Military car shipping

Brantley Kendall

14 Jun 2021 3 years ago

Finding the right military car shipping service is very important if you’re a part of active/retired military personnel. The service is designed to assist you in making sure that your vehicle is shipped appropriately and without any damage. Plus, you can also receive some car shipping military discounts based on the company you work with.

What is military car shipping?

Men/women in uniform and military retirees might need their vehicle shipped to a new location or even to a military base as quickly as possible. The military only pays to ship a single vehicle per service member. As a result, if you need more than a single vehicle shipped, you will need to work with a third-party shipping business. Thankfully, shipping companies also provide military car shipping services too. That means you can still transport the car you want quickly and without any issues.

What can you ship and where can you ship it?

The main focus of military car shipping is to haul any kind of vehicle for military personnel. The item shipped can be anything from a jet ski to a motorcycle, ATV, 4×4, SUV, car, truck and so on. You can pick up an item and deliver it directly to the military base. If that’s the case, you do need to talk with the base commander beforehand and receive permission. 

However, even if the vehicle can’t be delivered directly at the base, you need to meet the shipper nearby to receive your vehicle. It’s also possible to have the vehicle shipped from/to your home if you want. The entire military car shipping service can be customized and adapted in order to suit your requirements.

Are there any limitations?

If you just stick to what the government is able to cover, then you can get only a single POV shipment if it’s a PCS order. The limit is here in order to provide a fair solution to all service members. Thankfully, you can use military car shipping to ship all your remaining vehicles. It’s important to note that while the government covers costs related to the first shipment, any other shipment costs come out of your own pocket. If you use a third party shipping company, you’re not limited to a certain number of cars.

Can you access any car shipping military discounts?

There are car shipping military discounts available, but these are only for the active/retired members of the military. That’s why it’s important to ask the military car shipping service and see if they have any discount or not. Depending on the company you work with, you will be able to receive up to 10% as a discount. This varies based on your shipment’s mileage and market fluctuations.

How much does military car shipping cost?

That depends on a multitude of factors. Usually, the most important aspects are the type of auto transport you chose. Time of the year, location, vehicle condition, delivery timeframe, distance travel, and vehicle model, also play a role. Every military car shipping company has its own pricing. However, for most parties, you pay less per mile when the mileage increases for the shipment in question. For example, the average cost per mile is higher for around 500 miles when compared to 1000 mile trips. It’s important to ask for a quote, as this will help you figure out where you get the best value and results. 

Why are military car shipping services a good idea?

Trying to transport a vehicle on your own can be very difficult and extremely costly. The great advantage of military car shipping is that they are affordable, and you can also get some discounts. On top of that, you will receive a quote right away and then you will know exactly what option suits your needs the most.

In addition, military car shipping also comes with full insurance coverage. This way you have peace of mind knowing that everything is managed appropriately and that there are no issues. Plus, if anything happens, the insurance company will take care of everything. 

A military car shipping service is also able to deliver customized, military-friendly auto transport. After all, no two people have the same needs when it comes to this service. This is why most military car shipping services are fully customizable and adaptable to your own requirements. You will also receive professional customer support in order to ensure that everything is ok and you have a great experience. 

What type of military car shipping should you choose?

It all depends on your needs. One of the most common shipping options is open car transport because it’s very affordable and it helps you save both time and money. On top of that, you can also book door-to-door transport or base-to-base transport. If you choose the latter option, then it’s important to check with the base commander to ensure that the transport can enter your base. 

Is additional baggage allowed?

Every car shipping business has their own requirements, but some will allow you to keep a box or suitcase in the trunk without paying extra. This can be handy if you want to have access to the items you need quickly and with great results. You can also have guaranteed pickup times, in order to do that you must schedule everything accordingly, based on your own requirements and needs. 

How long does it take?

Military car shipping can take anywhere from a day to a week, depending on the overall distance that needs to be covered. In general, if you ship in the same region, it will arrive within a day or two. The quote you receive from your shippers will tell you exactly how much time it will take, so try to keep that in mind. 

It’s very important to try and find the right military car shipping services that suit your needs and requirements. If it’s possible to obtain car shipping military discounts, that’s even better. This is a great service for military personnel or retired army professionals that need outstanding, fast car shipping!


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