Ship car from Texas to Massachusetts with a reliable shipping company

Brantley Kendall

18 May 2022 2 years ago

If you are looking to ship car from Texas to Massachusetts, you need a shipping company that you can trust. We take great pride in the fact that it is connected with 900+ car carriers along with more than a hundred years of combined shipping experience. We can ship your car from Texas to Massachusetts hassle-free and at economical rates as well.

Ship a car from Texas 

Texas is the second-largest state in the US covering an area of 696,200 sq km. It is also the second most populated state in the US. Located in the South Central part of the US, it also shares a border with Mexico on the South and some states like Oklahoma, New Mexico, and Louisiana.  The state of Texas is also blessed with different soil regions, 10 climate regions, and distinct ecological regions. 

Ship a car to Massachusetts

Located in the USA’s New England region, the state of Massachusetts shares borders with states like New York, Rhode Island, and Connecticut. Moreover, the state is spread over a vast area of 27,340 sq km. It is also well known for the Appalachian mountains that lie in its western part.  To the east, the state of Massachusetts contains several bays and rocky shorelines where it greets the Atlantic coast. 

The cost to ship a car from Texas to Massachusetts

The total cost to ship car from Texas to Massachusetts depends on many factors including the type of vehicle, size of the vehicle, shipping distance, the season of the year, and the mode of shipment.

The type of vehicle can impact the overall cost of shipping as some luxury or sports cars require extra care while shipping. Moreover, the size of the vehicle determines the space your car will take on the car carrier thereby affecting the shipping cost. 

The season of the year can also vary the cost incurred to ship car from Texas to Massachusetts. During the peak shipping season, the cost to ship car from Texas to Massachusetts is slightly higher than that incurred in the off-season. The pick-up and delivery locations also impact the cost to ship car from Texas to Massachusetts. If you want us to ship your car to a far-off town in Texas, then the car carrier has to travel extra miles. In that case, the carrier leaves the main highway only to deliver your car to the exact location thereby increasing the cost of shipping.

Time required to ship a car from Texas to Massachusetts 

The distance the car carrier has to cover to ship car from Texas to Massachusetts is around 1900 miles. An average car carrier can safely travel 500 miles in a day. So, if we do the math, the car carrier will ship your car from Texas to Massachusetts in 3-5 days in normal circumstances. If you choose enclosed shipping to ship your car from Texas to Massachusetts, the carrier can deliver your vehicle even faster. Enclosed car carriers travel faster as they transport 3-4 cars only in one go.

Shipping a car from Texas to Massachusetts: the process.

If you want to ship car from Texas to Massachusetts, you need to follow a simple, three-step process. 

Get a quote

The first step is to get quotes from different shipping companies and compare their shipping services along with the costs. After doing the cost-benefit analysis, you need to select the best shipping company for your needs. After selecting the best car shipping company, now is the right time to get in touch with one of their representatives and discuss all the details. 

You want to make sure that the shipping company offers the exact service you need. For instance, some people need to ship inoperable cars, and not every shipping company offers this service. Some people prefer enclosed shipping while others are satisfied with open car shipping. This is why you need to discuss the details comprehensively.

Vehicle pickup

In the second step, the shipping company will pick your car from the mutually agreed location. You want to make sure that your car is ready to be loaded onto a car carrier. Some car shipping companies require that you unload all the personal belongings from the car to reduce the weight of the car. You also want to make sure that there is enough fuel left in your car so that the shipping company can easily load and unload your vehicle from the carrier. It is also important not to leave any important documents in your car while you hand over it to the car shipping company. 

A driver from the car shipping company will communicate with you and load the vehicle onto the carrier. It is helpful to take a few pictures of your car before the car is loaded onto the carrier. These pictures serve as proof of the car’s condition before the shipping company takes control of it. If the car gets damaged during the transit process, these pictures will help you in claiming insurance coverage. Moreover, you will also sign a document containing the information about your car while it is loaded onto the car carrier.

Vehicle delivery

The third and final step to ship car from Texas to Massachusetts is to receive the car from the car carrier at a predetermined location. Some car shipping companies offer to pick up from terminals only while others offer door-to-door delivery. You need to check your car thoroughly to make sure that it has not been damaged during the delivery process. If the car has got damaged from any side, you should immediately contact the shipping company and claim the financial insurance.  It is advisable to take pictures at the time of delivery as well. Finally, you need to sign some papers stating that you have received your car from the car carrier. 

Shipping a car from Texas to Massachusetts: Enclosed vs Open shipping

When you intend to ship car from Texas to Massachusetts, you have two modes of shipping to choose from. The choice depends on the shipping requirements and your budget. 

Open car shipping

The first one is the open mode of shipping wherein the company will ship your car from Texas to Massachusetts on an open car carrier. This mode of shipment is ideal for normal cars which are not susceptible to damage from the atmosphere. Since multiple cars are shipped simultaneously in an open car carrier, the shipping costs per vehicle get reduced. However, this mode of shipment is not suitable for luxury or antique cars which require protection from snow or other harsh weather conditions. For normal cars in everyday use, open car shipping is an economical and efficient way of shipping.

Enclosed car shipping

The second option to ship your car from Texas to Massachusetts is enclosed car shipping which is ideal for transporting luxury and antique cars which demand an extra layer of protection during the shipping process. In enclosed car shipping, the shipping company will ship your car in an enclosed truck. As a result, the car is safe from the atmosphere and the road conditions like debris, etc. Enclosed car shipping is also faster than open car shipping as in this mode of shipment only 3-4 cars are shipped in one go. As a result, enclosed car carriers can cover more distance in a day than open car carriers do. 

The only downside of this mode of shipping is that it is slightly more expensive than open car shipping. However, if you are shipping a luxury or antique car and you are sensitive about the condition and safety of the car, then enclosed car shipping is definitely worth the price. 

Student and Seasonal Auto Transportation 

If you are a student heading to Massachusetts for attending college and need a reliable shipping partner, then SAKAEM Logistics is for you. We can offer hassle-free and economical car shipping to your college without you worrying about anything. We understand that you have many things to consider and plan while making this transition. Therefore, you should trust our team of professionals to do the job and use this time for planning other important things. 

The state of Massachusetts is well known for its prestigious academic institutions like Harvard University,Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), Boston College, and Tufts University. These well-reputed academic institutions attract thousands of students from the neighboring states who move to Massachusetts for pursuing their studies. If you happen to be one of them, SAKAEM logistics is here to provide car shipping services for you at economical rates. 

Tourist attractions in Massachusetts 

  • Massachusetts is home to many tourist attractions including Fenway Park which is the oldest ballpark in Major League Baseball. 
  • The state is also home to the Minute Man National Historical Park which reminds the visitors of the opening battle of the Revolutionary War in 1775.
  • Other well-known historical sites including Paul Revere House, the USS Constitution, and Boston Common are also located in Massachusetts. 16 historical sites including the aforementioned are connected by a 2.5 mile long Freedom Trail thereby attracting thousands of tourists.
  • Plimoth Patuxet Museums remind the visitors of the journey of Pilgrims to Plymouth in 1620. The Museum also has a replica of the ship that brought the pilgrims to Plymouth.
  • Massachusetts also has popular summer destinations like Cape Cod which is famous for its beautiful villages, seafood, and lighthouses. The place is perfect for a family tour. 

Ship car from Texas to Massachusetts: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS)

Where will my car be picked in Texas?

Our professional drivers do their best to pick your car from as nearest a location as is possible. When you book a shipment with SAKAEM Logistics, our team will contact you and decide the pick-up location. Sometimes, narrow streets or tight turns do not allow for the car carrier to load your car from your door front. Moreover, in some states, the traffic laws do not allow heavy trailers to use some streets. In any case, the driver will be in touch with you to facilitate the pick-up as much as possible.

Is it mandatory for someone to be present at the pick-up location?

Yes, there must be someone present at the pick-up location who will hand over the keys to the carrier driver. Moreover, someone needs to sign the initial inspection report of your car before we load it onto the car carrier.

Can you ship my car in enclosed trucks?

Yes, we do offer enclosed car shipping for luxury on antique cars. Get in touch with us to get a free quote now.

How much time is required to ship car from Texas to Massachusetts?

A car carrier can cover a distance of 500 miles in a day. Texas is approximately 1900 miles away from Massachusetts. Therefore, it takes around 3-5 days to ship your car from Texas to Massachusetts, provided that everything goes smoothly. Sometimes, the shipment gets delayed due to circumstances out of our control like unexpected roadblocks.

Brantley Kendall