Up your car dealership business with these 5 digital marketing tools

Brantley Kendall

01 Feb 2022 2 years ago

Are you a car dealer seeking to move your car dealership online but don’t know where to start? Don’t worry you just need 5 digital marketing tools to get your dealership business ahead of your competitors. Here we have assembled a list of five digital marketing tools that you can benefit from in the long run.

1. Automotive CRM

The digital age of marketing has brought a considerable shift in how people perceive information. They have more access to each other and a particular detail of a business setup, they wish to purchase items from. As claimed by Google, for vehicle purchases 95% of prospective buyers sift through digital information before buying a car through a dealership.

So, if you wish to dip your toes in digital marketing by shifting your car dealership business online, It will work wonders for you. The first step is to get customer relationship management software (CRM) which is necessary to elevate your sales. With this software, you won’t have to exhaust yourself by advertising relentlessly in newspapers, calling customers, and haggling with them over prices because Auto CRM will do all the work for you. From tracking your interactions with customers on social media, sending emails to helping potential buyers in browsing for vehicle inventories, to sending emails to them it will handle all the load of your operations quite effortlessly.

There are so many Auto CRM tools in the market that you might get confused about which to choose from. For your ease, we are recommending you the top 6 from which you can select according to what you think will best suit your needs. Just click on each one and check out the functionality offered by their respective websites.

2. A top-notch website

It is imperative that your car dealer website must be SEO optimized and have an aesthetic design because it would help you in attracting prospective buyers. You also need to make sure that your website is more approachable for local buyers on the lookout for purchasing a car near your area. We highly recommend using SearchMetrics, which is a quality online tool for optimizing your web content.

The second factor to contemplate is that your clients should be able to feel the exact connection with you while buying a vehicle, as they would feel when they buy from a physical showroom. The website content should be listed in a way that would provide a complete personalized experience to the buyer. From posting interior and exterior pictures of all vehicles to videos of them from each angle you must seek to make your website user-friendly. 

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If you deal in used cars the most important point to consider is the history of a particular vehicle. There are some renowned websites online that will provide you with the complete history report of a used car. That way you will be able to avoid getting mixed in with fraudulent activities.

Here is the list of some of the websites on used car history:

3. Google Analytics Tool

There is a saying that “Marketing without data is like driving with your eyes closed”. It’s beyond doubt that to be at the top tier of your car dealership you need to know the marketplace. It will be good to have an insight into what kind of content is helpful in engaging people and how many people are visiting your website. That’s where the Google Analytics Tool will come into play. And the good news is that the basic version of this tool is free.

4. Online Ads

There is a saying that “stopping advertising to save money is like stopping a clock to save time”. Likewise, advertisement is an essential component of marketing. Your business can’t prosper without it. Many platforms offer you both the benefit of being cost-effective and getting high impressions and clicks by people. With Google Ads, you can make a spot for yourself on the first page of google search. You will be charged only when people click your ad. Another method is to choose Craiglist Wizard by Get My Auto for posting your dealership business on the top search and increasing your lead and sales.

5. Live Chat

Every business needs the best customer service there is to flourish. In the same way, your business’s progress would also depend upon the quality of service that you would impart to your clients. Many dealership websites offer live chat handled by chatbots. But as compared to how a live-in person would respond to queries made by customers a bots service is sub-par. So, you would be making a huge difference in your dealership if you pitch in your sales team to respond to customers’ queries.

Know your Rivals:

Even with the best digital marketing tools available online, you won’t be able to gain knowledge of how the market works for your business if you keep on ignoring the progress of your rivals. Because the best way a business person can learn is not from his mistakes but by tracking the growth of his competitors. If you are facing no competition in the market then you haven’t done your homework properly. 

Before moving your dealership business online, you need to research well on your rival’s business based near you to know what kind of tools they are using for sales on their website, how much price they are offering for vehicles, and what kind of tools are they using for digital marketing. VAuto, Edmunds, and Gorruds Auto Group are good examples of used car dealership companies. 

So, knowing about how these dealerships operate won’t hurt you, but will inspire you to transform your business into the best option available for people searching to buy used cars online.

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Brantley Kendall