Ship car from Florida to New York – All the details you need to know


If you need to ship a car from Florida to New York, you need a car shipping service that you can trust. To ship car from Florida to New York is not an easy task as this is one of the busiest routes in the US. The main reason for this traffic congestion is the snowbird migration that usually takes place from Florida to New York twice a year. We use the term “Snowbirds” for those people which migrate from North to South to avoid extremely cold weather and then return to the North in the spring season.

This snowbird season starts in mid-October when the weather starts getting cooler in New York. The season ends in March or April when the snowbirds move back from Florida to New York. On the East Coast, the beginning and end of this snowbird season is the busiest time of the year for car shipping services. 

You might be thinking why would anyone ship car from Florida to New York or back when you can drive the car yourself. There are multiple reasons you need to ship car from Florida to New York instead of driving the car yourself. The primary reason to ship car from Florida to New York is to avoid the 1000-1200 miles long drive which can easily exhaust you mentally and physically.

When you ship car from Florida to New York, you can save money and time. Moreover, you can also save on maintenance costs required after traveling such a long distance. The safety of your car is yet another reason for using car shipping services.

If you need to ship car on this route, here is all you need to know.

Time required to ship car from Florida to New York

The time required to ship car from Florida to New York depends on the location inside Florida from where the car needs to be shipped. As mentioned earlier in the article, the shipping distance from Florida is somewhere around 1200 miles. The exact distance can vary depending on the exact locations. Car carriers can travel up to 500 miles on average in a single day. As per this calculation, it will take at least 3 days or 72 hours to ship your car. This calculation does not take into account the unexpected delays that can occur due to unavoidable circumstances like traffic jams or accidents. After accounting for these potential delays, car shipping companies can ship car from Florida to New York in 3 to 5 days.

Best time to ship car from Florida to New York

The busiest time to ship car from Florida to New York is the end of the snowbird season. At this time, people move back to New York after escaping from the harsh climate of New York earlier. If you ship car during this time, you can expect car shipping costs to be higher than average. For snowbirds, we recommend the best time to ship car from New York to Florida is September. Similarly, the end of April is the best time to ship car to New York to avoid premium rates.

The best route for auto carriers to ship car from Florida to New York

Auto carriers mostly take the same routes you would take if you were to drive yourself from Florida to New York. Heading South down Interstate 95 is the shortest route available from New York to Florida. Using Interstate 95, one can reach Fort Lauderdale, Miami, and Daytona Beach. If you head West on I-10, you can reach Tallahassee and Pensacola.

I-4 joins with I-95 and takes you to Tampa, Orlando, Clearwater, and St. Petersburg. To reach Fort Myers, Naples and, Sarasota, the driver can head South on Interstate 75 from the Tampa area.

These are the primary shipping routes for auto carriers. However, the actual route used by the driver depends on the time and date your car is being shipped.

Florida to New York Car Shipping services for Students

Many students head to New York to start their studies in a new college or university. Is your son or daughter also planning to start college or university in New York? If yes, you must be worried for their safety in case they drive the car themselves. Then you should consider using the services of a car shipping company. SAKAEM Logistics can provide you with different quotes for shipping your car from any location in Florida to the student’s dorm in any college or university in New York. Our auto carriers regularly ship vehicles from Florida to many colleges and universities in New York. These include the University of New York, City College of New York, Queens College, Buffalo State College. Click here to get an exact quote for shipping your car.

Available options to ship car from Florida to New York

When it comes to shipping a car from Florida to New York, there are two options available for you. 

Open Car Shipping 

Open car shipping is the most common mode of car shipping in the US. An open auto carrier ships 6-12 cars in one go. Since multiple vehicles are shipped at once, the shipping costs in this mode are very reasonable. This is the most economical mode of car shipping for cars that we use daily. Moreover, rental car companies also move their fleet of cars in this mode at very reasonable rates.

Closed Car Shipping

If you are shipping a luxury car or you are extra cautious about the safety of your vehicle, then you can go for closed car shipping mode. In this car shipping method, a closed truck or carrier ships 1 to 4 cars at a time. Since the car is not exposed to the atmosphere or external weather conditions, this is the best mode of car hauling for luxury or antique cars. Car shipping costs in this mode are higher than open car shipping.

Ship your car with SAKAEM Logistics

It doesn’t matter if you are a snowbird moving from Florida to New York, or you are a student ready to start college in New York, SAKAEM Logistics has the best network of carriers that can offer you the best car shipping services at economical rates. As a trusted broker, SAKAEM Logistics connects you with multiple car carriers. These handpicked carriers will professionally ship your vehicle at economical rates. The best part about using our car shipping services is the financial insurance. Your car is financially insured from the moment our carrier picks up the vehicle to the moment it is delivered to your doorstep. You can also read more on the car shipping cost with SAKAEM Logistics.

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