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SAKAEM maintains a preferred carrier program to further strengthen its relationship with its most trusted and loyal carriers. We can grow your transport business through increased shipments and a broader customer base.

Our Carriers

Why partner with SAKAEM?

Increased Shipment Volume

There’s no arguing that more shipments mean more profit. Car haulers that work with SAKAEM as a part of their preferred carrier program enjoy increased load volumes. This maximizes the profitability of a trailer. As your transport business grows, you may decide to invest in an additional car hauler to accommodate more loads.

Steadier Shipment Demand

As with all freight shipping, a car hauler experiences seasonal demands. This can result in more shipments than you can handle during some months and difficulty securing loads during other months. By working with SAKAEM, you can reduce this extreme seasonal demand for your car hauler. We work with customers throughout the United States, enabling you to secure loads throughout the year for a steadier demand.

Decreased Negotiating

You should be focused on managing your loads and maintaining your car hauler. Let SAKAEM focus on marketing, lead generation, and load booking. This lets you spend more time focused on growing your car hauling business and less on the mechanics of securing loads.

Fewer Empty Returns

An empty car hauler costs you money. While it can be fully loaded heading out, what about the return trip? Joining the preferred carrier program offered by SAKAEM can help you maximize your car hauler’s profitability by securing loads for your return trip. This reduces your overhead by reducing your out-of-pocket fuel costs for return trips. Once you know you have secure loads for your car hauler and have a route in place, work with our agents to locate loads in need of shipment for your return trip.

Improved Per Shipment Profit

You want to provide car transport services for your customers, but if your truck isn’t full, you could end up losing money rather than making it with your car hauler. Even if you do break even or make a profit, you aren’t maximizing your profits if your trailer isn’t full. By working with SAKAEM, we can maximize your per shipment return by booking loads to utilize each available space.

Easier Growth

Do you hope to grow your car hauling business beyond your current territory? By working with our team of skilled agents, we can help you expand. Perhaps you aim to become the premier car hauler for your state, region, or nationally. SAKAEM is a carrier friendly company that understands the unique needs of medium or small carrier fleets. Joining the preferred carrier program offered by SAKAEM rewards your loyalty and commitment to excellence with access to consistent loads for easier growth planning.


Vehicles Shipped
Years of Combined Experience

How it works


Register Your Auto Transport Company

The first step to becoming a preferred carrier car hauler is to register your interest by filling out the preferred carrier registration form. We seek to provide our clients with the best and most reliable services. Car haulers that consistently provide high quality, reliable, and safe shipping services are encouraged to apply.

SAKAEM Reviews Your Application

We carefully review each carrier’s expressed interest in joining our preferred carrier program. This is more than just a program. It’s a trusted partnership between SAKAEM and the car haulers to develop a long term relationship. Just as our preferred carriers are expected to provide top quality service to our customers, our team focuses on providing the support the preferred car haulers need to excel. Certain qualities, such as a history of providing safe, on-time shipments are considered when reviewing applications.

Enjoy the Benefits of the Preferred Carrier Program

As a preferred carrier, your fleet’s hard work and consistent, reliable performance is rewarded. SAKAEM’s preferred carrier car hauler program provides additional value by giving you preferred access to shipments and shipment lanes. It also allows for the integration of systems for streamlined shipment processing. SAKAEM strives to be a carrier-friendly company focused on providing the support carriers need to thrive.

Types of Carriers we work with

Types of Customers you will serve

Rental Car and Limo Companies

Companies that own a fleet of vehicles need to have their inventory in the locations that are the most profitable. These locations can change throughout the year. Our car haulers provide large volume and fleet transport services. These can be a group of three to five vehicles or many more.

Private Car Owners

Many private car owners are shipping their vehicles for the first time and are unfamiliar with the process. Our agents work with them to find the best shipping solution for their needs. We work with car haulers who can provide a quality service for a pleasant first-time experience. Car haulers can transport a range of vehicles for private car owners, from those unable to run to daily drivers, customized rides, collector cars, and luxury vehicles.

Frequently Asked Questions

In order to become a car hauler for rental carloads, you need to have the ability to transport larger volumes. Rental car agencies tend to have larger transport needs than individuals. You’ll also need to be able to transport vehicles across the country from the north and south to the east and west.
If you’re interested in working as a car hauler with us, the first step is to sign up as a carrier. Submit your carrier and contact information, and a representative will contact you. From there, we will work with you to find the right shipments to suit your car hauling abilities.
As with any type of insurance, the cost can vary based on several factors. Insurance for car haulers tends to be more expensive due to the value of the vehicles getting transported. Other factors, such as heavyweight and long travel distances, can also increase the cost of insurance. On average, car hauler insurance costs $800 to $1,400 per month.
The best way to make money as a car hauler is to maximize the space on your truck and the amount of time you’re transporting. A fully loaded truck will return more profit than a half-loaded one. Book shipments for your return trip so you don’t waste overhead on empty return hauls.
You can secure loads by bidding on shipments that get listed on load boards. You’ll want to look for loads that require a car hauler. Then submit your bid and negotiate with the shipper. You can also work with a 3PL or 4PL to have access to more load opportunities.
There are a few different methods car haulers use to charge for their services. Some charge per mile that the vehicle gets transported. Others earn a salary by working for a company. Some car haulers earn a percentage of the load by negotiating with the service that provided the lead for the shipment. Our car haulers take comfort, knowing that we provide timely payments in full for each load successfully completed.
If you’re interested in becoming a car hauler, start by choosing a business name and registering your new company. File for your DOT authority and get approved by the FMCSA. You’ll also need UCR registration and a BOC-3 filing agent for each state you’ll operate in. Each car hauler is required to purchase a surety bond that’s at least $75,000. Once the business mechanics are set up, you’ll need to register with load boards and lead sourcing services. Once you begin transporting loads, you can call yourself a car hauler.
Once you register as a car hauler, our shipping agents will begin to connect you with customers in need of shipments. We will screen shipping requests by comparing them to your transport services to ensure you receive loads that are within your regional operating territory and of a volume that you can transport.
In order to become a preferred car hauler, you need to provide consistent, high-quality shipper services. Professionalism, fair pricing, safe shipping, and timely delivery are all qualities that preferred car haulers embody. A preferred car hauler enjoys this status as long as they continue to provide exemplary service.

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