10 Reasons to Choose an Auto Transport Company Instead of Driving

Brantley Kendall

07 Jun 2021 3 years ago

The need to relocate cars

There are plenty of reasons you may need to relocate your auto transport from one place to another. Sometimes people relocate their cars from one city to another when they start a new job. At times, people move their cars when going on a long vacation to another city. Moreover, people relocate their cars when starting college in another state or city. 

Available options to move your car

Whatever the reason may be for you to relocate your car, the first thought that comes to your mind is about the options available to move your car to the desired location. The obvious option is to drive the car yourself where you are headed. A better and convenient option though is to hire an auto transport company and use their car shipping services to relocate your car. We strongly recommend you choose the second option to relocate your vehicle. 

Why not drive the car yourself?

Driving the car yourself to the desired location is certainly a doable job. However, it is an unnecessary one. You always do your best to keep the car in top shape. However, driving such long distances can add a lot of wear and tear to the vehicle. Moreover, it surely tests your physical and mental strength as well. We agree that sometimes road trips are fun and exciting, but they can get really boring and stressful especially if you are traveling alone. 

Why hire an auto transport company?

On the flip side, if you hire an auto transport company and use their car shipping services, it takes a lot of burden off your shoulders. There are various reasons you should rely on car shipping services of an auto transport company instead of driving the car yourself. However, we’ll discuss some of the main reasons in detail here.

1. You end up saving precious time

When you plan to relocate to another city or state, a lot is going through your head. Moving the car is not the only headache you have at that time. It does not matter if you are driving to a neighboring state or a far-off city, the fact is that you are investing your time into it. And we understand that your time is worth a lot more than ours. Consider the possibility that you are driving your car to a location hundreds of miles away and suddenly you notice that the route you have taken is closed at some point due to bad weather, construction activity, or a horrible accident. Now, it will take you considerable time and guidance to figure out an alternative route that leads to your destination. 

Most of the auto transport companies will offer you door-to-door service. It means that a professional driver from the auto transport company will pick up the vehicle from your home and then deliver it again at the doorstep of your desired location. This is the biggest reason that we suggest you get the car shipping services of an auto transport company instead of spending your own valuable time. We are sure you can use this extra time to do something more productive like getting the paperwork done, renovating your new home, or exploring the neighborhood.

2. Reduced wear and tear

If you choose to drive your car to the desired location, you end up causing considerable wear and tear to your car. The more you drive, the more your vehicle is going to age. A premature trip to a car mechanic is on the cards. Moreover, the damage caused to the engine, tires, interior, and body will drop the price of your car significantly when you put it up for resale.  This is especially true in the case of classic cars that do not get driven very often and are likely to get depreciated quickly.

On the other hand, if you choose the car shipping services of an auto transport company like SAKAEM Logistics, the meter scale on your car is going to stay the same. Your car will be shipped in a transport truck and will be handed over to you in top shape. 

3. Auto transport companies are cheaper

When you compare both the options, auto transport companies are cheaper in most cases. If you decide to drive all the way to your destination, fuel is going to cost you a lot. Moreover, the bills of your food and lodging will also add to the total expenditure. You can also expect to spend a considerable amount of money on an unexpected breakdown of your vehicle. After all, nobody can predict a flat tire or an overheated engine. These things just happen. 

Auto transport companies, on the other hand, charge you only a fixed amount of money which in most cases is cheaper than driving the car yourself. Driving the car yourself requires some days off from your routine work thereby causing a decrease in your monthly income as well. Moreover, auto transport companies ship multiple vehicles in a single truck thereby reducing the cost of shipping per vehicle.  

4. Safety of the vehicle

Most car owners do their best to keep their cars safe and sound. When you are driving your car to another location, one thing you cannot ensure is the safety of your vehicle. Most of the time you will be traveling in unknown areas and you will not be familiar with the environment. This increases the chances of your car getting damaged during the trip. You have to be ready for facing adverse weather conditions as well. Sometimes, you will be passing through construction sites wherein nails, metal pieces and other debris can cause damage to your car’s tires. 

Moreover, auto transport companies provide insurance for your car throughout the shipment process.  For instance, SAKAEM logistics provides insurance for your vehicle from the moment it is picked up to the moment it is handed over back to you at the destination. Our professional drivers ensure the safety of the vehicles they carry throughout the relocation process. Even if anything happens to your vehicle during the car shipping service, it’s on us. You just sit back and relax.

5. It is safer for you as well

As mentioned above, driving long distances can really challenge you physically and mentally. As a normal car owner, you are not used to driving long distances and thereby get exhausted. This makes you vulnerable on the road as your mind Is not always there and you can lose focus on the way thereby increasing the chances of getting into an accident. Moreover, you will not be familiar with all the areas you may be driving through. 

On the flip side, if you hire an auto transport company and use their car shipping services, you can book a plane ticket and get to your destination with a relaxed mind. Our professional drivers drive regularly on long routes and are trained for the purpose.

6. Reduced carbon footprint

If you decide to go with the car shipping services of an auto transport company, you are helping the planet. When there is an increased number of vehicles on roads, it results in large amounts of carbon emissions.  Global warming is a real threat to our planet in this century. Although efforts are being made to switch towards electric vehicles, the fact is that majority of cars are still running on fuel. Auto transport companies ship multiple vehicles in a single truck or carrier. This results in a significant reduction in carbon emissions.

7. You can ship multiple cars in one go

Auto transport companies use carriers that can ship six to nine cars in a single trip. This is especially useful for those families which own more than one vehicle. Driving one vehicle to a far-off location is a hectic task. A second trip will surely exhaust you mentally and physically. Moreover, some people buy multiple vehicles from auctions, and moving them is not feasible without hiring an auto transport company. This increased shipping capacity of auto transport companies is yet another reason to utilize their car shipping services instead of driving yourself.

8. You don’t have to plan anything

When working with an auto transport company, no planning is required by you. When you are driving the car yourself, you have to take care of a lot of factors. Some routes can be closed due to activities at an adjoining construction site. Google maps sometimes do not account for these sudden closures. If you get stuck due to a closed route, all your planning gets disturbed. Auto transport companies, on the other hand, have car carriers with special GPS devices which can switch between routes easily. So, you can easily put your mind to other things that might need your attention. Let the professionals do their job.

9. You can keep insurance costs down

Most car insurance companies charge partially based on the distance you travel. Moreover, if you get into an accident, insurance costs can get high.

When you hand over your car to an auto transport company, you are keeping the insurance costs constant. Even if your car gets damaged during the shipping process, the shipping company pays for the damages. If you use SAKAEM logistics to move your car, your car is automatically insured throughout the process.

10. Ship your car anywhere you like

Another advantage of using an auto transport company is that you can ship your car anywhere you like. You can drive your car only up to a certain limit. However, our carriers can relocate your cars anywhere in the USA or Canada. This is a luxury you don’t get without using the car shipping services of an auto transport company.


Whether you want to relocate one car or plan to move multiple cars, auto transport companies are the best choice to do so.  It is easier, efficient, and economical. We have compiled a comprehensive guide on the car shipping industry. You can read it to get an in-depth view of the auto transport industry and a clear understanding of the terminologies used in the business. Click here to get a custom quote for your vehicle now.

Brantley Kendall