Auto Transport: How to arrange shipping for your vehicle

Brantley Kendall

05 Oct 2021 3 years ago

Auto transport is a simple process but can be exhaustive if done unplanned. There can be plenty of reasons people need auto transport for their vehicles. Some people need to relocate to another city, others are planning a vacation and some need auto transport services to move their car to an auto show.

All of these people have an option to drive their car to the destination. However, driving for such a long distance can be exhaustive and risky. Moreover, the car is at risk of getting damaged during the process and adds extra wear and tear to the vehicle. To make your life easier, shipping companies like SAKAEM offer their auto transport services which take all the burden off your shoulders and reduce your cost to ship a car

Choosing the best auto transport company for your needs

Now that you have decided to use car shipping services, it is vital to choose the best auto transport company for your needs. Auto transport companies are generally of two types. The first is the car carriers which transport the vehicle themselves. They usually have a fleet of trucks that ship vehicles in large numbers. The second type of company, like SAKAEM Logistics, are the brokers which are connected with scores of carriers in almost every area thereby offering a competitive price for auto shipping services. We highly recommend that you work with a broker to fulfill your auto transport needs. The broker will remain in contact with the car carrier throughout the shipping process. You do not need to bother about anything.

Planning for the auto transport services in advance

This might seem like the obvious one but many people neglect this point. Planning for your auto transport needs in advance can help make the shipping process smooth. Ideally, you should keep a range of dates in mind for car shipping. Sometimes, the auto transport companies fail to deliver on a particular date and therefore selecting a range of dates to help a lot. Shipping in the off-season can save you a lot of money as the shipping charges are less in these times.

Another choice which you must make before using auto transport services of a company is between open and enclosed shipping. In open car shipping your car is shipped along with other cars in an open vehicle carrier. It is mostly used for shipping cars in regular use. However, if you plan to ship exotic or sports cars, you should consider enclosed car shipping which is relatively safer. 

Contacting multiple Auto Transport companies for quotes

After choosing the type of auto transport service, you need to contact multiple car shipping companies to get competitive quotes. Most car shipping companies offer online forms wherein one can enter all the required information about the car and shipping requirements. There is a good chance that the company will give you a free quote right away. Otherwise, a representative from the company will call you later and tell you the shipping costs.

We highly recommend that you share as many details of your car as possible so that you receive an accurate quote. For instance, if your car is inoperable, a special towing effort is required to load the vehicle into the shipping truck. As a result, shipping prices get increased. That being said, the quotes you receive are not final and may vary as per the actual conditions at the time of shipping.

Booking your Auto Transport shipment

After getting different quotes from multiple car shipping companies, it is high time that you book your shipment. It is recommended to be as clear as possible when mentioning the requirements of your shipment. It is good practice to ask for all the relevant details from the shipping companies including the insurance information.

Getting the vehicle ready for shipment

After booking the shipment, you need to make sure that your vehicle is ready to be shipped.  Make sure that all the important documents like the registration of your car are stored in a safe place. Most auto transport companies offer insurance coverage these days. However, it is still important to check with the car shipping company. If the company does not offer insurance coverage, you might need to contact your insurance provider. If you work with SAKAEM Logistics, your car is financially insured from the moment it gets picked by the truck to the moment it is delivered at your doorstep in the desired location.

Ideally, the fuel tank of your car should be half-filled along with a fully charged battery. Moreover, do not leave any personal belongings in your car before handing the car over to the auto shipping company. If you won’t be able to receive your car at the given address, you should depute someone in your place to receive the car. It is recommended to take multiple pictures of your car before and after the shipping process.

Hand over your vehicle to the auto shipping company

When everything is sorted out between you and the transportation company, one of their trucks will arrive to pick up your vehicle. The driver of the truck will get a paper signed from you wherein details of the vehicle being shipped will be mentioned. You should sign this document only after carefully reading it.  You will use this document to check your vehicle once it is handed back to you at your desired destination.

Receive the car at the desired location

The auto transport company will keep you updated through mobile or emails about the status of your shipment. The company will inform you before your car reaches the desired destination. Once the truck driver hands over the car to you, make sure to check the signed document carefully and see if the car is in the same condition as it was before being shipped. Now you can relax. The shipping process is complete.

Brantley Kendall