6 Creative Ways to Sell More Cars to Tech-Savvy Buyers

Brantley Kendall

13 Jul 2022 2 years ago

Is your car dealership in trouble? Are you losing sales? Ditch the old ways to sell your cars and go digital.

In this digital era, your business will soon lose ground to your competition if you only sell cars from a physical dealership. The old sales strategies are no longer valid. If you want to make more sales, you have to utilize digital resources that are at your disposal. You need more creative and unique ways to attract technology-savvy car buyers.

According to AZZ News, 30% of US car sales in 2020 were entirely online. Due to the covid pandemic, consumer behavior has changed a lot, and car dealerships are trying to go completely digital. In 2020 alone, the global online car market was around $237.93 billion, but it is set to reach $722.79 billion by 2030, registering a CAGR of 12.2%.

This sets the bar high for your car dealership business. So, you must adopt a new sales process to stay ahead of the game. The key is to change your mindset and help your customers and yourself simultaneously.

Top Creative Ways to Sell More Car

Here are some creative ways you can adapt in order to sell more cars:

Update Your Car Dealership Website

Over 80% of users surf the web on their mobile phones. So, if your website is not easy to navigate and mobile-friendly, you seriously need to make some adjustments. 

Old content, technical errors, and non-user-friendly websites will increase your bounce rate. Visitors will feel bored and lose interest instead of staying on the web pages. 

According to global statistics, 61% of consumers say they are more likely to buy from a mobile-friendly website. So, if you want to sell more cars, you must update your auto content and make it mobile-friendly

Car Dealership Website

Use Video Tutorials for Virtual Connection

More consumers are shopping for cars online nowadays. They are searching and comparing features and prices of vehicles. This makes it much easier for your car dealership to attract prospective clients. You just need to encourage them to buy from you, not your competitors. But how can you do that?

  • Create video content such as walk-throughs and tutorials about your inventory. 
  • Highlight the features of your vehicles and let your potential customers know about any discounted deals or promotions. 
  • Create interviews to connect with customers and showcase your customer service dedication.
  • Take your salesperson on a short drive and record test drives of your cars.
  • Your smartphone is enough for recording. Talk casually and highlight the benefits, the top picks, and smooth driving features.
  • Connect with your potential customers even before they can meet you.

Provide Easy Financing Options

Your customers will be looking for easy financing options on your website that are within their budget. Clients want a streamlined process where the interest rate is affordable, the loan term is negotiable, and monthly payments work in their favor. They don’t want to visit a dealership to know they may not qualify for a loan. 

If your car dealership provides them with same-day approval to get them started instantly, it will increase their trust in your business. Ask only the essential information to create an offer for your clients. Once you streamline the process, your car dealership will earn loyal customers for a lifetime.

Financing Options

Offer Money-Back Guarantee

Position your buyer security for a significant effect. For instance, offer your consumers love it or leave it guaranteed. There’s always a chance that many buyers won’t like something in their car. 

Tp;76q2`111223468888099=hey may find the car size, not to their liking or want to return it and buy one with simpler features. In that case, one way to increase sales is to provide your consumers with a three-day or one-week no-questions money-back guarantee.  You can also offer protection plans to your clientele with a modest monthly increase that won’t be heavy on their pocket. This will eliminate the out-of-pocket maintenance costs of their vehicles and give your customers peace of mind.

Make the Shopping Process Transparent

Modify the shopping process to be easy and transparent for your consumers. A sales process with fair pricing and a knowledgeable salesperson will create a more enjoyable experience for your customers. 

Your online car dealership website must have an inspection report and link to CARFAX for each vehicle’s history. Clearly list the prices plus the taxes, title, and delivery fee for door to door service. Posting a reasonable discount on auto prices will eliminate the need for back and forth haggling.

Also, don’t make the interest rate negotiable, as it will erode your consumers’ trust. Instead, fix the rate to an affordable payment or extend the loan term.

Car Shopping

Make Your Profile On Social Media Platforms

Build your expertise as a digital communicator by immersing yourself in social media platforms. If you want to sell more cars, make your social media profile for your car dealership on Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc. 

Learn your consumers’ language, create scheduled posts, and share and promote your dealership. Send marketing emails and text messages to your target audience to engage their interest.

Summing Up

Lost sales can be frustrating for your car dealership business. But in this digital era, you must adapt to changing consumer behavior and increasing online buyers.

Hopefully, our post about ways to sell more cars has helped you in figuring out the best system to sell more cars. Adopting digital resources for sales and communication will assist you in engaging with customers more efficiently. Plus, you’ll also have the benefit of increased revenue.

Updating your website, creating video content, offering financing options, and a money-back guarantee will attract more customers worldwide. In addition, if you make your sales process more straightforward and train your salesperson, it will build confidence in your car dealership. 

Some of the digital techniques mentioned above will take some time to bring results, and you may have to hire someone for the tech work. But in the end, they will be fruitful.

Brantley Kendall