Auto Transport Services for Businesses (Process, Tips and Benefits)

Brantley Kendall

02 Dec 2022 2 years ago

If you’re a business owner, you know that Time is money. You can’t afford to waste time driving your car back and forth to the office or running errands. That’s why it’s important to find an auto transport service that can help you get where you need to go without wasting your Time. Several different auto transport services are available, so it’s important to do your research and find one that fits your needs. Some services offer door-to-door delivery, which is ideal if you need to have your car delivered to a specific location. Others provide more flexibility, allowing you to drop off and pick up your vehicle in various areas. Auto transport services can be a great way for business owners to save time and money. Choosing the right service allows you to get where you need to go without worrying about driving yourself. Here’s everything you need to know about an auto transport service provider.

Reasons to use an auto transport company

Auto transport services are a vital part of the business world. Businesses need to be able to move their vehicles from one place to another to keep operations running smoothly. There are many reasons why businesses might need auto transport services.

  • Because they are expanding and need to move vehicles to new locations: This can be a challenge if the business has its transportation fleet. Auto transport companies can help by moving vehicles quickly and efficiently so the business can continue operating without interruptions.
  • Because they are downsizing and need to get rid of excess vehicles: This can be difficult if the business has its transportation fleet or if there is no one available who can drive the cars away. Auto transport companies can help by picking up the vehicles and transporting them to a new location where they can be sold or scrapped.
  • When they are changing their vehicle lineup: This might involve getting rid of old models and bringing in new ones or shipping cars between different locations. Auto transport companies can help by ensuring that all vehicles arrive at their destination on time and in good condition.


Overall, businesses rely on auto transport services for a variety of reasons. Whether expanding, downsizing, or changing their vehicle lineup, auto transport companies provide a valuable service that helps businesses stay productive and efficient.

Benefits of using an auto transport company

Here are some reasons why businesses should use auto transport services:

  • Time savings: Auto transport services can save you a lot of Time. Instead of driving yourself or hiring someone to go for you, professionals can transport your vehicle. This means you have to focus on your business and not transportation.
  • Cost savings: Not only do auto transport services save you time, but they also save you money. Hiring someone to drive for you can be expensive, especially if they need to travel long distances. By using an auto transport service, you can avoid these costs and get your vehicle where they need to go quickly and efficiently.
  • Peace of mind: When transporting valuable cars, it’s important to know they are in good hands. With an auto transport service, you can rest assured knowing that your vehicle is safe and will arrive on Time and in the same condition as when it left.
  • Convenience: An auto transport service is convenient because it eliminates the need to find a driver and schedule pickups and drop-offs. The service will take care of all of that for you.

Open Vs. Enclosed Carrier 

When you need to transport a car, a few options are available. You can tow it behind your vehicle or use an open or enclosed car shipping. Each option has its benefits and drawbacks. Towing your car behind your vehicle is the cheapest option but also puts the most wear and tear on your car. If you have a long trip ahead, there may be better options. Open carriers are the most common type of carrier used for transporting cars. They’re cheap and they offer good security for your vehicle. However, they expose your car to the elements, which can damage it. Enclosed carriers provide better protection from the elements but are more expensive than open carriers. Which option is best for you depends on your needs and budget. There may be better options than an open car shipping if you need to transport your car long distances. If you’re worried about the safety of your vehicle, an enclosed carrier is a better choice.

Roll On/Roll off Auto Transport 

Roll-on/roll-off auto transport is a process by which vehicles are loaded onto and unloaded from a vessel using ramps. This process is often used to transport large or heavy vehicles, such as cars, trucks, and semis. The roll-on/roll-off transport containers are typically cargo ships or barges. The process of roll-on/roll-off transport is fairly simple. The vehicle is driven onto the vessel or barge and then secured. The ship or barge then sails to its destination, where the car is unloaded using the ramps. There are a few things that you need to keep in mind when using roll-on/roll-off transport:

  1. The process can be a bit slow, so planning is important.
  2. The ship or barge may not be able to dock at every port, so it is important to check ahead to ensure that your destination is accessible.
  3. The cost of roll-on/roll-off transport can be a bit higher than other methods of transport, so it is important to consider your budget.

 Expedited Vs Standard car shipping

The choice between using an expedited car shipping service and a standard car shipping service can seem like a daunting task. However, with a little bit of insight, both services have benefits and drawbacks that can make the decision a little bit easier.

Open car shipping

Expedited Car Shipping 

It is just what it sounds like, a service that will move your car from point A to point B much faster than a standard car shipping service. Typically, vehicles that are shipped using an expedited service will be transported by either air or ground transportation, depending on the urgency of the shipment and the location of the cars. There are a few key benefits to using an expedited car shipping service. Expedited car shipping will get your car to its destination faster than a standard service. This can be critical for those who need to have their vehicle as soon as possible, whether for a business meeting or a family vacation. This type of shipping is also a good option for those who need to move a high-value car.

Standard Car Shipping 

Standard car shipping is the more traditional way of shipping a car from one location to another. Vehicles sent using a standard service will typically be transported by truck, and the shipping time will depend on the distance between the two locations. There are a few key benefits to using a standard car shipping service. It is often much less expensive than expedited car shipping. Additionally, it is a more reliable way to ship a car since more trucks are available to transport vehicles than planes or helicopters. However, the shipping time can be much longer than with expedited service. Additionally, if something goes wrong with your car during transport, it can be more difficult to fix it quickly.  

What are the customs and regulations when transporting a car abroad from the USA?

If you’re planning on taking your car with you when you move abroad, it’s important to familiarize yourself with the customs and regulations of the country you’ll be moving to. Each country has its own rules and regulations for importing cars, so it’s important to do your research before making any plans. Most countries require that cars be registered and insured to be driven on their roads. You may also need a special permit or license to drive your vehicle in the new country. In addition, there may be restrictions on the type or age of the vehicle you can import and the amount of time a car can stay in the country. It’s also important to note that the authorities may impose taxes and duties on cars brought into a new country. These taxes and duties can vary significantly from country to country, so it’s important to know what they are before making any final decisions. If you need clarification about the customs and regulations for importing cars into your destination country, it’s best to contact the local embassy or consulate for more information. They will be able to provide you with detailed information about what is required to import a car into your new location.

Cost to transport a vehicle

It costs money to move vehicles. How much money depends on a variety of factors. Here is a quick rundown of all the potential factors:

  • Distance: The distance between the origin and the destination is the most significant factor in calculating the cost to ship a car . The longer the length, the higher the cost. This is because the transport cost is based on the fuel used, and the longer the distance, the more fuel is used. 
  • Vehicle weight: The heavier the vehicle, the more fuel is needed to transport it, which increases the cost. 
  • Vehicle size: Larger vehicles require more space on the truck and use more fuel, which increases the cost. 
  • Type of Vehicle: The vehicle being transported also impacts the cost. For example, a car will cost less to transport than a truck.
  • Truck capacity: The more space the truck has, the more vehicles it can transport, which lowers the cost per vehicle. 
  • Route: The most direct way is typically the most expensive, while a long way can lower costs.
  • Waiting Time: If the truck has to wait for a container to become available or if there is a traffic jam, that will add to the cost.
  • Insurance: If the vehicle is transported overseas, the insurance cost will be higher than if it is transported within the same country.

Time to ship your vehicle

When transporting a vehicle for a business, many factors will affect how long the process will take. Listed below are some of the most important factors.

The distance between the pickup and delivery locations

This is the most important factor in determining the time it will take to transport a vehicle. The further the distance, the longer it will take to get from Point A to Point B. This can be calculated by using the following formula: Distance (in miles) = Speed (in miles per hour) × Time (in hours) For example, if the delivery location is 100 miles away and the transport company is driving 40 miles per hour, it would take over two hours from the pickup to the delivery location. 

The size and weight of the vehicle

Larger and heavier vehicles will take longer to transport than smaller and lighter vehicles. This can be calculated by using the following formula: Time (in hours) = Weight (in pounds) ÷ Speed (in miles per hour) For example, if the weight of the vehicle is 1,000 pounds and the transport company is driving 60 miles per hour, it would take 16.7 hours to transport the car. 

The number of vehicles being transported 

If multiple vehicles are being transported, it will take longer to transport them all. This is because there will be more vehicles to load and unload and more vehicles to drive between the pickup and delivery locations.

The condition of the roads 

The condition of the roads can also affect the shipping time. If the roads are bumpy or winding, it will take longer to transport the vehicle. This is because the car will bounce around and be harder to drive.

The weather conditions

If it rains or snows, the roads will be wet and slippery, making it harder to drive. This will slow down the transport process.

The age of the vehicle 

If the vehicle is old and has a lot of wear and tear, it will take longer to transport. This is because the car will need to be handled more carefully, and there is a greater chance of being damaged during transport.

Documents required for transporting your vehicle

  • Bill of Lading: This document is a contract between the auto transport company and the customer. It outlines the shipment’s specifics, such as the vehicle’s dimensions, weight, and pickup and delivery dates. The Bill of Lading is also a vehicle receipt and should be kept safely. Title: The title is the document that proves ownership of the vehicle. It must be presented to the auto transport company at the pickup time.
  • Registration: The registration is proof of ownership and must be presented to the auto transport company at the pickup time.
  • Insurance Declaration: The insurance declaration shows that the vehicle is insured for transport. It is typically included with the Bill of Lading.
  • Driver’s License: The driver’s license is needed to identify the person picking up the vehicle.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I need to hire a professional auto transport service?

Auto transport services are important for those who need to move their car from one location to another. Whether you are moving across the country or to a different town or city, it is important to use a professional auto transport service to ensure your car is transported safely and efficiently. Professional auto transport services have the experience and expertise to transport your vehicle and the necessary equipment and resources safely. 

Is my car insured during transport? 

Yes, your car is insured during transport. The transport company will have insurance for the vehicle, and they will also provide you with coverage.

How is my car transported? 

Professionals will transport your car on a car carrier. This is the safest and most common way to transport cars.

Will my car be damaged during transport? 

No, your car will not be damaged during transport. The transport company takes great care in transporting cars, and they have a reputation to uphold.

What happens if my car is damaged during transport?

 If your car is damaged during transport, the transport company will be responsible for the damages. You will not have to pay for any damages that occur during transport.

What should I look for when choosing an auto transport service? 

When choosing an auto transport service, it is important to consider the company’s experience, reputation, and customer service. It is also important to ask the company about its insurance coverage and to get a quote for the services you need. 

Do I need to prepare my car for shipping? 

Yes, you will need to prepare your car for shipping. This typically involves cleaning the vehicle inside and out and removing any personal belongings. It is also important to disable the alarm system and leave the car with a full gas tank.

Enclosed car shipping

How long will it take to transport my car?

 This will depend on the distance between the pickup and delivery locations, the size of your car, and the type of auto transport service you choose. Typically, door-to-door transport will take between five and 14 days, depending on the distance and the carrier. 

What is the best way to contact a shipping company? 

The best way to contact a shipping company is through their website or phone.

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