Rental Car Company Seasonal Volume Vehicle Shipping Nationwide

Expedited volume vehicle shipping of rental cars across the country due to seasonal demand or natural disaster by reliable auto carriers, no upfront payment.

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Fill up a few details here on our website and get your quote for free or give us a call (844) 742-9041. We offer customized prices as per your special needs like one way car rental relocation. Call us today and our experts will provide the most optimum prices as per industry standards.

Wide Network of Carriers

SAKAEM has a strong nation-wide and international network of carriers for one way car rental relocation. We can assure timely pick-up and delivery of your rental cars. Our professional carriers ensure that your inventory is delivered to the right store locations.

Best Value for Money with No Upfront Payment

Our prices are always fair and match the auto-transport industry standards including rental car relocation specials. We choose the best routes and carriers to guarantee the most optimum price for shipping your rental cars. Moreover, there is no upfront payment for scheduling your pick up.

Safety First

We understand how much you care about the safety for your rental cars, so do we. All our carriers are fully vetted and insured. We handle vehicles for one way rental car relocation with utmost professionalism to ensure safe and damage-free delivery, so that the vehicles can stay on your fleet longer.

Single Point of Contact

We offer an end-to-end service to provide the best for one way car rental relocation experience. You would be in direct contact with a single carrier that will pick up and deliver your vehicles. Hence, you would always get specific, thorough, and timely updates, in case there are delays due to unforeseen circumstances, or any changes in schedule.

Exceptional Customer Service

Our experts with decades of auto transport industry experience, work constantly to provide most optimum solutions and rental car relocation specials. We thrive when your business thrives. We boast the trust of our returning customers through maintaining a high standard in customer service.
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How it works

1. Get a quote

Get your quote on our website or give us a call (phone number) for one way rental car relocation, no payment required until you schedule a pickup.

2. Vehicle Pickup

Schedule your pickup date, time and location. At the time of pickup inspect the vehicle with your driver and make detailed notes of the vehicle’s condition, then hand it over and relax. You may directly contact the driver to get specific updates during the shipping process.

3. Vehicle Delivery

Meet your driver at delivery location, re-inspect your vehicle, sign the Bill of Lading, and you are done.

What factors affect the cost of shipping a vehicle?

Should I use FTL or LTL?

Use Singles if:

you need expedited shipping.
you need better financial visibility.
shipping luxury vehicles.
you would prefer top-loading/ upper-deck shipping.
Use Loads if:
looking for cost-effective shipping.
shipping in large volume.
shipping to auctions at major cities.
you have flexibility of time.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, you can move any number of cars to Florida with one shipment.
Expedited orders can be more expensive due to the competitive freight available at the time. It is difficult to put a specific number or percentage on an upcharge for one way car rental relocation. We typically quote the customer a higher rate when we have limited time to get the loads moved, so that we can ensure finding a carrier to move it in a short period of time.
In order to track your shipment, you need to call SAKAEM directly and we shall provide you with all the details.
Yes, we provide auto transport services to Phoenix.
Yes, we provide vehicle transport to local auctions.
There is no limit to the number of cars that we can ship at once.
We are only limited by our customer’s hours for pick-up and delivery when shipping on the holidays. As long as the locations accept pick-ups and deliveries, we can ship on any holiday.
The cost of shipping cars depends on various factors. Some of the most important factors being location and distance, vehicle size and weight, vehicle type and condition, delivery time frame, seasonality, open or enclosed carriers used as the method of transportation for one way car rental relocation.

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