Relocating Car Shipping Services

Using car shipping services when you move can make the relocation process easier. Instead of spending time driving multiple vehicles across the country, you can have them transported for you. This takes one task off of your to-do list. SAKAEM and its skilled agents can help your cross country relocation be a smooth one.

Advantages of shipping your car when relocating

More Affordable

It’s tempting to drive your vehicle with the hope of saving money. However, our advisors can show you how car shipping services can actually save you money. This one quote is often lower than the cost of fuel, hotels, and food from driving.

Vehicle Preservation

Driving your vehicle to your new home can potentially put hundreds of miles on your car. By using car shipping services, you avoid racking up these unnecessary miles. You also avoid putting additional wear and tear on your vehicle.


Using car shipping services is convenient. You can arrange for your vehicle to be picked up at your old home and dropped off at your new home. This makes the relocation of your vehicles simple. Take minimal time away from your pre-move packing and post-move unpacking.

Simplified Moving Tasks

You have enough to think about when planning a move or relocation. This becomes significantly more complicated when you’re moving long distances and coordinating a cross country drive. Save yourself some effort by trusting SAKAEM and their car shipping services to handle your vehicles’ transport.

What factors affect the cost of shipping a vehicle?

Car Shipping for Relocating People

SAKAEM’s car shipping services tailored to your needs

Welcome to SAKAEM's premier car shipping service for relocating people! We understand the significance of a smooth transition during the moving process, which includes the secure and efficient relocation of your vehicles. Whether you're moving locally or across the whole country, the expertise of our car shipping company ensures your vehicles arrive at your new destination in optimal condition. Explore how our vehicle relocation service can streamline your move.

At SAKAEM, we pride ourselves on offering comprehensive ground car shipping services tailored to the needs of individuals and families undergoing relocation. Our dedication to excellence ensures that your vehicles are handled with the utmost care and attention throughout the entire moving process. As car shipping brokers, we will vet all the available options for you and find a reputable carrier that meets your needs and demands.

Whether you're moving across town or across to/from a state in the US, our team will be ready to assist you in preparing the shipping. We understand that each move is unique, which is why we provide personalized services to meet your specific requirements.

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car shipping service for relocating people

Reliable auto relocating solutions at affordable prices

We will always ensure that your car is handled with care throughout the entire relocation process by the most dependable, reputable carriers possible. With our commitment to customer satisfaction, you can trust us to find companies that you can trust.

Our top-notch vehicle relocation service for movers is the epitome of efficient transport and logistics. We embrace convenience for our clients, opting for door-to-door car shipping services. We embrace full transparency by providing accurate quotes based on the market rates and share all options from reputable carrier companies. Plus, we offer flexible options to meet your specific needs and budget.

No matter the distance or destination, SAKAEM's car shipping services are designed to simplify your relocation experience. Let us take the stress out of your move so you can focus on settling into your new home. Trust us to organize the shipping for you, and forget about the worries of transporting your car. Contact us today to learn more about how we can assist with your car shipping needs.

Why choose SAKAEM?


All carriers are vetted through FMCSA for valid insurance


You have enough to think about when relocating. When you work with one of our advisors, you’ll enjoy the simplicity of working with a single point of contact for your car shipping services. This streamlines and simplifies the process.


Trust our experienced advisors to walk you through the process of relocating your car. With a strong track record of safety and reliability, you can trust that your car relocation is in the hands of experts.


Have confidence when booking your shipment with fair and transparent quoting. Our advisors ensure you understand the quality of car shipping services and what you’ll receive with your quote.


You're never required to pay for your car shipping services upfront when booking your shipment through SAKEAM. When the driver gets dispatched to pick up your vehicle, you’ll pay a deposit. You’ll complete payment when you receive delivery of your vehicle.


Our clients deserve to have the best car transport experience possible. Our advisors strive to secure safe and secure car shipping services. By tailoring each shipping solution to each client, you can have confidence that your relocation will go smoothly.


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What is the right car shipping service method for me?

Our knowledgeable advisors can help you choose the best method for your shipping needs. Both options have distinct advantages that can make them suitable for a variety of needs. Consider your budget, car value, and timeline when choosing the best method for your transportation.

Use open if:

Your vehicle is several years old.
It has wear and tear from daily driving.
You have a limited budget.
Your timeline is shorter.

Use closed if:

Your vehicle is brand new or high value.
It’s in pristine condition.
You have a larger budget.
You can wait for the vehicle’s delivery.

Frequently Asked Questions

A lump sum relocation package is a relocation benefit a company offers to their relocating employees to help them relocate for a new job opportunity. A portion of this money can be used to ship your car across country.
A typical lump sum payment to a relocating employee is anywhere between $2,000 to $7000, which should help provide for your car shipping services.
The cost of driving a car includes, mileage put on car, gasoline costs, cost of your time in terms of driving time and recovery time and the risk of accident. This far outweighs the cost of shipping a car. We highly recommend you take the safer route.
The cheapest way to transport your car is to book 1-2 weeks in advance and find a reputable car shipping company such as SAKAEM Logistics, who has experience and reputation to ship for top brand names such as AVIS, Budget, Enterprise and other large corporations.
Driving long distance can be harmful for the car. Not only there could be physical wear and tear, there could also be issues with engine heating up and other types of chronic issues that accumulate over a period of time and may reduce the car running lifetime.
You can ship your car using an open transport or an enclosed transport with a slightly higher payment. Enclosed car shipping service is optimal when you have a relatively new or expensive car. We provide insurance covering any issues caused during auto transport for both types of car shipping methods
It is very safe to ship your car with a car shipping company as long as you pick a reputable car shipping company.
You can include up to 50 pounds of personal items in the trunk of the car being shipped at your own liability.
Yes, you have several options when you arrive after car transport does. You can have the car delivered to your friend or neighbor. You can also let us know so that we can coordinate delivery time and day with you.

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