8 Contactless Auto Sales Tools for Aspiring Digital Dealers

Brantley Kendall

22 Jun 2022 2 years ago

For the success of your car dealership, there are some must-have contactless tools that you can use to attract customers and generate revenue. Think of them as part of your marketing arsenal. With each tool, your dealership can increase the amount of conversion for low-funnel leads. In this article, we’ll discuss the eight essential tools that will assist you with contactless auto sales.

The idea of this kind of auto sales may have seemed ridiculous before covid as there is a need to consider many aspects of a sales process. For instance, price negotiations, building relationships with customers, and test drives. The idea of test drives alone can make the contactless auto sales process seem absurd to you.

But nowadays, this impossible situation is turning into a great possibility. After the pandemic brutalized the industries worldwide, the car dealers changed their marketing policies to adapt to the new consumer behavior. Car sharing services like Zipcar and Turo offer contactless test drives for their cars. 

While many car dealers are also offering seven-day car sales with a money-back guarantee. Besides, there is no need for face-to-face negotiations in this technologically advanced era. Car dealers can take advantage of so many video conferencing, email, and text tools available in the market. Below we have mentioned some of the tools that you can use to keep up with a highly evolving market:

8 Vital Tools That are Necessary for the Survival of Your Car Dealership

An Optimized Website

The global statistics for auto sales indicate that 92% of customers research online before purchasing a car. So, investing in a user-friendly and robust website is necessary for your car dealership. It will help potential customers find your business more easily and quickly on Google Maps and search engines from one state to another state

But you must ensure that your website is optimized to rank higher. You can start by including inventory filters, high-quality images, up-to-date pricing, and embedded videos about what your car dealership has to offer. 

Your audience must be able to discern between each feature of vehicles in your inventory. Also, make sure to integrate live-chat options and call-to-action monitoring for a more optimized shopping experience for your customers. Add informative elements to help them in the buying process, and don’t forget to remove any outdated information. 

Optimised Website

Automotive CRM

An automotive CRM is another essential tool for your car dealership. It provides ease in both in-person and online auto sales. You can also personalize the settings according to your needs. You can capture a new audience by setting up a to-do list, automatic emails, and managing your lead and sales. A CRM will also help you create a workflow, set up a database for leads, and showcase your vehicle inventory to potential customers. 

Video Conferencing Tool

Video conferencing and live-chat tools like Zoom, Skype, and Facetime can connect your business with your customers. You can easily show your car inventory live through these tools without needing your customers to visit your car dealership in person.


VAuto is another powerful tool for both new and used car dealerships. You can use it to manage your vehicle inventory and source them through online auctions. It provides a live view of the market and helps you locate nearby auctions. You can appraise the cars more accurately and execute the right pricing strategy to maximize each vehicle’s return on investment. 


700 is a robust and contactless tool for car dealerships providing credit reports. It assists with identification verification and pre-qualification solutions and offers credit to consumers so they can apply for a car loan at your website. Your clients would also want to save time and love a straightforward buying process. Due to its dependable credit, 700 credit can save a lot of time for your car dealership. You can match your customers directly to the right vehicle and get them approved for financing. Thus, reducing your sales cycle.

Car Dealership


Who doesn’t know about CARFAX? Any car dealership is incomplete without this tool that lets you pull out a car’s history. But do you know that you can also integrate it with your dealership website? So, your customers can click on the given links and check a vehicle’s history directly from your site. It will increase your customers’ confidence in your dealership as they’ll know the condition and price of each car beforehand.


Save your time and other resources by signing a deal through the help of electronic DocuSign. If you are wondering if this electronic document has legal standing in the real world, you must know that DocuSign complies with U.S. ESIGN Act, UETA, and the EU eIDAS Regulation. The most extraordinary aspect of this document is that it can generate audits for every agreement.


Edmunds.com is a website that provides automotive research, expert reviews, and information about car pricing that is constantly updated. It also acts as a car buying advisor. So, you can be sure that your customers will first check this site for the price of their desired vehicle before visiting your dealership site. However, according to Edmunds, you don’t have to adjust the cost of your cars. But it’s a good idea to know beforehand what your customer is thinking.

Summing Up

We hope you’ve checked our above-suggested tools for contactless auto sales. These tools will help you create a contactless auto system and improve digital sales. The contactless system will also provide convenience for your customers as they won’t have to visit your dealership. You can deliver the vehicle to their doorstep. 

For their satisfaction, you can provide your customers with some guarantee. Such as they can return the vehicle in a specific period if they are unhappy with their purchase. Initially, it might be challenging for your dealership to carry out contactless auto sales. But you don’t have to utilize all the tools directly at once. First, use each tool to analyze for yourself which works best for your car dealership.

Brantley Kendall