Car Shipping: Who is Shipping your car and why do you need to know?

Jason Hilderbrand

19 Jun 2021 11 months ago

Why should you know about the car shipping company?

If you plan to ship your car, you must know who is shipping your car and what benefits you are getting with that car transporter. Knowing the car shipper helps you in many ways. You can save your money, time, and effort by choosing a company that is most suitable for you. Moreover, you need a car shipping company you can rely on to take care of your precious car. In this guide, we’ll introduce you to the different types of car shipping options you have at your disposal so that you can choose the most reliable and beneficial transportation service for your car.

Different kinds of Car Shipping Companies

When you decide to ship your car to another location, you have primarily three options at your disposal. The three types of car shipping companies you can work with are lead aggregators, car carriers, and auto transport brokers. The option you choose for transporting your car will determine the shipping costs, time, and the quality of service you get. If you search online, you can get services at cheap rates. However, getting quality car transportation service in a short time demands more attention than just looking at shipping prices. Now we’ll discuss each of these options in detail so that you can choose the best car shipping company for transporting your car. 

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Lead Aggregators

When you search online for car shipping companies, you can expect to come across lead aggregators. These are basically data-gathering websites that will entice you to enter your contact information and some other important details. However, these websites do not provide car shipping services themselves. Instead, they will connect you to some car carriers or car shipping brokers which will then ship your car to the desired location. You might be thinking that what’s in it for the lead aggregators then. Lead aggregators basically get a commission from the car carriers or car shipping brokers they refer to. In this way, they earn money without worrying about the quality of service you get.
We do not recommend you to ship your car with these lead aggregators. These websites cannot ensure a quality car shipping service because they have no check over the quality of service a customer gets. Moreover, most of these websites are not trustworthy as well as they fail to provide any insurance cover to your vehicle during the shipping process. The only reason some people might fall for these lead aggregators is the rock bottom prices they claim for shipping your car. However, providing quality services along with insurance cover is not their priority. Suppose you sign up on a lead aggregator website for car shipping services. In that case, you should expect to receive multiple calls from solo car carriers or car shipping brokers offering their car shipping services along with car shipping quotes.

Car Carriers

The companies that actually do the shipping part are called carriers. These could be individual drivers owning a truck known as solo carriers. Or, they might be a large car shipping company having a fleet of trucks. Their services and shipping range vary from location to location. One can only trust these carriers if they personally know the management or have good prior experience with their car shipping services. These car carriers prefer not to work with individuals and instead partner with car shipping brokers for consistent work.

Most of the solo carriers schedule their shipments with car shipping brokers who then verify the cargo insurance, driving licenses, and USDOT credentials. If you choose to work directly with a car carrier, you have to verify th


The easiest and most reliable way to use car shipping services is to work with a broker.  Most of the car shipping services you will find online are brokers. Their job is to connect the people requiring car shipping services with the car carriers providing the best services at economical rates. These brokers, working as middlemen, reduce the time and effort required by you to find the best quality service. The rest of the work, including the verification of documents and finding the most economical option, is the broker’s responsibility.

Working with a broker is your best option

After considering the pros and cons of all the options available, we strongly recommend you hire a broker for car shipping services. Working with a broker provides you multiple benefits along with saving your time and money. Although there are many advantages of working with a broker, we have mentioned a few important ones here.

No Uncertainty

Suppose you have hired a solo carrier to ship your car to a far-off location, and the truck that is carrying your vehicle gets into a road accident or breaks down for some unknown reason. At that point, you can only pray that the carrier is repaired quickly so that your car arrives at the destination on time. However, we know that this is unrealistic. Your best option at that point is to hire another carrier to pick your vehicle and ship it to the desired location. However, it will cost you extra time and money, which you didn’t expect. Moreover, your schedule will indeed get messed up if you are relocating to another state or city.

Professional Drivers

When you are working with a broker, you can be sure that your car will be handled by the most professional drivers out there. Brokers ensure that the drivers they work with are thorough professionals and know the rules and regulations of the land. Verifying the legitimacy of the carrier on your own is a difficult task. When working with brokers, you can rest assured that the broker’s staff will carefully vet the driver’s license and other requirements. 


Another advantage of working with a broker is that you don’t have to worry about any available carrier near you. Brokers are constantly in touch with multiple car carriers that can ship your car at any time and location. Carriers, on the other hand, own a single fleet of trucks and work on a tight schedule and within a specific locality.

Insurance Coverage

Accidents happen all the time, and one cannot predict them. When you are handing over your precious car to a carrier, you have to ensure that your car has insurance coverage while it is being transported. When you work with a broker, you can be certain that your car is insured, and if any damage is done to the vehicle during the transportation process, you won’t have to pay for the repairs. At SAKAEM LOGISTICS, for instance, we provide complete insurance coverage from the moment your car is picked from the doorstep to the moment it is delivered at your desired location. If anything at all happens to your car, it’s on us. 

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