicle condition
Is it totaled, can it be driven forward/in reverse?
Preferred pick-up date
This helps us determine the availability of our carriers

Factors that impact car shipping cost


Total distance is one of the most defining factors when calculating the cost to ship a car. The further your vehicle needs shipping, the higher the price will be. Keep in mind that longer distances often cost less per mile. Our car shipping calculator uses distance as a key factor in determining the price for shipping your vehicle, no matter how far it has to travel. The calculator works on any car, any size, and any location.

Please note that the price for ground transportation (if applicable) will likely differ greatly in comparison to overseas and international shipping.


Not counting distance, the course your carrier chooses to take plays a key role in how much it would cost to ship a car. The roads and highways a driver take may not seem as important as distance when determining price, but it does have an effect on price. Populated areas, especially ones with highly congested traffic, will affect not only the price, but also the delivery time.

Weather, road conditions, and construction along the course are factored in, as well. Choose a time of year that fits your schedule but also avoids adverse weather.


Our door-to-port service picks your vehicle up right from your home, office, or wherever you specified the designated pickup location. From there, it brings your car directly to the port where it will be loaded onto the carrier, fully protected and in line with your preferred shipping method. With door-to-port service, you don’t have to give shipping your vehicle another thought. Simply let us know where to pick it up and we’ll be there, right on time.

Door-to-port is the most convenient way to set up your shipping. By letting us take care of everything, from the moment it leaves your hands to the instant it arrives at its new destination, you get a fully hands-off experience.

Shipping Date

Believe it or not, the date on which you choose to ship your vehicle to be shipped can significantly affect the price. The first piece to note is that you should schedule your car shipping as far in advance as possible to lower the cost. However, flexibility around the previously specified date can also help lower the car shipping cost.

Time of year factors into the cost due to fluctuations in carrier pricing, fuel pricing, and weather conditions.

Make & Model

The more specific you are with providing the make and model of your vehicle, the more accurate your estimate will be. The make and model are used to identify exactly how much space is needed to ship your vehicle. It helps carriers choose trailers with enough height to clear your car and the right equipment to load it.

Also include whether you’ve modified your vehicle, like adding a roof rack, as the cost will change based on these factors.

Auto Transport Type

Let us know whether you’d like open or closed transport. Open transport is the more economical way of car shipping, while closed transport offers more security. That’s because open transport exposes your vehicle to the elements, including road debris, dirt, and dust. Closed transport might be more expensive, but it encloses your vehicle entirely in a shipping container for full protection.

Open transport may also arrive faster as there are more open trailers and drivers available on the road.

Vehicle Condition

Believe it or not, non-running/totaled cars are often more expensive to ship. That’s because a non-running vehicle may pose a danger to others during transit, but also it will require larger equipment to load with. Many totaled vehicles require heavy machinery to properly load them onto the trailer since the vehicle cannot be maneuvered on its own thus increasing the cost to ship a car.

The price for running vehicles also varies based on a variety of other factors, including the value of the car.


Bigger cities and more populated areas are more likely to have trucks and drivers available, at least nearby if not in the city. Because the supplies are widely available, the cost to ship a car decreases significantly. In more rural areas, the price is higher because the driver likely needs to be scheduled to pick-up the vehicle or add your area to their course.

We scan nearby areas to compare pricing, so you’ll get the best price possible no matter where you live.

Insurance for Auto Transport

Carriers for automobiles are required by law to provide liability insurance but many do not offer additional insurance. Brokers for instance can help you acquire the insurance that fits your budget and situation best. Some questions you should ask include: deductibles; extent of damage covered; coverage for the entire vehicle; and additional coverage options.

The more you ask, the better we can assist you. We want to make sure you feel safe and that your car is protected for the entirety of its journey.


Just like the weather, the cost to ship a car fluctuates throughout the year due to seasonality. Car shipping to the south where it’s warmer, is more popular in colder months, thus hiking up the cost to ship a car. Keep seasonality in mind when planning your delivery and compare prices for different times of the year if getting the best price is important to you.

Our car shipping calculator factors in seasonality when you enter your preferred pickup date. If you’re flexible with your dates, it might be a great benefit toward the price of shipping.


Being flexible with your pickup and delivery times can see great improvements to the car shipping cost. Combining flexibility with price changes related to other conditions can help reduce price hikes related to seasonal changes, weather, gas, and others.

Please remember to book as far in advance as possible. Even if your dates are flexible, if you schedule your delivery right before your pickup date, then you will see a huge increase in the price.

Insurance costs for shipping a car

There is limited liability insurance included with the carrier services that covers damage done to your vehicle while in transit. You may also purchase additional insurance through us for better protection. The insurance cost to ship a car depends on vehicle attributes and the preferred method of shipping.

Insurance for open trailer shipping is much more expensive than insurance for closed container shipping. However, if you decide on closed container shipping, then you’ve already added full physical protection for your vehicle.

International car shipping costs

The cost to ship a car internationally varies even more greatly than domestic shipping. The type of vehicle you have (e.g., SUV, sedan, minivan, coupe) changes the price. The season, chosen international port, and customs fees all play a role in the final cost of shipping your vehicle overseas.

For international shipping, our sister company A.E.S. Inc. is your preferred broker. Their expertise in the international shipping landscape and worldwide connections keep costs down with every delivery.

Unexpected Factors Determine The Cost To Ship A Car?

Shipping in ops but failing to mention this to your agent will result in changing the price of the car shipment.
Failing to show up to pick up your vehicle will result in an increase in shipping costs.
Rescheduling too many times will result in additional fees.
A natural disaster will result in changes to the shipping cost and delivery time.

How to get the best car shipping rates possible

Using our car shipping calculator properly will give you the best possible prices for shipping your vehicle. Enter your details truthfully and stay flexible with your dates, so the best rates will appear.
Booking in advance
Booking well in advance will grant you the best rates and more options for shipping, so don’t wait. Start the shipping process as soon as possible.
Receive multiple quotes
Use our car shipping calculator, as well as others you can find online to receive multiple quotes that will let you compare the prices of features of various carriers and reduce your cost to ship a car. One piece of advice is never to go for the cheapest one!
Have flexible pickup/delivery locations
Location plays a big factor in the cost of delivery. If you’re flexible with your locations, the cost to ship a car can lower significantly while remaining close to your original location.
Consider terminal-to-terminal carriers
A terminal in this case refers to a storage facility where your vehicle can be stored and accessed easily. Using these terminals can greatly reduce the cost to ship a car.
Hire your own carrier
You are free to negotiate with carriers on your own, and sometimes that leads to successfully lowering costs.
Purchase your own insurance
If you shop around on your own, you can find vehicle transportation insurance that covers what you want for less. Let your auto transport broker know about the insurance you’ve purchased.
If you are trading in your vehicle
When trading in, you can negotiate so that the dealer will pay for your vehicle’s transportation, instead. There’s nothing better than free.
Shipping cars in bulk
If you’re moving multiple cars, the cost of shipping them altogether is less if your broker can negotiate with the carrier.

How is your vehicle transport fee calculated?

Detroit, Michigan > Buffalo, New York
Salt Lake City, Utah > Denver, Colorado
Kansas City, Missouri > Houston, Texas
Boston, Massachusetts > Louisville, Kentucky
El Paso County, Texas > Jefferson County, Alabama
2018 Toyota Corolla
2017 Ford F-150
2022 Kia Soul

Our Auto Transport Services

Benefits of Using SAKAEM’S Instant Quote Calculator

Competitive prices

We offer highly competitive prices to maintain affordable and approachable car transport services. There’s always room for negotiation, so please don’t hesitate to contact us about your quote.

Established network of carriers

SAKAEM uses a network of domestic and international carriers to provide you with a variety of services. This gives us an option to find an optimal carrier and substantially reduce the cost to ship a car.

Full transparency

We are able to deliver all vehicle types, from small sedans to towering forklifts. Whatever the vehicle, whatever its size, we can accommodate it through services like open transportation with a clear pricing structure and no hidden fees.


We are able to deliver all vehicle types, from small sedans to towering forklifts. Whatever the vehicle, whatever its size, we can accommodate it through services like open transportation offered through our network of carriers.

Shipping payment process

There is no down payment necessary, so you pay nothing upfront with no hidden fees or surprise costs. The quote you receive is as accurate as the information you provide, so please inform us properly so we can help you reduce the cost to ship a car and make payments go smoothly.

Years of experience

We have been working in this industry for over 20 years, providing customer service to countless clients with affordable car shipping. With those 20 years, we’ve adjusted to the changing transportation landscape to better accommodate you, the customer.

Insurance included

Insurance is included with every booking, so you can rest assured that your car is safe and in good hands with us and carrier partners. We’ll cover any damage that occurs to your vehicle while in transit for total peace of mind.


Our team will pick-up your vehicle from the location you specified and bring it to the port on your behalf. This way, you can relax and focus on the more important things in life when we handle your automobiles.

Discount at scale

The more you auto ship with us, the better your price will be. That could be price per vehicle or price per mile. But no matter what, we guarantee discounts as you scale your deliveries with us substantially reducing the cost to ship a car.

Work with rentals

Because rental companies ship several vehicles at once, the cost to ship a car is significantly lower than when individuals ship just one car. We’re happy to help you scale your business, and with that comes better pricing.

Frequently Asked Questions

We ship our cars together to reduce the cost to ship a car and ensure a timely delivery.
Yes, technically you can, but there is a limit to 50lbs. The carrier has to be notified of every item left in the vehicle, otherwise you could face a hefty fine. Please also keep in mind that not all carriers offer this and it is up to them to decide whether it can be done.
Yes, the higher the value of the vehicle the more expensive the cost to ship a car. These vehicles are a higher risk, usually by 3%. Thus, the higher risk equates to a greater cost to the customer.

How much will It cost to ship your car?

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