Shipping Car from California to Boston: All you need to know.

Brantley Kendall

26 Jul 2021 3 years ago

California as a state

The state of California is geographically located along the pacific coast of the US. To the south of the state lies Mexico, to the north is the state of Oregon, and to the west is the states of Arizona and Nevada. The state of California is also known as “The Golden State”.

As far as area is concerned, California is the third-largest state in the US with an area of 423,970 square kilometers. In terms of population, California is the most populous state of the US with a population count crossing 38 million as per the most recent data available. The largest city in California is Los Angeles and Sacramento is the capital city of California.

The state of California has five main metropolitan areas where most of the people of the state live. These areas are Riverside-San Bernardino, San Diego, Los Angeles, Sacramento, and San Francisco Bay Area. The California state consists of 480+ incorporated towns and cities along with a total of 58 counties. 

An overview of Boston

The City of Boston is the 21st most populous city of the US along with being the capital city of the state of Massachusetts. The city covers an area of at least 231 square kilometers. The estimated population of Boston is somewhere near 700,000 as per the latest available census data. 

The state of Massachusetts, well known for its Appalachian mountains, is located in the New England region of the US. To the north of the state are Vermont and New Hampshire, to the east is the Atlantic ocean, and to the south are Rhode Islands and Connecticut. With a covered area of more than 27000 square kilometers, the state of Massachusetts contains many rocky shorelines and bays along the Atlantic coast.  

The cost of shipping car from California to Boston

The average cost of car shipping from California to Boston ranges somewhere between $1700 to $2000. Car shipping from California to Boston is no joke as the shipping distance is at least 3000 miles and takes an average time of 5-7 days. SAKAEM logistics is proud to offer you the service of car shipping from California to Boston at an economical price. Many factors can vary the actual price of car shipping from California to Boston. The first one is the mode of car shipping from California to Boston. 

There are two main modes of transport available when shipping cars from California to Boston. The first is open car shipping and the other one is closed car shipping. In open car shipping, an open carrier carrying multiple cars does the task of car shipping from California to Boston and charges a lot less than in closed car shipping. In closed car shipping, however, a closed truck takes the car to its destination. This mode is mostly used for luxury vehicles and is comparatively a pricier option. To get the latest quote for car shipping service from California to Boston, click here.

For students and seasonal auto transportation

If you are a student intending to start college soon in Massachusetts, there are plenty of things you need to plan before making the move. The last thing, however, you should waste your important time on is car shipping from California to Boston. With so many things going on in your head at that time, we recommend you to let our professional drivers do the tiresome task of auto transportation.   

Similarly, if you are planning to enjoy a vacation and have some quality time with your family in Boston, auto transportation should not be a problem. By using our professional car shipping services, you can sit back and enjoy your vacations as you should do. Auto transportation is our headache. 

Lone truck with semi-trailer at sunset on a desert highway

Why is SAKAEM Logistics the best for shipping car from California to Boston?

SAKAEM logistics takes great pride in being the best car shipping company for auto transportation. Being a car shipping broker company, we have access to several car carriers offering their services for auto transportation. Since we are in contact with multiple carriers, we make sure that you get the best available rates for car shipping service. Moreover, the drivers we work with are our handpicked professionals and they take extreme care to protect your car during the whole shipping process. Another advantage of using our car shipping service is that your car is financially insured during the shipping process. In case your car gets any damage during the shipping process, we got your back.

Frequently Asked Questions about shipping car from California to Boston

1.   How many days does it take to ship my car?

The process takes 5-7 days on average. The actual shipping time, however, can vary due to many factors.

2.   What is the shipping procedure?

Car shipping with SAKAEM Logistics is an easy process containing 3 simple steps. First, you get a quote for shipping. Then our professional drivers pick the vehicle from your doorstep. And finally, we deliver the car to your desired location in Boston.

3.   Is car transportation possible if my car isn’t operable?

Yes. We do provide the service of transporting cars even if your car isn’t operable. As a car shipping company, we regularly work with clients who have inoperable cars. However, this increases the price of shipping because we do a special effort to tow the vehicle on the car shipping truck.

4.   Do you offer the facility of vehicles with low ground clearance?

Yes, we do provide the service for vehicles with low ground clearance. However, we will ship your car in an enclosed truck if the ground clearance is less than 4 inches. In such a case, your car can recieve damage while we load it in an open truck.

5.   Is insurance coverage available?

Yes, your vehicle is insured from the moment we pick your car to the moment it is delivered to your doorstep. All the vehicles we ship are automatically insured during the shipping service and no separate measurements have to be made for this.

At this point, the thought that arises in your mind is getting that car delivered to your doorstep. After all, driving the car yourself can be an exhausting experience, along with sacrificing your precious time. This is where car shipping companies like SAKAEM Logistics come to your rescue. Car shipping companies can move the car you wish to buy from an online car auction to your home efficiently and economically.

Brantley Kendall