How to Ship a Car to or From Miami  – A Complete Guide

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19 Apr 2022 2 years ago

The gateway to Latin America, Miami is famous for its sunny beaches, nightlife, and art. It is one of the most important cultural centers in Florida, and there are plenty of things to see and do here. Miami also has more than its fair share of sports teams, making it a great place to visit for major league sports fans. The city is home to both the Dolphins of the NFL and the Heat of the NBA. The city has three major airports and the Port of Miami, the busiest cruise port in the world. The city has many tourist attractions, including South Beach and its Art Deco Historic District.

If you plan to move to Miami, you’ll need a car to travel within the city and beyond. What would you do if you already have a car and would like to take it with you when relocating? You could ship it to Miami via car shipping companies, which saves time and energy. However, car transport in Miami is a complex process, and you should be familiar with the available options.

For example, the easiest way to ship your car is by hiring an auto transport company. These companies will provide you with a truck or trailer to carry the car and then drive it back to your home. They will also be able to move the vehicle for you to don’t have to worry about moving it yourself.

This guide will walk you through the entire process of shipping a car to or from Miami, detailing what you need to know about insurance, the cost to transport the car to Miami, moving companies, and other information related to transporting vehicles.

5 Different Ways to Ship Your Car to and From Miami

When looking for a Miami Auto Shipping service, it is crucial to know the different options available. Truck shipping is more affordable than ever before. However, there are other options that you can consider if you want to save money while still receiving quality service. Here are five of the most popular ways to ship your car to or from Miami.

Drive It Yourself

Driving it yourself is a viable option if you have the time and can make the trip. It could be fun, but there will be challenges with doing it. Long-distance driving can be difficult, especially if you haven’t planned ahead of time. You’ll also need to ensure that your car is up-to-date on maintenance before beginning a long journey. There’s also wear and tear on the vehicle itself. However, if you’re on a tight budget and cannot afford to hire an auto transportation company, you can consider driving your vehicle yourself. Driving your car cross-country can be an exciting adventure for those who are bold and want to take a bit of a road trip. However, you have to be ready to deal with the potentially long hours behind the wheel and the added wear and tear on your vehicle.

Hire Someone Else to Drive It

If you’re shipping your car across state lines, it can be worth hiring someone with a commercial driver’s license (CDL) to drive it for you. A friend or family member might be willing, but if they don’t have a CDL and get into an accident while driving your car, they could void their insurance coverage and leave you on the hook for medical expenses and property damage.

Drivers of this sort typically charge by the mile or by the day, and they naturally prefer shorter trips over long ones. Some drivers will take the time to see points of interest along their route, while others prefer to get in and out as quickly. If you choose this option to transport my car to Miami, it’s essential to make sure the driver has adequate insurance and that the policy will cover your car if needed. Also, make sure to get a signed contract before anyone takes possession of the vehicle.

Hire a driver

Use Air Transport 

Air transport is one of the fastest ways to get your car from one destination to another. This is great if you’re in a hurry or have an emergency and need your car as quickly as possible. It’s an excellent option for luxury vehicles or classic cars. These vehicles can be precious, and you may not want to risk damage by shipping them by road. The biggest downside to Air Transport is that it’s more expensive than any other form of auto transport. The cost to transport the car to Miami (and vice versa) through air freight is high because of the fuel costs associated with planes. It also requires trained personnel that the shipper needs to pay if they don’t have people on staff that can handle logistics and shipping.

Transport Your Vehicle by a Train

Train service is one of the cheapest options available as far as auto transport goes. This is because it doesn’t need a lot of specialized equipment to work, unlike road transport, which needs large trucks and trailers. A train can carry multiple vehicles simultaneously, and the cost of maintaining it is not very high either, which makes it much cheaper than other modes of transport.

On the other hand, train service can be slower than other methods of shipping a car. And depending on the route, it may not be possible to ship a car directly to or from Miami by train. For some people, these drawbacks may outweigh the benefits. Whether or not to use a train service to ship your car is ultimately a personal decision, and weighing the pros and cons will help you decide what is best for you and your situation.

Transport by train

Hire an Auto Transport to Ship Your Car to and from Miami 

Miami is a hot spot for classic cars, and whether you live in the city or are just visiting, there’s a good chance you’ll want to bring your car with you. If you need to ship your car to or from Miami, plenty of auto transport companies can help you out.

Auto transport companies move cars and other vehicles from one place to another for a fee, and they use trailers that have enough space to carry multiple cards simultaneously. If you hire such a service, they will pick up your car from your current home and deliver it to your new home as per your instructions.

Hiring an auto transport to transport my car to Miami to and from Miami is a smart move, whether you are moving there or just visiting. Auto transport is the safest and most reliable way to ship a vehicle from one location to another.  

A good auto transport company will have the experience necessary to get your car delivered quickly and safely. They will be able to assist with the paperwork needed for shipping the vehicle across state lines or internationally. A professional transporter will also know how to properly load and unload vehicles to secure them during transit safely.

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Different Types of Auto Transport Services 

When selecting a vehicle shipping service, one of the options they will present to you is choosing to ship your car in an open or enclosed carrier. The type of transport you choose will depend on various factors, including a budget, time frame, and if you are shipping an exotic or classic vehicle. Here’s what you need to know about them.

Open Carrier Transport 

Open auto transport is the standard way to ship a car. Most auto transport companies have a fleet of open trailers to ship vehicles from coast to coast, city to city, or anywhere in between. Open car carriers can generally fit 8-10 cars at one time, depending on the size of their truck. This type of service is considered less safe than enclosed auto transport because it leaves your vehicle exposed to outside elements like rain, storms, dirt, and debris. However, it is also less expensive than enclosed auto transport services.

Enclosed Car Transport

Enclosed auto transport is a closed carrier that protects your vehicle from all weather conditions, road debris and anything else that may cause harm during the transportation process. . With enclosed carrier shipping, you can rely on experienced drivers who use equipment specifically designed to prevent damage to vehicles in transit. Enclosed carriers also provide more privacy for their customers since fewer people will see your vehicle during transit. Although this is the best way to ensure safe car transport in Miami, it does come at a higher cost due to the enclosed protection. People usually hire this type of shipping service when shipping a classic or sports car that needs extra protection from road debris, dirt, or theft.

Different Types of Car Shipping Services

There are many types of car shipping services that are available to customers. The type of service you choose will be determined by the time frame you have and the price you wish to pay. Here are the three most popular choices:

Express Transport Services

Express transport services are usually the most expensive, but they also provide the quickest delivery of your vehicle. The carrier will pick up your vehicle within one to two business days and deliver it within three to five days. The exact delivery time will depend on how far your vehicle needs to be transported. Express auto transport services are usually more expensive than other options, but if you need your car shipped fast, this option may be well worth it. 

Guaranteed Transport

This type of service is not as quick as express transport, but it does offer a set a date for pickup and delivery. You can also select a specific route for your vehicle, which offers more control over the process. Guaranteed shipping services are often less expensive than express shipping services, but they cost more than standard shipping services and may cost more than open-air shipping services. You will also find that guaranteed shipping services are the most popular option in the auto transportation industry, and they offer a good balance between speed, cost, and reliability.

Military Auto Transport Service

When you are in the military and are being reassigned or deployed, you need an auto transport company that understands your needs and can meet them quickly and efficiently. Several companies specialize in military auto transport services. Still, you should be careful about which one you select as not all of them offer the same level of quality and service that others do. It’s good to do your homework before signing a deal with any companies to transport my car from Miami.

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How Much Does It Cost To Ship a Car to and from Miami?

If you’re relocating to Miami and need to ship a car, you’ll want to know how much to transport a car to Miami will be. The cost can vary depending on the type of vehicle, the distance of the move, any additional services needed, and more. Here are things that can affect your shipping cost:

Distance This is pretty obvious, but it’s the most important factor determining what you will pay. The longer the distance, the more it will cost. It doesn’t matter if you’re shipping a car from Miami to Los Angeles or Miami to New York. The further away you go, the more expensive it will be.

The Make, Model and Year of the Car

If you own a rare or exotic car, then there is a good chance that shipping it will cost you more than a regular family car. While you can insure these vehicles, they are costly to repair and ship, so the cost of shipping them will be very high. Such vehicles also need special handling during transport since they are pretty fragile. If your car is rather big – either due to its height or width – then it will also cost you more to ship as this means it will take up more space on a transport truck and weigh more.

The Cost of Gas

The cost of gas will play a significant part in the final cost of your shipment. Fuel prices change all the time, so the price you get today on a quote may not be the same as the price you’ll get tomorrow. An excellent way to avoid this is to lock in a rate with a deposit. Any further increase in fuel prices will affect the overall cost of auto transportation.   

Pickup and Delivery Location

 The closer you are to major highways or major cities, the less expensive it will be for carriers to pick up and deliver your car. If you live in a rural area or on a small street without access to major roads, it will likely cost more because carriers will have to reach you.

Time of year 

This is also a big factor when it comes to transport my car to Miami because there are peak times of the year when people are driving their cars across the country so they can start new jobs or school in another city. Moving during peak season would mean more demand for transport services and ultimately higher prices for you, the consumer. The best time to ship your car is in September and October because the weather is still lovely and there isn’t as much demand for transport services yet.

Open vs. Enclosed Transportation

 This refers to the shipping method you choose. If you select an open shipping method, the auto shipping company will transport your car on a flatbed truck that can transport more than one vehicle at a time. Enclosed shipping methods are more secure and offer better protection from the elements, but they are also more expensive.

How Long Does It Take to Ship a Car to and from Miami?

When shipping a car, moving it from location A to B is a common concern, and the time taken may range from a few days to several weeks. Many factors influence the time it takes to ship a car, and they include:

The Distance between Pickup and Delivery Locations

This is probably the most crucial factor when determining how long it will take to ship your car. Long distances mean more time on the road. But this also depends on whether you choose open or enclosed transport services. Open carriers move several vehicles simultaneously, which means they have to cover longer distances. Enclosed carriers only move one vehicle at a time, which means that other factors affect their delivery times apart from a distance.

The route

There are many routes that the transport company can choose when transporting cars from one state to another in the U.S. Some routes are shorter than others, and some are faster than others but not necessarily shorter. When shipping a car from Miami to another location, ensure that you choose the best route for safe, fast and cheap transport of your car.

Time Spent On Loading and Unloading

 This is another crucial factor determining the full-time companies for car transport in Miami will take like paperwork. The time in loading and unloading a car depends on several factors, including the size of the vehicle and the availability of space at the terminal or storage facility. If there is no space available at the terminal or storage facility, you may have to wait for some time before picking up your vehicle from the company.

Increased Time Due to Traffic congestion 

Traffic congestion along major highways can cause delays, especially during holidays when most people travel or ship their cars. In some cases, there are chances of accidents, which can further delay shipping services. Therefore, you should consider this before selecting a delivery date for your shipment.

The Current Weather Condition

Rainy seasons tend to increase the chances of delays when shipping a car to and from Miami due to poor road conditions, which can delay the process, further slowing down delivery times. Especially when using an open carrier that is not covered fully compared to an enclosed one that protects your vehicle from bad weather conditions.

Time of Year

Whether it is summer or winter affects the time taken for shipping different cars. During winter, shipping and transportation companies are not very busy and therefore, they can move your car faster. However, when their services are highly sought after during summer, it may take longer for them to get your vehicle and ship it for you.

How Does the Process of Shipping a Car to and from Miami Works

The process of shipping a car is simple and involves a few simple steps. From generating quote to booking and getting your vehicle delivered, here’s everything you need to  know about this process.

Book Your Shipping

First, you need to get a quote. You can call the shipping company or fill out their online quote form. The shipping company will need to know some details about your vehicle to get an accurate quote. They will ask for the year, make, model and condition of the vehicle if it’s running or not may affect the cost of shipping. They will need to know your preferred pickup and drop-off location. You should also tell them if there are any special instructions such as enclosed shipping or non-operational pickup and delivery. Once you have agreed on a price, they will book a date for pick up.

 Prepare the Vehicle

Make sure that your vehicle is in good condition, and prepare it for transport. Remove all personal items from the trunk and glove compartment, and make sure there’s no more than a quarter of fuel in your tank. Remove any permanent accessories on your car (e.g., roof racks or bike racks) because they can damage the car during transit.

Pick Up

The day before pick up, you will receive an email with details about your driver and an estimated arrival time. Please keep in mind that these times can vary due to traffic and road conditions. The driver will inspect your car for any pre-existing damage and note any damages on the Bill of Lading before loading the vehicle onto the truck for transport.

 Vehicle Pickup

 This is when you tell the transport company where you would like them to pick up your vehicle. Here you will have two options: you can either bring your vehicle to the terminal or choose the door-to-door option where the shipping company will collect it for you from your home or place of work. Once you have selected, the auto transport company will then set a date for picking up your vehicle. The company will arrange for a flatbed truck to pick up your car from wherever it is located and take it to their terminal. The date you choose for transporting the car from Miami usually shouldn’t exceed five days from when you make an order. During this time, their team will prepare all the required documentation and send it over to you so that you can prepare for pickup as well.  


When your vehicle arrives at the terminal, an inspector will look over your car. This inspection includes opening all doors, hood, trunk, and other storage space available to ensure that everything is working correctly and that no fluids are leaking onto the floor. They also check out any damage on the vehicle’s bodywork, such as dents or scratches that may not have been apparent before.

Vehicle Delivery

Once the vehicle has arrived, it will be ready for pick up. Ensure that you have all of your paperwork and keys available before signing any documents. If there is any damage to the vehicle, document it before signing off on your receipt. If you cannot make it to the pickup location, make sure that someone you trust can go to your place and sign off on the vehicle. Ensure that they have all of your paperwork, so there are no issues with receiving the vehicle in your absence.

How to Get a Quote to Ship a Car to and from Miami

If you’re looking to ship a car and wondering, “How much to transport a car to Miami, “you’ll need to get a quote. Here are some of the best ways to do that:

  • Call a shipping company: This is the most direct way to get a quote. You can find local and national companies online. When you contact a shipping company, they will need to know the make and model of your car and its pickup and delivery locations. Having this information ready will help speed up the quoting process.
  • Use an online quoting tool: You can find many websites that will give you a quote for shipping your car to or from Miami. You need to fill out some basic information about your car and your contact information.
  • Request quotes from multiple companies: Get quotes from multiple companies and compare rates before making a final decision. This will help you ensure that you get the best deal possible on shipping your car to or from Miami. 

Documents Needed To Ship a Car To or From Miami

  • Certificate of Title 

You will need to have a certificate of title, which proves that you are the vehicle owner. You can typically obtain this document from your local DMV office.

  • A Letter of Authorization

A letter of authorization from the car’s owner allows you to ship the car on their behalf. Without this document, the shipper will not release the car to you.

  • A Bill Of Lading

 A bill of lading outlining all the pertinent details of your shipment, including pickup and delivery dates and locations, insurance coverage, and a description of the vehicle being shipped. The shipper will keep a copy of this document for their records, and you should hold onto yours in case there are any issues with your shipment.

  • Signed Contract

A signed contract between you and the shipping company outlining all the terms and conditions of your agreement. Be sure to read this carefully before signing to understand all your rights and responsibilities.

  • Proof of insurance

Proof of insurance for your vehicle while it is in transit. Most shipping companies will include basic coverage in their quote, but you may want to purchase additional insurance for peace of mind. Your auto insurance policy may also cover shipping costs, so be sure to check with them.

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How to Find the Best Auto Transport Company to Ship My Car?

When it comes time to move your vehicle from one location to another, you’ll need to find a reputable and reliable auto transport company. However, with so many companies vying for your business, it can be hard to know which one is the best fit for you and your car. By researching and asking the right questions, you can narrow down your options and find the best company to ship your car.

Check Their Reputation and Experience 

Car transport in Miami is not an easy thing to do. These companies need to have the right size trucks and adequately trained employees, and they must also have proper insurance in case something goes wrong during transit. Choosing a reputable and experienced auto transport company can ensure that your vehicle gets delivered safely and on time. Look for reviews online, ask friends and family, and check with the Better Business Bureau regarding that particular company’s track record.

Check If They Are Certified

Before entering into a contract with any shipping company, make sure that they are certified and registered with the U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT). You can check their DOT registration number online on the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration website. This is important to ensure that a legitimate and experienced company will transport your vehicles. Check out our company profile on this website!

Get Recommendations

Get recommendations from friends or family members who have used an auto transport company in the past. If they had a good experience, they’d be able to tell you all about it and point you in the right direction. On the other hand, if they had a bad experience, they’ll likely be able to warn you away from particular companies.

Get Written Quotes

Once you have identified a few companies, it is time to get price quotes for transporting your car. Most of these companies provide free quotes on their websites for transporting a car from Miami. You should get written quotes from at least three companies to compare them side by side and select the best one based on quality and price.

Check References

 After narrowing down your choices, check with the Better Business Bureau or similar agency to see if the companies you are considering have had any complaints filed against them. This is an indication of how they treat their customers and the quality of their service. Also, be sure to check out online reviews as well.

FAQs Regarding Shipping a Car to and from Miami

 How to Get My Car Ready For Shipping?

The first thing to do is to clean your car. A clean car is easier to inspect, and you can easily see if any new damages might have occurred during transit. You can even take pictures of the car to compare later on. Next, make sure there are no personal belongings left in the car. Auto shippers are not liable for loss or damage of personal items, so it’s best not to leave anything of value inside. Plus, check the oil and other fluids under the hood and top them up if needed. You should also disconnect the battery and retract the antennae if possible. Check your tire pressure and make sure they’re adequately inflated – keep in mind that most carriers will not transport a vehicle on a trailer if the tires are flat or excessively worn.

Can I Ship My Car To Or From Miami At Any Time Of Year?

Like the rest of the country, Miami has some busier periods for car shipping than others. But it is still possible to ship a car to or from Miami at all times of the year. For example, if your car needs to be moved out of Florida during the summer or winter months, you can do it!

How Much To Transport A Vehicle To Miami?

The cost to transport my car from Miami varies tremendously depending on the vehicle and where it is going. The price will also vary based on whether the vehicle is transported inside an enclosed carrier or on an open carrier. If you are interested in finding out how much it will cost you, your best bet will be to use a reputable service such as SAKAEM, which allows you to get quotes based on your specific needs.

How Can I Pay The Auto Transport Shipping Company?

Most car shipping companies will accept payment in cash, debit or credit card. If you are paying by credit card, you need to deposit before they assign your vehicle to a carrier. You can make the deposit online at their website by clicking on the “make a deposit” button or calling them on the phone and giving them your information.

Do I Have to Be Present at the Time of Delivery of my car?

You don’t need to be present at the time of delivery of your vehicle. However, please assign a representative to receive your vehicle on your behalf. The representative should have a letter of authorization from you authorizing them to accept the delivery of your vehicle.

Does Insurance Cover My Car During Transit?

The short answer is yes, the car shipping company’s insurance policy covers your vehicle during transit; if a car carrier damages your vehicle while in transit, you are covered under the carrier’s insurance policy.

Pros and Cons of Moving To Miami

Moving to a new city can be both exciting and daunting. If you’re considering a move to Miami, it’s essential to weigh the pros and cons of living in this vibrant metropolis.


 The Weather Is Amazing

One of the best parts about Miami is the weather. It’s warm all year round, which means you can enjoy the beach any time you want. And when it does cool down for a few months in the winter, it’s still not as cold as most other places in the country.

The Food Scene Is Unbelievable

You will never go hungry in Miami, from world-famous chefs like Norman Van Aken and Michelle Bernstein to hole-in-the-wall eateries serving authentic Cuban dishes. There is truly something for everyone with such a diverse population regarding food.

There’s Always Something to Do

Whether you want to check out one of the many art galleries or museums, stroll through Wynwood Walls, listen to live music at Button South or hit up one of the many nightclubs, there is always something to do in Miami night or day.

Beautiful scenery

Last but not least, Miami is simply beautiful. There’s no shortage of natural beauty, from the turquoise waters to the white sand beaches in this city.


 The Traffic Is Terrible

Unfortunately, all those people flocking to Miami for its fantastic weather means traffic can be a nightmare. If you don’t like sitting in gridlock for hours on end, Miami probably isn’t the place for you.

It Can Be Expensive

While Miami has a lot to offer residents and visitors, it doesn’t come cheap. If you want to live close to downtown or near the beach, be prepared to pay premium prices for rent or mortgage payments. And even regular everyday items like groceries and gas can be more expensive than what you’re used to paying.

Crime Rate 

While Miami is an overall safe city, its crime rate is higher than the national average. This is something to keep in mind if you’re considering moving here.

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