Understanding the auto transport industry: tips, benefits, cost, time and more 

Brantley Kendall

22 Dec 2022 2 years ago

If you’re considering moving your car, truck, motorcycle, or boat, you’ve likely heard about auto transport. However, if you’re new to the industry, you may be overwhelmed with all the information that’s out there. Luckily, you’ve come to the right place! In this blog post, we’ll take a look at the ins and outs of the auto transport industry. Let’s get started!

Introduction to the Auto Transport Industry

The auto transport industry is an ever-evolving sector of the logistics and freight industry that specializes in the shipping and delivery of vehicles. From everyday cars and trucks to luxury sports cars and classic collectable automobiles, the auto transport industry offers various services to suit its customers’ needs. These services range from enclosed and open car shipping to more specialized driver-assisted transport. These services give customers the peace of mind that their vehicle will be safely and securely transported from one destination to another.

Different types of auto transport services

There are many different auto transport services, each with its unique set of pros and cons. So, it’s crucial to think about your needs and find the right type of auto transport service for you. This blog post will look at some of the most common types of auto transport services. Keep reading to learn more!

Open Auto Transport

An open auto transport service refers to the type of car shipping service where the vehicle is transported in an open carrier, typically a large truck or trailer that can transport multiple vehicles simultaneously. The vehicles are exposed to the elements during transport, but the open carriers are designed to provide a safe and secure method of transporting cars.

Enclosed Auto Transport

This is a more secure option than open auto transport. Vehicles are transported in a completely enclosed car shipping which protects them from the elements and reduces the risk of damage.

Door-to-Door Auto Transport

With this service, the car shipping company will pick up the vehicle from the customer’s home or office and deliver it to the desired destination. Examples of companies that offer door-to-door auto transport services are Ship Your Car Now and Easy Auto Ship.

Expedited Auto Transport

Expedited auto transport is a service that provides customers with faster delivery times than standard auto transport services. It is usually more expensive than regular auto transport, but it can be helpful in situations where a vehicle needs to be delivered quickly.  

Different types of auto transport companies

There are several different types of auto transport companies that are available to meet the needs of customers. These include professional car carriers who specialize in the secure and safe transportation of vehicles and freight and logistics companies who provide more specialized services such as cross-country and international shipping. No matter what type of company is chosen for auto transport, customers can be sure that professionals will safely, securely, and timely transport their vehicles. Customers who work with an auto transport company also benefit from the convenience of having their vehicle delivered directly to their door. Additionally, customers can take comfort in the fact that their auto transport company will provide them with the necessary insurance coverage in case of any damages that may occur while the vehicle is in transit. These benefits make working with a reputable auto transport company an excellent option for moving their vehicle from point A to point B.

Benefits of working with an auto transported company

When moving your vehicle, you have multiple options for how to do so. You can drive it with a friend or family member or hire an auto transport company. While driving it yourself or driving it with a friend or family member may be the best option in some cases, there are several benefits to working with an auto transport company.

  • Safe and secure: An auto transport company will safely and securely transport the car from one place to another. They have the proper insurance coverage and are experienced in handling vehicles.
  • Convenient: An auto transport company will pick up and deliver the car at your convenience. They can also arrange for pickup and delivery on any day of the week.
  • Professional: Auto transport companies are experienced in handling vehicles and know how to protect them adequately during transport.
  • Reliable: Auto transport companies are reliable and will ensure the safe delivery of your vehicle. They will also provide you with tracking information to monitor your shipment’s progress.
Benefits - Auto transport company

Factors That Impact the Auto Transport Industry: Cost, Quality of Service, and Regulations

The auto transport industry is a complex network of logistics, freight, truckers, carriers, and insurance companies responsible for delivering automobiles from one place to another. Cost, quality of service, and regulations are all factors that significantly impact this industry.


It is one of the essential factors in auto shipping. This includes the cost of vehicle transport, car shipping, and automobile transport itself, as well as additional costs such as fuel, insurance, and other fees. The cost of the services depends on the distance and type of vehicle being shipped, and it is essential to compare the choices available to find the most cost-effective option.


Professional drivers and carriers should be experienced, reliable, and have the tools and equipment for safe transport. Additionally, the drivers should be knowledgeable about the regulations and laws related to car shipping and automobile transport and be able to provide the necessary documentation promptly.


Regulations and laws imposed by local, state, and federal governments significantly impact the auto transport industry. You must follow these laws and regulations to ensure the safety of the vehicles being transported, as well as the safety of the public. Drivers and carriers need to be aware of all the laws and regulations that may affect vehicle delivery.

Choosing the right auto transport company

With so many auto transport companies, it can take time to choose the right one. Here are a few things you need to consider to ensure you receive the best possible service.

Insurance coverage: Insurance coverage is the most crucial factor when selecting a company for auto transport. Reputable companies should provide a minimum of $250,000 coverage for cargo and liability insurance to protect your vehicle. Besides, verifying that the company is appropriately licensed and insured by the Department of Transportation is vital.

Reading customer reviews: Reading reviews of the company can provide invaluable insight into the quality of service they provide. Choosing a company with consistently high customer ratings and reviews is wise.

Ask for quotes: Get quotes from the companies you are considering. Ask them to provide specific details about their services and fees.

Pricing:  Different companies offer different rates and fees, so it is essential to compare prices before selecting a company. Besides the cost to ship a car additional fees may include fuel, taxes, and services such as expedited delivery. Ultimately, the right auto transport company is the one that provides the best combination of adequate insurance coverage, positive customer reviews, and a reasonable price.

Ask questions: Be bold, ask questions, and get more information before deciding. Be sure to inquire about their pickup and delivery time frames, payment methods, and any additional fees.

Preparing Your Vehicle for Transport

Preparing your vehicle for transport is essential in shipping your car to or from your new home. By preparing your vehicle, you reduce the risk of damage and save yourself time and money. Here are a few tips to help you out:

  • Clean your vehicle: Make sure your vehicle is clean inside and out before transport. This will help the driver inspect for any existing damage and make sure your vehicle is in the same condition it was before transport.
  • Disable the alarm: Ensure your vehicle’s alarm is disabled before transport. This will help the driver move the vehicle without any disruption.
  • Remove all personal items: Remove all personal items from your vehicle before transport. This is for your safety and the drivers.
  • Check your fluid levels: Ensure your vehicle’s fluid levels, such as oil and coolant, are at the correct levels before transport.
  • Prepare your tires: Make sure your tires are correctly inflated and have enough tread before transport.
  • Check your battery: Ensure your vehicle’s battery is charged before transport.
  • Document the condition: Take photos and record any damage on your vehicle before transport. This will help you determine whether any new damage occurred during transport.
Enclosed car shipping

What to Expect During Transport?

Vehicle transport is a complex process, and it is crucial to understand what to expect before booking. Tracking services, timeframes, and delivery are all crucial components of the transport process. Carriers are responsible for providing the logistic services and freight necessary to move these vehicles from one place to the next. They have a range of trucking options available to accommodate different needs. Delivery schedules and timeframes will depend on the distance and the route taken. It is essential to understand that these services are only sometimes available instantly and may take several days to complete the transport.

  • Professionalism: All auto transport companies should provide a professional service from start to finish. Expect to be treated with respect and to have all questions answered quickly and accurately.
  • Communication: Auto transport companies should provide regular updates on the shipment’s progress throughout the process. Expect regular emails, text messages, or phone calls about the status of your car.
  • Delivery Times: Most auto transport companies offer estimated delivery times, ranging from 7 to 14 business days, depending on the distance the car is being shipped.
  • Safety: The safety of your car is of the utmost importance to auto transport companies. Expect your car to be securely loaded, unloaded, and transported in a safe, secure truck.
  • Insurance: Most auto transport companies are insured and will provide coverage for any damages during transit. Expect to be provided with proof of insurance before the shipment is made.

After auto transport

After transporting your vehicle, you must complete a few tasks beforehand.

  • Final Payment: After the vehicle has arrived at the destination, the customer is expected to pay the remaining balance due on the shipment. You can make this payment via cash, credit card, or certified check.
  • Damage Claims: If there are any damages to the vehicle during transport, the customer may file a damage claim with the auto transport company. The customer should provide evidence of damage, such as photos or videos, and the auto transport company will investigate the claim and take appropriate action. 
  • Finalizing Paperwork: After you make the payment, the customer should receive all the necessary paperwork from the auto transport company. This typically includes a bill of lading, proof of delivery, and other documents. The customer should review these documents and ensure all the information is correct before signing and returning them.

How long does it take to transport?

  • Distance: The distance between point A and point B will affect the time it takes to transport the vehicle. For example, if point A is located 100 miles away from point B, it will take longer than if it is located 10 miles away.
  • Mode of transport: Different modes of transportation will influence the time it takes to transport a vehicle. For example, transporting the vehicle by air will take significantly less time than transporting it by truck.
  • Weather conditions: Poor weather conditions can increase the time it takes to transport a vehicle. For example, if there are strong winds or heavy rain, it could slow down the transport process.
  • Traffic: Traffic can also increase the time it takes to transport a vehicle. For example, if the route is congested with other vehicles, it will take longer to reach the destination.
  • Several vehicles: If multiple vehicles are being transported simultaneously, it will take longer as the driver must make multiple stops. For example, if five vehicles are being transported, it will take longer than if there was only one.

What makes a good auto transport service provider?

A good auto transport service provider should have a good reputation, experience and knowledge in the auto transport industry, a fleet of reliable and safe carriers, transparent pricing, excellent customer service, and insurance coverage. Check out the rundown below:

· Auto transport service providers use specially-designed trucks built to safely and securely move vehicles over long distances.

· Some auto transport service providers can even move oversized vehicles, such as RVs and boats.

· Auto transport service providers can often pick up vehicles from their location and deliver them to their destination, making the process more convenient for customers.

· Auto transport service providers use satellite tracking systems to keep track of their trucks and know exactly where their shipments are at any given time.

· Many auto transport service providers offer special discounts for customers willing to book their shipment in advance.

Open car shipping

Mistakes to avoid

Transporting your vehicles can be very stressful and expensive. To avoid all these, you must pay close attention to certain things. Here are some mistakes to avoid when transporting your vehicle.

  • Only get quotes from one company: Make sure to get multiple quotes from different companies to compare prices and services.
  • Not verifying the company’s credentials: Before hiring an auto transport company, check their license and insurance.
  • Not reading the terms and conditions: Read the terms and conditions of the auto transport company carefully before signing a contract.
  • Need help understanding the payment structure: Make sure you understand the company’s payment structure before making any payments.
  • Need to get vehicle inspection: Have a professional vehicle inspector check your car before shipping to ensure it is safe for transport.


By following these steps, customers can ensure a successful auto-shipping experience. Taking the time to research carriers, evaluate logistics needs, and understand the insurance requirements can help customers make the most of their car shipping experience. Automobile transport can be complicated, but with proper preparation and understanding, customers can rest assured that their delivery will be handled safely and efficiently.

Brantley Kendall