How to Choose the Best Auto Transport Company?

Brantley Kendall

29 May 2021 3 years ago

Whether a vehicle is being transported across the country or the state, its safety is paramount. This is the reason why people entrust their precious asset to professionals to get it from point A to point B. An auto transport company delivers your car safely to a predetermined destination. To discover affordable and quality auto transportation, you’ll need to do a lot of research. In today’s world, many people transport their cars to various places on a daily basis. This means that there are more auto transport companies in business than ever before, and there is more competition among auto transport companies to serve in a better way.

Now you have many choices for the best auto transport business in the automotive shipping industry, but you must exercise extreme caution when selecting a car transport company. You can start by examining a couple of auto transport companies. Naturally, this will take some time, but it would ensure your safety. It is wise to choose 3-4 firms to work with as it will assist you in selecting the right firm. After that, you would compare those auto transport companies according to their services, affordability, and other important features.

Key things to look for about an auto transport company?

There is a lot to remember if you want to take advantage of auto transportation. This is particularly true if you’re a newcomer to the field. Luckily, you don’t have to choose at random. Here are some qualities to look for in an auto transport business:

1. Seek info about auto transport companies:

If you haven’t done your homework, figuring out how to ship a car with the right auto transport company can be a difficult task. Everyone tells you to find the best company, but no one guides you about finding the best auto transport company for you?

After doing a detailed internet search, you must choose the correct auto transport provider. When you’re looking for an auto transport company to find the latest car shipping options, you also have to use the correct terms such as “ship my car from California to Texas”.  If you choose to ship your car to a different location then amend your search. Once you have found the auto transport services you want, you’ll need to double-check if you have a correct quote by referring to the company’s representative.

2. Get auto transport quotes:

Once you’ve found the right shipping company for your car, send them a call or fill out the online form on their website to collect auto transport quotes. In this case, SAKAEM LOGISTICS offers you the services of an experienced advisor who guides and creates a customized auto transport plan for you. You should still compare the pricing quotes given by various auto transport firms on their websites. The auto transport companies you choose must be licensed and have received five-star ratings from their previous clients or on It is effortless to verify the authenticity of a vehicle transportation firm by going online and looking up a list of registered businesses in the region. You can select two or three auto transport providers that accept full responsibility and insure the vehicle as it is transported, just like SAKAEM LOGISTICS.

3. Consider making it cheaper:

Finding the cheapest auto transport provider is not the only way to save money on car delivery. You get what you pay for, and hiring auto transport services is no exception. You can be perplexed about why certain auto transport quotes are so high when others are so low. What you should note is that the automotive shipping market is very competitive. You should also be mindful of the costs associated with car shipping so that you can make an informed decision about which service to use. When delivering a quotation, auto transport companies consider the following factors:

  • Distance
  • Type of carrier
  • Your vehicle type
  • The operational condition of a vehicle
  • The route
  • Time of year
  • Date of delivery

Depending on the size, you might expect your car shipment cost to range from few cents to one dollar per mile. Longer shipping journeys are less expensive per mile, so the auto transport provider will save money. When it comes to taking your vehicle where it wants to go, an experienced car shipper will save you time and money. SAKAEM LOGISTICS provides you with instant car shipping quotes so you can choose the cheapest and fastest car shipping services.

4. Compare quotes and make your decision:

After getting the information and comparing quotes, choose the right auto transport company, give them a call, and speak with their spokesperson. Inquire about the following points:

  • Cost of shipping a vehicle
  • Inquire on whether they provide both open and sealed delivery or whether they only offer one of the two.
  • Inquire about their insurance policy also.

Do some homework on how to ready your car for the shipment before you move it. This covers stuff like inspecting the vehicle for cracks and dents and testing for leaks. Remove your precious belongings from your vehicle and make a list of what’s in your car. Also, be mindful of the different shipping options available, some of which are safer than others. Be sure you have all of the paperwork you’ll need to ship your vehicles, including evidence of insurance and registration.

5. Ask questions and schedule pickup:

After shortlisting one or two auto transport companies, now make initial contact with an auto transport company; it’s time to ask all the questions in your mind and learn about their procedures. During the call, you should have a good idea of how long the transaction will take, what kind of insurance they have, what distribution plans they have, and how to pay.

Finally, now choosing the best auto Transport Company that suits your needs perfectly now requires arranging a car pickup date and time. Keep all of the shipping paperwork in case there are any issues later. Let your auto mover aware of your goals, targets, and plan. This will help your moving provider understand your expectations and, ideally, keep you informed about your car’s transportation. Finally, watch out for red flags like hidden fees, deposits, and a lack of coordination.

SAKAEM LOGISTICS is a top-rated auto transport company that delivers your car from point A to B without you having to break a single sweat. It provides you sufficient reasons to choose it as the best auto transport company:

Professional experience:

We are a top-rated auto transport company with years of professional experience. SAKAEM LOGISTICS works with multiple carriers that provide you the freedom to choose the rate and route that suits your vehicle transportation needs.

We provide you simple three steps solution for a vehicle to get auto transported:

  1. Get a quote from SAKAEM LOGISTICS auto transport services and book your order
  1. Prepare your car for transportation, and we pick up your vehicle
  2. Finally, you receive your vehicle delivery
Transparent pricing:

We feel that our credibility and quality of customer service speak for themselves at SAKAEM LOGISTICS. We make it simple for prospective customers to obtain a quick quote and in the most transparent way. Just enter information about your vehicle and shipment – year, make, model, pickup spot, and drop off location. You will then be redirected to your car transport quote page immediately after entering these detaisl. There you can also find prices for our regular and customized auto transportation services.

Insurance coverage:

Insurance protects your car from the unexpected. Our auto transport company offers automatic insurance for your vehicle that assures you to provide a safe and secure shipping solution.

Fully insured modern fleet:

No matter what you need to be delivered, we have an extensive carrier network and specialized facilities to fulfill your specific needs. You should be assured that your vehicle will arrive safely and comfortably, whether you prefer an open or sealed carrier.

Personalized auto transport plan:

Our professional team guides and assists you with a smooth and straightforward shipping process. Our experienced team always remains available to answer your concerns and questions. We care for the needs and requirements of our clients and create customized plans to fit your individual needs.

Zero upfront payment:

When you need to ship your car anywhere, just book your reliable car shipping service with us, and there is nothing for you to pay in advance. You pay when we dispatch your car for shipping. Car shipping services don’t get much better than that, and our vehicle transport rates are also all-inclusive.

Comfortable to meet deadlines:

You don’t want to have to wait weeks or months for your vehicle after purchasing it from a dealer in another state. You want the car delivered on the same day — or at the very least the next day. We are an auto transport company with extensive, well-functioning fleets and provide efficient services for someone who needs their car on the road in a matter of hours rather than weeks.

Outstanding customer support:

At SAKAEM LOGISTICS, we believe our customers come first, and that is why we strive to offer the best solution and customized services to meet their needs. We’re always upgrading and introducing new services to provide the greatest possible client experience and service. 

Why choose SAKAEM Logistics?

From the very first moment you contact us to request your car shipping quote online, our professionals and experienced car shipping advisors are there to guide you through the whole process. Our dedicated sales team is on hand to deliver the service you deserve. We ensure efficient handling of your vehicle, and our dispatch, support, and claims departments ensure you provide stress-free auto transport services.

Brantley Kendall