Become a Preferred Carrier

To become a preferred carrier you first have to be part of SAKAEM’s carrier network, register today for best auto hauler jobs.

Why being a preferred carrier matters?

With SAKAEM’s preferred carrier program you not only get the opportunity to work with a national broker, you can also further strengthen your relationship by joining our network of the most trusted and loyal carriers.

This streamlines the booking, shipping, and billing processes. With an optimized system, our preferred carriers can better serve the customer’s shipping needs and secure consistent long-term shipment bookings.

Full Truck Load (FTL) Opportunities

As a preferred carrier with SAKAEM you would be provided with frequent Full Truck Load opportunities. This signifies increased load volume for auto hauler jobs which means more business. Partner with us for steady profitability and growth.

Rental Load Opportunities

Once you become a preferred carrier with SAKAEM your business can soon benefit from special perks offered. Carriers that get 5 loads, may be eligible for rental load opportunities. This means increased shipment volume and more car hauler jobs.

Self-Dispatch - Central Dispatch

With SAKAEM’s preferred carrier membership you get access to the Central Dispatch platform where carriers can dispatch by themselves instead of waiting for a dispatcher to assign loads to them. This saves additional wait times and creates more scope for auto hauler jobs.

Preferred Shippers Checklist

Complete at least 2 loads per month

Steady volume of loads is the key to striving growth for auto hauler jobs and businesses. For becoming and continuing as a preferred carrier with SAKAEM you need to complete at least two loads per month.

Proper Documentation

SAKAEM’s customers value the reliability of our carriers for the safety of their vehicles. Our preferred carriers need to make sure all the documents required of auto hauler jobs are filled out correctly, DOT and Insurance on file and in good standing.

Use Dispatch Center

SAKAEM requires the preferred carriers to use the Dispatch Center platform for self-dispatch for saving valuable time to complete auto hauler jobs.

Pick up & Delivery on time

To ensure top quality service and customer satisfaction, all pickups and deliveries need to happen as per schedule. Our preferred carriers need to live upto the standards of commitment to our customers.

Proof of Delivery

For all SAKAEM’s preferred carriers submitting the proof of delivery no later than 24 hours is mandatory. This helps to keep a proper record of all deliveries and uphold the reputation of the company in the car hauler job space.

Low Vehicle Damage Streak

SAKAEM may require the use of over-the-tire-straps to secure vehicles. Any undercarriage damage caused by the use of chains will be charged to the transporter.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you are not a preferred carrier you will not get access to Full Truck loads and we will only provide you with single or double loads.
The review process may take up to 72 hours after you submit the application.
Yes, there are no limits on the number of applications but once you are rejected you can only apply again after a gap of 1 month.
This program is exclusive to 2 carriers per state.
Ensure stability and business growth with added benefits