Why You Should Use a Car Shipping Calculator

Jason Hilderbrand

15 Nov 2021 2 years ago

There are several things you’ll need to do when you prepare to ship a car. You’ll need to determine what method you’ll use for shipping your car, and what season you’ll ship during. You’ll also need to figure out how long it’ll take your car to reach from point A to point B. Doing so will help you decide whether you’ll pay for standard shipping service or rush shipping service. Once you know the general details of how you’ll ship your car, you’ll prepare for the next step. Use a shipping car calculator to find the best price for shipping your car.

How Does a Car Shipping Calculator Work?

Before you use something, it’s always best to know how it works. Using a car shipping calculator is no different. Car shipping calculators are very systematic. They use algorithms to locate car shipping companies that can ship your car from point A to point B. The calculators do the work for you, so you don’t have to call one business after another. There’s no need to try to determine who will provide you with the best price. The car shipping calculator takes previously recorded data about car shipping. They have details on what companies have charged to transport a car between the two destinations you’ve provided.

It’s important to remember that the number you receive is populated by the general bid a company will make to ship your car. The final number you receive will depend on the size and weight of your car as well as whether you’ll need to request an expedited shipping service.

What Does the Website Do With the Information I Provide?

When you go to use a car shipping calculator, you’ll have to provide multiple pieces of information, one of which will be either your email, phone number, or both. The reason the system collects this information is that the calculator will provide you with a ballpark number for what you can expect to pay when shipping your car. But, it will be an actual representative from the company who will contact you to provide you with the final offer. When you talk to them, you’ll also need to confirm the details of your vehicle. This information has to get confirmed because it will determine the final price your charged to have your car shipped.

Like everything else in life, the more prepared you are, the better experience you’ll have. As you’ll see in the next section, the quote you’re provided by the car shipping calculator is based on more than just the distance between where you’re shipping from and where you’re shipping to.

Factors to Consider When Using a Shipping Calculator

Shipping calculators themselves are easy to use. You’ll go onto a website, fill out the details the calculator asks you to provide, and, then, within just a few clicks, you’ll receive a general estimate of how much it will cost for you to ship your car.

But there are a few factors you’ll need to keep in mind when you’re filling out the details for the car shipping calculator. First, and foremost, whatever information you provide determines the number you have quoted back to you. If you can’t remember the year your car was manufactured, take the time to figure it out. Otherwise, the number you receive in your estimate may be higher, or lower, than it needs to be.

The cost you have quoted to you will also depend on whether your car is operable or inoperable. An inoperable car generally costs more to transport, because the company will have to use extra resources to get the car loaded, unloaded, and delivered to you.

What is the Average Cost to Ship a Car?

At the same time, you are asking yourself what steps you need to follow to use a car shipping calculator, you may also be wondering what the average cost of shipping a car is. Consider reviewing this article by Consumer Affairs to gain a greater sense of what prices you can expect to pay. If you don’t have the time to read the article, at least take a quick look at the general shipping figures provided in the table below.

Average cost to ship a car per mile
Pricing examplesComparable lengths
Cost to ship a car 500 miles$1.25500 miles: $625

510 miles from Chicago to Kansas City
Cost to ship a car 1,000 miles$0.751,000 miles: $750

1,065 miles from Phoenix to Dallas
Cost to ship a car 2,000 miles$0.502,000 miles: $1,000

2,062 miles from Pittsburgh to Phoenix
Cost to ship a car cross-country$0.553,300 miles: $1,815

3,297 miles from Seattle to Miami

The numbers below aren’t absolute. Prices will vary and change depending on where you’re located and how quickly you need your car shipped. Shipping demands, the season, weather patterns, and current fuel prices will all influence the final number you are quoted.

If you’re curious about car shipping quotes, consider visiting Sakaem’s homepage. The site provides a free shipping quote calculator you can use. All it takes is a few general details about your shipment to receive an estimate.

How Location Determines Cost

The price you’re quoted will also relate to where you’re located. Car shipping companies are typically able to service those who are located in both rural areas and populated cities. But those living in rural areas will typically have to pay higher prices, especially if they choose door-to-door service.

The location also affects the price someone receives as a quote. This is because the area a person lives in also determines how much competition there is. In larger cities, multiple car shipping companies will most likely bid to ship your vehicle. But, in more rural areas, there will be fewer companies, and, in turn, higher costs. The companies bidding to ship your car will need to pay higher prices for resources. They may also have to travel additional distances to retrieve your car.

The location you ship to, and from, will also determine the types of services you can receive from the company. If you’re located in a very rural area, then the carrier may require you to meet them. They’ll bring your vehicle as close as they can to its final destination car pickup. In these situations, door-to-door service won’t be available to you. Sometimes being away from the world comes at a cost. But rest assured, company’s like Sakaem will always do all they can to make your shipping experience an easy one.

How Weather Effects Car Shipping Cost

Another question you may find yourself asking is how does weather affects the price you pay. Though a person cannot fully predict the oncoming weather, when you use a car shipping calculator, the program will partially base the quote off of the previous costs of shipping a car during a particular season.

During the wintertime, you may find yourself receiving higher shipping quotes. The reason for this is that when it snows there are more delays on the road. Some roads close for repair, while others temporarily close due to accidents. These factors may extend how far the truck needs to travel to deliver your car to its final destination. These factors, along with the increased amount of fuel the company needs to transfer your vehicle, will be reflected in the price you have quoted to you.

It’s also important to bare in mind that the number quoted to you is not a binding offer. You’re receiving an estimate generated by the previous quotes companies have provided to customers.

What Factors Increase the Cost of Shipping a Car?

There are several factors that generally increase the cost of shipping a car. The first is the type of shipping you choose. The second is the speed at which you choose to have your car shipped. And the third is the season you choose to ship your car during.

Let’s take a quick look at each.

Type of Shipping Service

When you go to ship a car, you’ll have one of two options. You can choose between open or enclosed shipping. Open shipping costs less than enclosed shipping but leaves your car vulnerable to the elements. Closed shipping, on the other hand, still loads your car similarly, but it’ll be inside a truck, rather than in the open air.

Open shipping is typically used when a car is sent a shorter distance or if you aren’t transporting a high-value vehicle. Closed shipping, on the other hand, will offer your vehicle more safety and security, which, you may prefer if your vehicle is traveling a long distance or is a classic car or high-end vehicle.

Car shipping calculators will typically enable you to select whether you’d like your car to be open or enclosed.

Speed of Service

The make, model, size, and weight of your car are not the only factors that will determine how much you pay to ship your car. The speed at which you choose to ship your car, and the date range you provide will determine the price estimate you are provided with. You may find yourself paying a higher price to ship your car if you choose a particularly busy season or need your car delivered faster than the general timeframe the car shipping company provides to their customers. Typically, companies are still able to get cars shipped as fast as their customers need them to be shipped, but it’ll come at an additional cost.

To try to save money when shipping a car, try to provide a wide window of time for when your car can either be picked up or dropped off to be shipped. The more flexible you can be with your car shipping company, the more flexible they’ll be able to be with you.

How Season Effects Price?

Seasons affect the price you’re quoted when you use a car shipping calculator. The summer months are the most popular time to ship a car. This causes there to be more competitive prices offered by car shipping companies. However, the increased competition also causes for their to be more congestion on the roads, which will be reflected in the price you are quoted. The distance your car needs to travel, and the amount of fuel the truck requires to get your car to its final destination contribute to the overall price you’re asked to pay.

When’s the Best Time to Ship a Car?

After learning the different details about car shipping calculators, you may wonder when’s the best time to ship a car. The answer is that you should primarily try to aim for times that aren’t the company’s peak season or slow season. You should try to find a nice time before the summer gets busy, or the winter gets snowy. You should also remember to avoid trying to ship your car during holidays, as doing so will drive up the cost of your shipping your car.

Ideally, you would always time shipping your car when it’s the cheapest time to do so. If you’re shipping time is flexible, then research the peak times for shipping. But, if your car needs to arrive at your final destination by a particular time, don’t delay. Do your research and then act fast to get your car shipped at a fair price. In the world of car shipping is best to get an answer sooner rather than later.


After reading this blog you’ve learned about how car shipping calculators work. You’ve discovered what information the car shipping calculator gathers, and provides when you receive your free quote. Remember that it’s important to keep in mind that the estimate you receive is not a binding contract. It will only provide an estimate that was provided by the company for a previous shipment. At the end of the day, the price you pay will always reflect the weight and size of your car, whether your shipment will be expedited, if your car is operable, the season you ship during, and the services you pay for.

Jason Hilderbrand