Open Vs Enclosed Car Shipping: Which One Should You Choose?

Brantley Kendall

20 Oct 2021 3 years ago

When people decide to ship their car, they are often confused about open vs enclosed car shipping. These two modes of car shipping are different and can impact the cost to ship a car incurred by the car owners. It is reasonable to understand these two modes of car shipping for people looking for car shipping services. In this way, they’ll be in a good position to decide which mode of car shipping better suits their needs.

For daily use vehicles, open car shipping is generally preferred and widely used in the US. In open car shipping, your car is exposed to weather conditions and road debris. On the other hand, enclosed car shipping is generally used for sports cars, luxury cars, or antique vehicles. In enclosed car shipping, your vehicle is safe from outside weather conditions like snow or rain. Moreover, your car is also not susceptible to road debris and other road hazards. In short, enclosed car shipping is a premium option for luxury vehicles that require extra care while being shipped.

For a better understanding of open vs enclosed car shipping, we have outlined different scenarios explaining which model of car shipping fulfills your needs.

Which one should you choose for antique cars?

If you own an antique car, you probably already know that it requires extra care than new cars. Most antique car owners are very sensitive about the condition of their car and try their best effort to maintain it in top shape. In open car shipping, such cars are susceptible to getting damaged from harsh weather conditions and road debris. If such is the case with your car, you should consider enclosed car shipping for maximum safety of your car.

Choose Enclosed Car Shipping to escape from the snow

Many snowbirds need to ship their cars during the winter season. If they ship their cars via open car shipping, their cars can get damaged from the harsh weather conditions. This is why most of these car shippers wait until spring to move their cars via the open car shipping method. However, if they want to ship their cars during the harsh winter conditions, enclosed car shipping is their only option. It makes sure that their cars are shipped to the destination without any damage to the body.

Is open car shipping suitable for other weather?

We have already discussed that enclosed var shipping is the best option for snowy areas. But snow is not the only reason people prefer enclosed car shipping to open car shipping.

Your car can get exposed to dirt, road debris, air pollution, and even rain during the open car shipping process.

These weather conditions can damage your car’s paint and other exterior body parts. In such a case, the market value of your car can get reduced as well. To protect your car from the outside environment, you should choose enclosed car shipping instead of open car shipping.

Go for enclosed car shipping if you are an investor

If you are looking to move a daily use car, then open car shipping is an economical and reasonable option for you. However, if you are an auto investor and looking to make some bucks out of your investment, then enclosed car shipping better suits your needs.

As an investor, you want to make sure that your cars are in top shape and well maintained. However, if you go for open car shipping, there is a good chance that snow and other harsh weather conditions negatively impact the body and paint of your car.

To make sure that your investment is safe, you should consider enclosed car shipping to move your car to the desired destination. Moreover, you should only work with that car shipping company which you can trust your car with.

Enclosed Car Shipping can give you peace of mind

If you are a snowbird heading to states like Florida to enjoy your winters, the last thing you want is a problem with your car shipment.

If you want to ship a luxury or exotic car to a distant location, you should go for enclosed car shipping instead of open car shipping. This will make sure that you can relax when your precious car is shipped in an enclosed car shipping truck.

Although most car shipping companies offer financial insurance for your car during the shipping process, there is still a chance of car theft in open car shipping trailers. If you own an antique or luxury car, you should always go for enclosed car shipping instead of open car shipping so that you can have peace of mind when your car is shipped to the desired destination.

When your safety is the top priority

Some people prefer to drive their vehicles instead of using open or enclosed car shipping services of a company. Although you can save some bucks by driving the car yourselves, such a long drive will exhaust you physically and mentally. Moreover, you are always at risk of getting involved in a road accident especially during the snowy weather when the roads are also slippery. Even if you stop at any motel to take some rest during the drive, your car is vulnerable and susceptible to theft.

A better option though is to use open or enclosed car shipping services of a trustworthy car shipping company. When the car shipping company ships your car in an enclosed or open car carrier, you can relax and take a few-hour flight to the destination.

Which one is suitable for vehicles with low ground clearance?

If you own a lowrider, you probably know that these cars have very low ground clearance and are troublesome when passing speed bumps.

The same thing happens when a car hauler tries to load your car on an open car carrier.
The last thing you want is a damaged car even before the carrier has left your city.

That being said, some enclosed car carriers are well equipped to load vehicles with very low ground clearance onto the trailer safely without damaging the car. If you own a lowrider and want to ship it to another state in the US, enclosed car shipping is your only option.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Open vs Enclosed car shipping

We hope that you are now well aware of the scenarios in which you should go for open or enclosed car shipping method. Now, we’ll answer some of the frequently asked questions about open vs enclosed car shipping to help you make a better decision.

What is the actual difference between these two modes of a car shipping?

Open car shipping is the most widely used method for transporting cars. In this mode of shipping, the car is exposed to outside weather conditions like snow, rain, wind, and air pollution. It is a secure way of shipping a car at an economical cost.

However, for some luxury, antique, and sports cars, enclosed car shipping is the most suitable shipping method. In enclosed car shipping, your car is transported in a closed truck saving it from the outside weather conditions.

What is the cost of enclosed car shipping?

The cost of car shipping in an enclosed car carrier is slightly higher than open car carriers. In open car shipping, multiple cars are shipped in open car shipping trailers simultaneously thereby decreasing the cost of shipment.
On the other hand, enclosed car shipping involves only a few vehicles that are shipped in a closed truck.

Which mode of shipment is suitable for you?

We have discussed exactly this question in this post. If you are not sure about open vs enclosed car shipping yet, please go through the above post carefully.

Can you keep your stuff in the car while it is shipped?

When you work with SAKAEM Logistics for open or enclosed car shipping, you can keep your stuff in the car up to 100 lbs without any extra charges. However, we suggest that you pack your things in a single box and keep it in the trunk or cargo area of your vehicle. In this way, your things will remain safe when your car is moved to your desired location.

Is my car secure if I go with open car shipping instead of an enclosed one?

Yes, your car is secure when you go with open car shipping as well. We consider every shipment as unique and do our best to deliver the cars safe and sound. Enclosed car shipping is only an added layer of protection for your vehicle during it is shipped to the destination.

How long does enclosed car shipping take?

Enclosed car shipping is generally slower than open car shipping. Due to a higher demand for open car shipping, more open car carriers are available on all the routes to ship vehicles. However, being a broker, SAKAEM Logistics is connected with more than 900 carriers and can arrange enclosed car shipping for your vehicle without any delays.

How many vehicles are shipped in the enclosed car shipping method?

There are further two types of trailers in the enclosed car shipping method. The first one is a multi-car enclosed trailer which can accommodate up to seven cars. Moreover, it is the cheapest option in enclosed car shipping when compared with other available options.

The second type is a two- or one-car trailer which is capable of shipping only one or two cars in one trip. These trailers are most suitable for shipping luxury cars and are generally faster than other car carriers due to the lesser weight of the shipment.

What are the options available in the open car shipping method?

In open car shipping, there are mainly two options available to ship your car. The first one is a two-level, multi-car carrier that ships vehicles on two decks or stories. This is the most common type of open car shipping and is the cheapest option as well. The second option available in open car shipping is a single-level, multi-car carrier which is mostly used for shipping sports or luxury cars. This mode of open car shipping is faster but expensive compared to the first option.

Will road debris damage my car if I choose open car shipping?

Sometimes, people insist on top load position for their car on a two-level, open car carrier. They think that if their car is on the upper deck it is less likely to get damaged from the road debris. However, it is only a myth and the position of your car doesn’t determine if it will receive any damage from road debris. As far as the road debris is concerned, it usually hits the front of the car shipping truck instead of flying sideways. So, you shouldn’t worry about damage from road debris as your car will be insured as well.

Brantley Kendall