6 Reasons to Ship Your Car if you’re moving Across the Country for College

Brantley Kendall

05 Dec 2023 8 months ago

Preparing for college out-of-state? Get pumped for new adventures ahead! But before campus life fills your brain – what’s the plan for your reliable old car? Driving it 1,000+ miles yourself means less time focusing on the big move. And more money is spent on gas and hotels.

Luckily, auto transportation pros like SAKAEM Logistics can handle the long haul for you! Their experts use enclosed trucks to ship vehicles door-to-door safely so you don’t have to. Just let them take over getting your car to campus.

Going through a professional shipping company has many advantages over doing it alone. You keep miles off your car so it doesn’t lose value. And you skip paying for gas or lodging fees yourself.

Also, letting auto shippers transport your car is one less thing to stress over during this already crazy life transition. You can give your time and focus to other critical pre-college tasks instead of extended drives.

Does hassle-free vehicle shipping sound helpful for your big move? Let’s discuss why students choose auto transportation to ship cars to other states efficiently and cost-effectively!

#1. Convenience and Time-Saving

Driving your car long distances means spending days alone on boring highways. That time could be better used visiting hometown friends you’ll miss or exploring local shops before the big college move. Who wants to show up on campus already worn out from a tiring 1,000-mile journey? There’s a convenient alternative that prevents wasted time and stress…

You can ship your car instead! Businesses like SAKAEM Logistics specialize in transporting vehicles directly to where needed. Here’s how their shipping service makes relocating your car simpler:

  • No Long Highway Hauls: Instead of cramped days of trip driving, car shipping lets you fly ahead hassle-free to focus on college prep. Movers pick up your car and safely drive it to campus while you avoid unnecessary mileage. Talk about relief!
  • Simplified Logistics:  You have enough travel plans to coordinate as is! With vehicle shipping, hand off car transit details to specialists. One less moving piece for you to orchestrate during this hectic transition.

Once you schedule dates for shipping your car that fit your travel plans, the transport company coordinates everything for Point A to Point B delivery. So you avoid the headache of syncing up car transportation with your other separate travel arrangements during this hectic move. Less complicated logistics means less stress!

Shipping your car also saves time behind the wheel driving and takes one moving task off your long to-do list. This grants you much-needed flexibility during an overwhelmingly busy transition period.

In short, moving long-distance for college is exciting but fatiguing. Allow professional auto shippers to relocate your car securely so you can focus entirely on embracing the adventure ahead!

#2. Safety and Security

Attempting extensive cross-country drives poses profound safety threats for student motorists, including:

  • Fatigue Driving – Solo trips heighten accident risks from highway hypnosis without relief drivers
  • Hazardous Exposure – Cars left vulnerable to climate events, road debris, etc., without enclosed protection
  • Unfamiliar Routes – Lacking route knowledge raises chances of errors or disorientation

Vehicle shipping services help mitigate such risks through:

  • Enclosed car transport – Cars ride protected from external damage in covered trailers
  • Team Driving – Multiple pro drivers trade-off, allowing for needed rest
  • Route Experience – Specialists regularly traverse popular interstate paths

By tapping shipping services, students hand off 1,000+ mile journeys to experts focused wholly on safe passage.

Professional Handling

Once transported vehicles reach their destination terminals, Sakaem’s handling technicians again underscore safety:

  • Rigorous Training – Personnel drilled in correct vehicle maneuvering procedures
  • Premium Equipment – Cars secured using high-grade loading/unloading tools
  • Oversight Assurances – Lot attendants continually monitor vehicles awaiting pickup

By partnering with integrated logistics leaders like Sakaem, collegians gain end-to-end reassurances rooted in decades of shipping expertise and steadfast safety principles. Trust us to secure your essential investment from tender transfer to final delivery.

#3. Cost-Effectiveness

Skipping self-driven road trip costs provides instant relief for relocating scholars’ budgets. Let’s break down major savings areas:

Fuel Savings

  • Driving the 1,200-mile average route from Dallas to Los Angeles tallies approximately $480 for gas costs alone, based on a 25 mpg rate at $3 per gallon. Shipping sidesteps fuel splurges.

Accommodations Avoided

  • Lodging for 10-14 overnight stops mid-drive can run $700+, and that’s budget motels. Car shipping defrays hotels.

Food Costs Bypassed -Two people’s meals and snacks for a 14-day drive ring up around $840. That’s $60 per travel day fed. Ship instead, skip dining out.

Total Trip Expenses: $2,020+ gone instantly when choosing professional vehicle transport over a DIY drive.

Preserving Your Ride’s Value

Ever notice when you see cars for sale with crazy high mileage, they cost way less? Every extra mile driven reduces what someone will pay to buy that ride from you.

By shipping your wheels to college instead of road-tripping them, you pile on less mileage, which keeps them worth more when you sell or trade them up after graduation. Prevents quick depreciation!

The further outside the original 20K segments, vehicles roam through tacked-on road trips or daily drives, the uglier budget impacts become. Ship your vehicle from your hometown to campus before excess strain sabotages future sales potential!

In short:

  • Ship your car = Save cash instantly
  • Ship to limit mileage = Maintains future resale value

#4. Reduced Wear and Tear on the Vehicle

Embarking on a solo cross-country road trip may satisfy some short-term wanderlust. However, subjecting your vehicle to thousands of miles of grueling added miles jeopardizes critical system integrity down the road through accelerated wear and tear—specialized auto transport cushions cars from such coercion.

Enclosed carrier trailers shield vehicles from harsh weather and debris throughout lengthy interstate journeys. For example, stone chips often damage exterior paint jobs over sustained high-speed travel. Additionally, rain or snow heightens rust corrosion without protective coverage. Shipping defends your assets.

Furthermore, engine oil changes are generally recommended every 5,000-7,500 miles, depending on driving conditions and manufacturers’ servicing specifications. Tacking 1,500 self-driven miles could drain maximum mileage capacity between changes, quickening decay.

Suspension components also degrade exponentially more with increased road interactions—every bump taxes shocks and struts further. And the more uneven surfaces encountered, the faster tire treads erode. Reducing unnecessary mileage preserves these critical safety parts.

While satisfying short-term adventure cravings with extensive drives may appeal to some outgoing collegians, prioritizing your vehicle’s longevity and value should ultimately win out. Let specialized carriers shoulder the mile burden instead while your car rides safely protected.

Understand With an Example

To illustrate the drastic valuation drops from surpassing mileage thresholds, let’s group totals into 20,000-mile segments. Tracking depreciation by these 20K brackets shows how leaping into the following tier tanks cars’ worth.

On average, vehicles relinquish around 20% of the current appraisal when crossing from one bracket to the next higher set of 20,000 miles. So, a car priced at $5,000 with 79,000 miles still clung to some retained value before hitting 80,000. But once into that next mileage band, its valuation likely sinks to sub-$4,000.

Likewise, jumping from 19,999 miles to 20,001 may not seem significant. However, sliding into the next group of 20K means surrendering up to 20% of that car’s prior appraised figure as wear compounds. Mileage bands act like fiscal cliffs!

So, how can you hold the depreciation lower and value higher?

Getting your wheels to college without logging long, lonely miles also lowers costs over time! How so? Well, let’s cruise through what pricey problems pile up down the road when YOU tackle lengthy drives instead of shipping pros:

  • Excess mileage eats up oil changes faster  
  • Rapid tire tread wear means fresh rubber sooner – and we both avoid THAT big bill!
  • Fading brake pads replaced prematurely – metal scrapes metal without safe padding!
  • Alignment issues can emerge, driving uneven surfaces.

See how those long hauls quicken costly part pit stops? Imagine 5+ years of campus commuting and adulting around town PILED on top once becoming alums! 

The more miles you minimize now, the longer till pricier fixes like alignments, new brake systems, and even transmission overhauls hit home later. In the future, you will thank today’s wisdom!

#5. Flexibility and Accessibility

Preparing for an out-of-state move while simultaneously coordinating car shipment can overwhelm even veterans of long-distance relocation. Trying to align separate household item and vehicle transport timetables against rigid academic schedules already taxed by farewell gatherings poses severe logistical challenges.

Fortunately, SAKAEM Logistics furnishes adaptable transportation solutions catering to hectic student timelines. Our logistics coordination team focuses wholly on constructing customizable auto shipping turnarounds responding to two pivotal planning priorities:

Bespoke Scheduling 

Rather than force-fitting students’ transportation needs into rigid shipment queues, we consult one-on-one, outlining transitional timetables to construct optimal vehicle transport agendas. Important factors include:

● Campus Move-In Windows: Arrival times are aligned with precise housing contract commencements and class registration deadlines to accelerate seamless transitions.

● Term/Semester Mandates: We plot shipping trajectories around pivotal academic intervals to satisfy fall, winter, or spring start benchmarks.

● Satellite Events: Farewell parties with hometown friends or orientation week activities are also weighed when fine-tuning door-to-door timeframes.

By collaborating directly with students’ shipment-by-shipment, we help orchestrate truly personalized arrangements.

Nationwide Access

SAKAEM’s logistics infrastructure blankets the continental U.S. with over a dozen transport hubs networked through interlocking route maps. We tackle shipments to and from any municipality or college town coast-to-coast. No location remains out of reach!

Coverage touch points include leading higher education hotspots across:

● West Coast – Berkeley, UCLA, Pepperdine

● Heartland – Michigan, Northwestern, U of Illinois

● Northeast – Boston College, NYU, University of Vermont

● Southeast – University of Florida, Duke, Vanderbilt

#6. Peace of Mind

Are you cruisin’ to college this fall and need your shiny ride dropped off stress-free, too? The big SAKAEM truck team makes vehicle shipping a cinch, whether you’re headed to a big state school across the country or a small private campus town. We work around your schedule to shift cars where you need them!

Custom Scheduling

Check it out – we spin transport timetables around students, not the other way! It’s way better than holding the wheel solo for 1,000 miles on strict highway time frames. With us handling your vehicle ride to university grounds, you call shots and pick ideal arrival times.

We make move-in magic based on the following:

  • Your crossover cadence. Ship according to the semester start logistics!
  • Preferred destination details. Urban campus or Countryside College, we roll with it.

Connect your new zip to our transport wizards, scheduling nationwide shipments daily. We commit to meeting the mark on time. Consider that heavy lifting is 100% handled!

Far and Wide Access

From community colleges across Oklahoma prairies to large universities sprinkled throughout East Coast metropolises – and everywhere in between – SAKAEM makes vehicle delivery seamless from thousands of locations.

Coordinating our trucking transit pros to haul your heap countrywide is so easy! We discharge durable auto transporters spanning hot spots like:

  • California
  • Texas
  • Florida  
  • Midwestern hubs
  • Northeast catchments
  • Southern staples
  • Northwest landmarks

Well-versed in navigating every interstate and byway to hot shot cars between A and B efficiently, we go more miles for students gearing up for the next significant campus chapter. Access a world of shipping simplicity through SAKAEM!


Preparing for college out-of-state means embracing new adventures outside your comfort zone. But ensuring reliable transportation awaits you on campus means relying on specialists who steer vehicles door-to-door.

As we’ve explored, SAKAEM Logistics annually furnishes a trusted auto-shipping lifeline for thousands of students and families. Using several core benefits, our carrier fleet transports cars of all types smoothly across vast distances.

We shoulder the manual driving dirty work so you jet ahead freely to launch life’s next phase without road trip hassle or highway fatigue. Simply coordinate preferred delivery timeframes around your move-in schedules – we uphold customized arrival requests for total convenience.

Also, forget about cramming cars into U-Hauls and handling your loading/unloading. Our carriers offer genuine door-to-door auto transportation. Curbside end-to-end conveyance gets vehicles college-ready upon delivery for absolute simplicity as you transition.

You also avoid miscellaneous expenditures associated with self-managed long-distance driving when relying on SAKAEM. Significant savings on fuel, hotels, and mechanical wear-and-tear remain in your pocket; meanwhile, your asset retains substantially higher value by minimizing mileage strains.

Finally, our scrupulous expert drivers dote on transported vehicles like their possessions, implementing meticulous handling techniques and procedures bred by decades of specialty experience. Have confidence in genuine white glove auto care.

As kickoff approaches for the next monumental academic journey, ensure reliable transportation wraps up loose ends. Let our guided shipping expertise drive you forward by scheduling a thorough consultation today! Dial (470) 410-6289 or contact us online to start the journey.

Brantley Kendall