How to Increase Used Car Sales During Inventory Shortage?

Brantley Kendall

01 Jul 2022 2 years ago

Are you troubled by fewer sales because your car inventory is low? Don’t be. We have listed some credible ways to hook in potential customers for your car dealership. They will definitely sell their vehicles to you if you follow our tips.

Car dealerships always have to balance their sales and inventory stock. To keep their bank account steady, they would sell enough vehicles to bring in new ones, ensuring there is never a car inventory shortage. 

However, things changed rapidly during the covid and post-pandemic phases. Car manufacturers suffered from chip shortages, several dealerships closed down, and supply chains faced significant disruptions. 

The chip shortage is still ongoing in 2022 and shows no signs of abetting yet. But the trouble is that consumers are clamoring to purchase used cars due to the pent-up demand created by covid uncertainty. 

You may feel helpless at this moment as your low inventory is unable to match customer demands. So, how to overcome this problem and keep the flow of sales going with whatever you have available in your lot? 

Create an Ideal Customer Experience

To attract more buyers and keep them engaged with your car dealership, create an ideal customer experience. Perfect customer service will include training of your sales staff. They should be able to communicate clearly. 

Moreover, they must know which vehicles are available in your lot and be able to match them by understanding the customers’ needs. Your sales staff should also be helpful and able to answer your clients efficiently.

Secondly, ensure that your online sales chatbot is active to guide your potential clients toward making a purchase. 

Nobody likes to wait after making an interaction. Your customers would need to hear back from you, and a long wait will mean that you don’t value your customers. Besides, good customer service means more sales opportunities.

Additionally, most of these companies also will give door to door delivery. This takes away both the fear of exhaustion and reliability.

Customer Experience

Organize your inventory

People like choices because they want hands-on experience through test driving and comparing vehicles. So, the representation of your inventory also matters. 

So take your time to optimize your inventory. A cluttered lot will confuse your clients even if you have an online presence, a good ranking on the search engines, and the best sales team. So, disgruntled, they might leave without checking their vehicles.

Ensure to place cars at good angles in the front, which you know will likely sell. Use some potted plants to fill the spaces and make your lot look fuller. Put the trade-in cars at the backside as you won’t be selling them soon, and they can block the mobility of other vehicles. 

A neat and well-organized inventory will look more inviting to your customers. Once you know that you have arranged the lot according to your customers, check how they interact with you. If they like it, they will be pleased to buy from you.

Automate your car dealership

If you want to keep your car dealership running as best as you want, it will automate your processes and save time and other resources. Use automotive dealership software to:

  • Measure your business’s performance.
  • Improve interaction between your sales staff and customers. 
  • Keep the record and backup of your data consistent and in a single source. 

An automotive software will provide vehicle sales and dealership analytics. You can also track or access your data anytime you want. There will be no need for manual updating and maintenance. 

A cross-channel communication with your team will also keep them updated and in touch with you. You can provide them with the latest information they need to increase your sales. 

Car Dealership

Check Your Current & Waiting Lists Customers

With a fully stocked inventory, you may have more choices to match new customers with their preferred make and model of vehicles. But that is not the case with a limited inventory. 

If your buyers are on a waiting list and you can’t give them what they want at the moment, try to match them with vehicles that are similar to their preferences. Tell them about the specifications and other elements that fit their preferred cars. 

You can also increase your used car sales by connecting with potential customers through cold reach-outs such as special offers or advertising emails. 

Whether you’ve established a client-seller relationship with people on your list or not, a cold reach-out is an excellent opportunity to generate revenue. These strategies may remind people about your car dealership and attract potential clients. 

Also, do remember to tailor your messages to be concise and on point. You can optimize the messages according to your customers’ demographics, as this tactic will increase your dealership’s outreach to more audiences.

But make it easy for them to meet you. For a home or office meeting, show your clients the photos of your lot and make pre-offers based on the vehicle’s condition and mileage. 

Continue Marketing Campaigns

The chip shortage might not end soon, so make branded marketing campaigns your top priority. Besides, advertising can keep your brand’s knowledge at the top of your potential client’s mind. 

Highlight what you offer in the car dealership that sets you apart from your competitors. Let your audience know the advantages they’ll get if they choose to buy used cars from you instead of your competitors.

Summing Up

As a car dealership, if you are experiencing an inventory shortage, there are still many ways to increase your sales by making the most of your available stock. While the current shortage may not end eventually, at least not far into 2023, you must be well-equipped to handle it. So, take all the necessary steps to maintain your car dealership. For instance, you can improvise the look of your inventory, create an efficient customer experience and automate your car dealership to win customer loyalty. In addition, you can send cold reach-outs to your potential customers with pre-offers. Furthermore, launch marketing campaigns to showcase your brand through geotargeting and try to sell used cars that are closer to your customers’ preferences. 

Brantley Kendall