Will Moving Companies Ship My Car & Furniture Together?

Brantley Kendall

30 Aug 2022 2 years ago

Will moving companies ship my car & furniture together? Shipping your car with your furniture together might seem easy to save money and avoid hiring separate moving companies at first, but that is not the case. If auto shipping companies offer to ship your car in the same container as your furniture, there is a higher risk of accidental damage, so most have policies that won’t allow it. This blog will review the intricacies and potential problems associated with shipping your car with your furniture and let you know the most affordable and safest way to get it done.

Can I Ship My Car and Belongings Together?

Because your furniture can shift during the move, it is not a good idea to ship them together in the same container. Likewise, cars are generally shipped separately, with only select items allowed inside the car during shipping, like your car’s jack and spare tire and any tools that go with them. 

Some car shipping companies can ship your car and furniture together, but it’s rare to find one, and the price will still be adjusted for the weight:

  • Car Jack
  • Spare Tire
  • Tools to Change Tire
  • Emergency Kit
  • Jumper Cables

RCG Logistics is connected with the largest nationwide car shipping network with over 15,000 carriers in the U.S. We can get you the best prices on auto relocation no matter where your destination is, be it in the U.S. or another country. RCG Logistics also partners with moving companies to get your personal belongings shipped! By choosing RCG logistics as your auto shipping provider, you will enjoy all the following benefits:

We provide full logistical and auto transport services 

  • Relocation of trailers and fleets 
  • We will pick you up from any city, state, or zip code 
  • Door-to-door delivery service 
  • Quick and easy quotes 
  • A multi-car transport service 
  • Options for open and enclosed car transport 
  • Web portals for clients 
  • App for carriers 
  • Providing locksmith services   

We can ship the following types of vehicles 

  1. Motorsports 
  2. Vehicle fleets 
  3. Classic car 
  4. Military and government vehicles 
  5. ATVs and motorcycles 
  6. Salvaged and non-running vehicles 
  7. Trailers and RVs
Car shipping

Having Trouble Shipping or Managing Your Logistics?

Ninety-seven percent of vehicles we transport are picked up within two business days of availability. Get a custom quote here. 

When Shipping a Car, Can You Pack it?

When shipping a car, can you pack it? Good question. Auto shippers may refuse to let you pack your car for several reasons when shipping a car from one state to another state. First, a car loaded with personal belongings is an ideal target for thieves at rest areas, hotel parking lots, and gas stations.

Whether you use enclosed auto transport or not, shipping a car and belongings together is risky. Your belongings are not covered by the cargo insurance of an auto shipping company unless you take out a separate policy. 

When a car is bumped, bounced, and suddenly stopped on the road, depending on where and how you have your personal belongings packed, there’s a chance of them shifting around and damaging your belongings and the interior of your vehicle, even breaking loose and flying out the windows and being a hazard to oncoming traffic.

Is Shipping a Car and Belongings Across the Country Legal?

Shipping your belongings with your car is not prohibited by any law or regulation, as previously stated. Still, it is generally not recommended to load personal belongings in it for the trip. 

Modes of Transport for Auto Shipping – Options for Moving Your Vehicle

It is possible to ship your furniture and car simultaneously when moving to a new location: RCG Logistics has specialized equipment that can transport your bike, car, or boat in an open or enclosed truck. If you ship with an experienced auto transport company like RCG Logistics, your vehicles will be transported safely. After we get your trip details, we will recommend one of our partner companies for moving your household items. 

As a member of a carrier network of 15,000+ licensed and insured carriers, we can offer you some of the most affordable auto shipping prices. Call now for zero money down bookings and door-to-door service.

Open vs. Enclosed Auto Transport

Car carriers come in several sizes, shapes, and equipment specifications, each with its features. Here are your choices for types of auto transport carriers:

National Car Shipping Methods

Open Car Carrier Transport

You have most likely seen open car transport on the road before carrying cars. These eighteen-wheeler carriers, also known as multi-car carriers, can transport up to ten cars simultaneously. Within that category are two types: double-decker trailers and single-decker trailers. Generally, open car carriers are flatbed trailers with fasteners for attaching the car to the flatbed or lowboy semi-trailers. 

Their affordability makes them the most popular. Any car can be transported using an open car carrier, including brand new cars, salvaged cars, classic cars, project cars, and everything in between. 

Enclosed Car Carrier Transport

Enclosed car transport are the best option when your classic or exotic car needs to be moved discreetly and safely. There is usually a roll-back option on enclosed carriers for very low vehicles. Motorcycles, pallets, spare parts, and cars that don’t run can also be stored in this way.

Enclosed Car shipping

You Drive Your Car     

For short one-way trips, these modes of transportation are suitable. Costs include fuel, tolls, rest stops, overnight stays, and food. However, when driving long distances, there is a risk of wear and tear on your car that you wouldn’t get if you were shipping your car door-to-door with us.

Having Your Car Towed

If you’re only going a short distance, you may be able to tow your car. Fuel, tolls, overnight stays, and rest stops are included in traveling costs. In addition to the risks involved with driving long distances, the vehicle also wears and tears. Inexperienced drivers or drivers experiencing bad weather or road conditions are at risk. 

International Car Shipping Methods

Roll-on Roll-off shipping        

Cars, trucks, motorbikes, and other wheeled cargo are typically shipped via Roll-on/Roll-off (RoRo). Compared to other methods of transporting a car or similar goods, it is the fastest, most efficient, and most cost-effective way to ship if you are shipping to another country. 

RoRo ships, as their name implies, are built so cars and other vehicles can drive or tow directly onto them. Wind and watertight vessels are securely tethered to the deck like an underground parking garage, and the vehicles are driven on and off the ship.

Shipping Cars in Containers

Whenever people travel between the same origin and destination at roughly the same time, they often share one 40ft container. With this shipping method, you get the same amount of space as a 20ft container at a much lower price. 

Auto transportation by air

The fastest, safest, and most reliable method of shipping your car, but auto transport internationally by air is very expensive. 

Will My Items Get Damaged During Shipping

Not likely. Even though there are no guarantees in shipping, if something happens, your car is covered by insurance. In addition, if you decide to go with RCG Logistics, we have 2+ years of accident-free trips, so your chances of getting your car and belongings to your destination are better with us.

Cost to Ship a Car with Furniture In It

Driving to a new home across the country or taking your family on vacation can be extremely exhausting. You can hire a professional auto shipper to assist you in transporting your automobile to your desired location. We can ship your car at a reasonable price with zero down on bookings and then refer you to a local mover or one of our other partners to get you the best price on shipping your furniture and personal belongings.

Factors that Affect the Cost to Ship a Car 

Type of Vehicle

The vehicle’s type, size, and shape could affect the cost of the vehicle shipping if your car is larger than standard cars or you have a special collector’s item that requires special attention.

Open Car Shipping

Advance Booking

It’s important to book in advance, especially if you’re moving or traveling during the summer when businesses that provide vehicle transportation are incredibly busy. You can expect transport to take five to ten days if you plan.

At RCG Logistics, you have to make one call to one of our friendly staff, and we’ll take it from there. We advise that you call to schedule pickup 2-3 weeks in advance so that we can get you the best prices possible and availability will be higher. Call us at (800) 381-2068

Terminal To Terminal Service:

The terminal-to-terminal method involves picking up your car at the nearest terminal and loading it onto the truck carrying it to your new residence. At the terminal nearest your new address, you will receive your vehicle. As a result, your trip will be cheaper for you and your transport company will be able to reduce mileage.

This option requires planning transportation between the terminal and the destination point. Ride-sharing and other options are usually capable of resolving this issue. It is also common for your new address to be located near terminals. People can sometimes overestimate the inconvenience of this option.

Destination Distance

However, transporting a vehicle to rural areas or smaller towns requires a driver to divert from their main route. In addition, picking up and delivering cars requires car shoppers to drive longer distances, which consumes more gas and time.

Current Fuel Prices:

Averages determine car shipping costs. Auto transport businesses price routes differently, so pricing will vary based on whom you contact. On the other hand, shipping a four-door car costs about $600 to $1,000 on an open-air multi-level trailer and about $750 to $1,250 for an enclosed trailer (based on a move from California to New York). 

How Can I Reduce Car Shipping Costs?

Avoid Seasonal Shipping

Transporting your car is more expensive when travel is in high demand. Moving your car during summer is bad since most people are moving during this season. The fall and spring are good times to ship if you want to save money.

Ship on a Flexible Schedule

There are often car transportation companies that can pick up and deliver at different locations, but this will add to the cost of your quote. Choosing the company’s most convenient dates will save you money. This may delay your car rental for a few more days. Pickups and drops off at convenient times are often more cost-effective for transport companies.

Pick Open Transport Trailers

You might not be able to use this service if you have a classic or sports car to transport. However, an open car trailer is a good option for a daily driver. As a result, you will expose your vehicle to the weather, but open carriers are less expensive than enclosed carriers.


Hopefully, this page has given you all the information you need to ship your car with your furniture. Just use the tips above to get the lowest possible rates on auto shipping, or fill out this contact form to have one of our team call you to get your free quote and booking today!


Is It Safe to Ship Furniture With My Car?

The terminal-to-terminal method involves picking up your car at the nearest terminal and loading it onto the truck carrying it to the terminal nearest to your new address. This method is cheaper for you and your transport company because it involves less mileage. 

Will Furniture Increase the Shipping Costs?

Furniture will not increase the cost associated with shipping your car, but you will have to pay another moving company to ship your furniture, so the price is higher. At RCG Logistics, we always get you a competitive price. 

Brantley Kendall