Everything you need to know about shipping a car to and from Kansas

Brantley Kendall

16 May 2022 2 years ago

Kansas has one of the lowest living costs in the country, along with a booming and up-and-coming job market. There are ample opportunities in Kansas that can help you take your career to the next level. But, if you are thinking about taking a job in Kansas and moving, you would be wondering how to get your car shipped to Kansas. 

While getting a car shipped to Kansas is not an arduous task, it can become even more straightforward when choosing the suitable model. In this blog, we will explore the various ways you can use to ship your car to and from Kansas.

Five Different Ways To Ship A Car To Or From Kansas

There are five different ways you can use car transport in Kansas. Opting for one option out of these depends on your budget, where you’re dispatching your auto from, where precisely the auto is being transported to in Kansas, and whether you need to get the auto transported immediately. You can choose an option that best suits your needs and is the easiest in your pocket.

Drive It Yourself 

Kansas is located near the mid-west in the U.S.A. If you are thinking about moving to Kansas from a neighboring state like Nebraska, Oklahoma, Colorado, Missouri, or even Arkansas, driving the car on your own may be the best choice. In such a case, the distance to cover is barely 300-500 miles, which you can cover in a day or two. As a bonus, you can also throw in some personal items in the car that you want to ship to Kansas and save on the shipping costs. 

In addition to this, driving the car on your own can be cost-effective since you are only spending on fuel, food and beverages, and taxes. Moreover, you can also turn this exercise into a road trip or as a mini getaway with your friends. Consequently, you will have transported your car to Kansas while discovering the unexplored terrain, eating great food, and having a great time.

However, if you are driving from distant states like Washington, Montana, Maine, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Massachusetts, or even California, the road trip can be too long and exhausting. Driving long distances can also make you agitated. Not to mention, you may get tired and distracted, which may lead to accidents on the road. 


Get A Professional To Drive It For You

If you are completing the drive alone, the time can seem never-ending, making you agitated. Driving long distances for transporting a car from Kansas can also exhaust you, leading to accidents. There is a simple solution where you hire a professional to drive your car to Kansas. These are professional drivers who are either students or retired veterans who want to earn some extra few dollars on the side. These seasoned drivers have the expertise required to transport my car from Kansas. In addition to this, you can hitch a ride in your car with these drivers and even send in some personal items in your car to save money.

However, the only downside to this option is that you need to find a reliable driver who you can trust. Such a driver can be hard to find, and these are professional services, and they can cost you a lot of money.

Use Railway Cargo Services

Another route you can choose to ship your car to Kansas is via rail cargo. When you opt for the railways, the only thing you need to check for is whether the state from where you are transporting a car from Kansas is serviceable on the rail cargo route. Not all train routes have the option to allow moving cars via railways, and you will have to check whether you can get the car shipped to anywhere in Kansas. You can save a considerable sum of money using the rail cargo service and get your car shipped to Kansas on time.

However, remember that you will have to drop the car off at the train station on time and help it get loaded onto the train coach. You will also have to be physically present at the train station in Kansas to receive the car and get it unloaded to take it home.

Use An Airplane Cargo Service

If you are not satisfied with the road or the rail route, you can opt for the air cargo route for car transport in Kansas. The air cargo service is a quick and efficient way to get your car shipped to you anywhere in Kansas. The airplane cargo also happens to be the fastest route to get your car transported from any city in the country to Kansas. 

Since this is the fastest mode to transport your car, the cost to transport the car to Kansas using an airplane is also atrociously high. The airfare to ship a car to Kansas ranges up to $4,000 based on the fuel prices. Nevertheless, you can opt for air cargo to get your car delivered to you within two days. Air cargo is the best option for shipping expensive sports cars or luxury cars that are almost priceless.  

Use The Services Of An Auto Transport Company

Ideally, you would want to ship your car to Kansas via a method that is easy on your pocket, fast, and does not cause any problems during transit. Thus, choosing an auto transport company is the best option you can consider—an auto transport company with experienced drivers and trailers ships your car from any city to Kansas. Using the services of an auto transport company is the best way to transport my car to Kansas efficiently. 

Auto transport companies give you access to the expertise of drivers who have been shipping cars for decades. The only thing you have to do is research to find a reliable auto transport company, get your requirement conveyed to them, and set a day for car pickup.

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Different Types Of Car Shipping 

There are two basic types of car shipping. These are:

Enclosed Shipping

Enclosed shipping is where the professionals load your car on a shipping container and then mount it on a trailer, and they then drive the trailer to its final destination in Kansas along with the container. Enclosed shipping is ideal for transporting sports, super expensive, and collectible cars.

Enclosed shipping

Open Shipping

Open car shipping where there is no container, and the experts directly load your car onto the trailer. It is then secured with safety harnesses and is a cheaper shipping type when compared to enclosed shipping. 

Different Types Of Car Shipping Services 

There are three major types of car shipping services. These are: 

Express Shipping Service

Your car will be picked up within 1-2 business days of you making a booking in this service. 

Guaranteed Shipping Service

In this service, your car will be picked up within 24 hours of you making a booking.

Military Shipping Service

Exclusively for army personnel and veterans, this service lends priority treatment to military personnel.

How Much Does It Cost To Ship A Car To Kansas (And Vice Versa)?

When you think about moving to Kansas, one of the most central questions in your mind is, ‘how much to transport a car to Kansas?’ Although there is no way to arrive at a fixed cost, you can have an estimate of the same. You can take the help of an auto transport company who will consider a few factors to help you get an approximate estimate. The cost to transport the car to Kansas keeps on is highly dynamic, and some of these factors that can help you get an estimate of the cost to ship a car include:

  1. The location: The most factor determining the cost of transporting the car includes the exact location from where they pick up and where it is dropped off. Let’s assume you want to transport my car to Kansas from a state like Oklahoma, Arkansas, Missouri, or Colorado, and the distance will be 300-500 miles on average. But, if you are getting your car shipped from a far-off state like New York, Maine, Montana, or even California, the distance to be traveled crosses 2,000 miles on average. Longer distance leads to more fuel spent, which increases the cost of transport.
  • The type of transport service: Guaranteed shipping generally costs a little more than express shipping since it provides fast service. Military shipping is cheaper than both guaranteed and express shipping since it gives army personnel a discount. Similarly, enclosed shipping costs more than open shipping since 
  • The weather: If you are getting your car transported during harsh weather conditions like rainfall, snowfall, or storms, you may have to pay more since the drivers will have to make halts to ensure the safety of your vehicle. 
  • Car details: The car type, model, make, year of manufacturing, and condition of the car also add to how much it takes to ship a car to Kansas.
  • Fuel prices: If the fuel prices go up, it might increase the cost to transport a car to Kansas

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How Long Does It Take To Ship A Car To Kansas (And Vice Versa)?

The most important aspect of shipping a car to Kansas is the distance between the exact delivery location and pickup location. This distance determines the final length of the shipment. For completing car transport in Kansas from a nearer city like Colorado, Oklahoma, Kansas, and Missouri, the auto transport company make take up to a few hours to one day. But, if they ship your car from a distant state like Maine, Washington, Montana, or North Dakota, it can take 4-8 days to transport my car to Kansas.

Besides, the weather during the shipment can increase or decrease the time taken to transport my car from Kansas. For example, suppose the weather becomes harsh suddenly during the shipment. In that case, the drivers may have to make a temporary halt and wait for the weather to clear up to ensure the utmost security of their vehicle. 

Apart from this, the route is taken, the unexpected detours, road closures, and the traffic jams may increase the time it takes to ship a car to or from Kansas. 

Car shipping

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How Does The Process Of Shipping A Car To And From Kansas Work? 

After you have sealed the deal with an auto transport company, car transport in Kansas will begin. You will have to tell the auto transport company a date, time, and address for the pickup. An auto transport company team will arrive at the car’s location as scheduled. The team will then assess the car for any damages mentioned on the Bill of Lading and signed by you. When the car is nearing its destination in Kansas, you will be intimated. They will then ask to check the car for any damages, as per the Bill of Lading. If you are satisfied, you can sign the Bill of Lading and complete the delivery process. 

How To Find The Best Auto Transport Company To Ship A Car To And From Kansas

If you want to ship a car to any city in Kansas, you would want to go with an auto transport company that is top-rated for its work and has significant experience shipping cars across the country. To select the best auto transport company like SAKAEM to ship your car to or from Kansas, you can assess these factors to help you make the best decision: 

  1. Experience: Go through the company’s total experience in transporting cars. Ideally, the auto transport company should have experienced drivers on board, including a well-qualified team.
  2. Quote: To get your car shipped to and from Kansas, one of the most critical questions in your mind would be ‘how much to transport a car to Kansas.’ Hence, ensure that you compare the quotes provided by various auto transport companies and see which deal makes the most sense, financially and logistically. 
  3. Services: Understand if the auto transport company has services like door-to-door pick-up and drop, among other features, to help make your life easier.
  4. Reviews: Go through the auto transport company’s reviews to see what past customers say about them. 
  5. Miscellaneous: Read through the fine print and see what are the auto transport company’s inclusions in the package they provide. Look for the company’s licensing and insurance policies.

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FAQ’s Regarding Shipping A Car To And From Kansas

What Documents Should I Keep Handy To Ship A Car To And From Kansas?

You need some essential paperwork to get your car shipped to and from Kansas. You will need to get all the paperwork signed and given to you by the auto transport company when they pick your car up, including the Bill of Lading.

How Long Is An Auto Transport Company’s Quote Valid?

The expiration of a quote differs for each auto transport company. However, as a standard practice, it is valid for at least seven business days, after which the auto transport company may choose to increase or decrease the prices. 

How Can I Pay For The Auto Transport Service?

Trustworthy auto transport companies accept payments for their services using various means like debit cards, credit cards, net banking, and even mobile wallets like PayPal.

Does Insurance Cover My Car During Transit?

All auto transport companies in the country have a valid insurance policy. Thus, your car will be covered under insurance when it is in transit.

Pros and cons of moving to Kansas


  • Low cost of living 
  • Booming job market
  • Affordable housing 
  • Great food & culture 
  • Commuting is easy


  • Challenging climate 
  • Prone to tornadoes
  • High-income tax 
  • Excise taxes
  • Public transport can be a nightmare 

Brantley Kendall