Shipping a Car to or From Car Transport New York: Everything You Need To Know

Jason Hilderbrand

10 May 2022 2 years ago

Did you know that New York is one of the most popular places to ship a car? With over 8.8 million residents and nearly 1,700 miles of interstate highway, it’s no surprise that thousands of people ship their cars to or from New York every year.

According to the American Trucking Association, over 70% of all freight transported in the United States is done by trucks. This means that auto transport services have a significant demand due to the number of vehicles that need to be shipped every day.

Since it’s such a popular destination for car shipping companies and auto dealerships, it’s possible to get your vehicle transported there less than almost anywhere else in the nation. This puts New York at an advantage for those looking for cheap car shipping rates. If this is your first time shipping a car or heavy-duty pieces of machinery such as an SUV or giant pickup truck, finding out what type of service for car transport in New York works best could be tricky.

This guide provides all the information you could need for auto transport in New York, including some of the best pickup and delivery locations, how much to transport a car in New York (both on average and based on where in the state you’re shipping), what kinds of services are available and more.  

Five Different Ways to Ship a Car To or From New York

Here are some of the most prominent ways to ship your car to and from New York:

Drive the Car Yourself

Driving the car yourself is undoubtedly the cheapest way to ship a vehicle to or from New York. But it’s not always the best option. For one, you’ll have to take time out of your schedule to make the drive. That may not be a big deal if you’re shipping the car because you’re moving to New York. Additionally, driving long distances can be tough on your vehicle. If your vehicle isn’t in great shape, making such a long trip could do severe damage. And even if your vehicle is in good condition, there’s always the risk of breaking down or getting into an accident.  

Get Someone Else To Drive It for You

This car transport in New York option is beneficial if you’re traveling to a new city or area unfamiliar with the roads. It’s also perfect for those who don’t feel comfortable driving in heavy traffic or bad weather conditions. Whatever your reasons for wanting to hire someone else to drive, there are plenty of options available.

However, there are also a few drawbacks to this option. It can be challenging to find someone you trust to drive your car, and you will have to share your personal space with a stranger for an extended period. Finally, there is always the risk that something could happen to your car while someone else drives it.

Drive yourself

Use a Train Service

Using a train service can be safe and affordable. However, some potential drawbacks are associated with using trains to ship your car. One downside is that it can sometimes take longer than other options like hiring a professional company. If time is of the essence, then a train might not be the best choice. Additionally, depending on your location concerning the nearest train station and tracks, it could be difficult and costly to get your vehicle there.

Use an Air Cargo

You might think using a plane to ship your car is another intuitive option. Planes get vehicles across the country in hours, so it’s faster than a truck or ship. However, the cost to transport the car to car transport in New York using an airplane service can be several times high than the other options. Even if the price isn’t an issue for you, it’s worth noting that not every airport has runways long enough to handle all planes capable of carrying vehicles. If you believe there may be issues with runway length at your destination airport, verifying with the shipping company before booking is essential.

Hire an Auto Transport Company

This is another option if you want to transport my car to car transport in New York in the safest manner possible.

Hiring an auto transport company is probably the most expensive way to ship a car, but it is also the safest and most convenient. The company will pick up your vehicle at your home or office and deliver it to your destination, which means you don’t have to deal with the hassle of driving it yourself or finding a place to store it while you’re away.

 Auto transport companies have years of experience handling this type of business. They know what they’re doing and can handle all aspects of shipping your car. You don’t have to worry about any details because they’ll take care of everything from start to finish. You need to provide them with the necessary information, and they’ll take it from there.

 Auto transport companies don’t just specialize in moving vehicles from one location to another; they also deal with unique situations like transporting a classic car or vintage vehicle across the country. If you have an old vehicle that needs to be shipped somewhere else, but it isn’t practical for you to drive it there yourself, then this is where an auto transport company comes in handy.

Different Types of Car Shipping

When you’re shipping a car, it’s essential to know the different types of shipping available. The type of shipping you choose will depend on your budget and the distance between your car and its destination. Here are some of the most common ways to ship a vehicle:

Open Shipping

Open car shipping is when your vehicle travels on a trailer with no roof or sides. Although the cost transport car to car transport in New York is high, this type of car transport is typically suitable for long-distance moves. The most significant advantage to open car shipping is that it’s less expensive than enclosed transport because there are no additional charges for the security of your vehicle during travel. If you want more protection while traveling by road, consider using enclosed transportation instead.

Open shipping

Enclosed Shipping

Enclosed transport means that your vehicle will travel inside an enclosed trailer with walls and roofing to keep it safe during travel. Because there are no worries about weather damage or dust getting into your vehicle during travel, this type of car shipping is often preferred by those who want their cars more protected during transit.  

Different Types of Car Shipping Services

There are many different options to choose from when it comes to transporting car from car transport New York. Here are some of the most common ones:

Express Auto Transport 

Express auto transport is an excellent option for people who need to get their vehicle transported quickly. This service does not require any notice or scheduling, and it will usually take just a few days to get the vehicle from one place to another.

Guaranteed Car Transport

Guaranteed car transport offers quality service and peace of mind for anyone who needs to ship their car across state lines or internationally. The company guarantees delivery within a specified period.

Military Service

This type of service specializes in shipping military vehicles and other large machinery worldwide. The company has experience moving cars into and out of countries that have strict import laws, so they can help you move your vehicle anywhere in the world quickly and safely.

How Much Does It Cost To Ship A Car To New York (And Vice Versa)?

Are you wondering how much to transport a car to car transport in New York? The cost to ship a car to New York (or vice versa) varies depending on several factors. The most crucial factor is the size of the vehicle, as larger cars will cost more to ship than smaller ones. Below is a quick rundown of all the factors that affect the shipping cost.


The farther you transport your vehicle, the higher the cost. This is because the distance between locations will impact how long it takes to transport a vehicle and how much fuel it takes to move it. The origin and destination zip codes determine the distance.

Type of vehicle

Car shipping costs vary by vehicle type, including truck, SUV, sports car, and specialty vehicles. Smaller vehicles like sedans typically cost less money to ship than larger vehicles like SUVs.


The more flexible you can be with your schedule, the better. You’ll pay less by scheduling your car move in advance and being patient as it gets shipped rather than trying to book last minute.

Seasonal Demand

Most people move during the summer when school is out, which means there’s often more demand for car shipping in these warmer months—this makes it tougher to find good deals. Conversely, there’s less demand for auto transport services in winter, so it’s easier to find a great deal and enjoy lower rates.  

Pick-Up/Drop-Off Location

Transportation options are limited in smaller cities, so your rates will likely be higher when you ship from or to such a city because auto transport carriers don’t have as many choices for their routes. There are fewer drop-off/pickup location options and, therefore, fewer potential clients, which means fewer loads per run. If you’re shipping from New York City (or any big city), you should expect to get lower rates than shipping from White Plains.

How Long Does It Take To Ship A Car To New York (And Vice Versa)?

The short answer is that it depends on several factors, including the type of vehicle you are shipping, the time of year, and the route taken. But we can give you a more detailed answer.

  Generally speaking, it takes about five to seven days to ship a car from New York to Los Angeles. This is based on an average distance of around 2,800 miles (4,506 kilometers) and an average speed of 500 miles (805 kilometers) per day. Of course, these are just averages – your actual shipping time may be shorter or longer depending on the specific route taken and other factors.

One crucial factor that will affect your shipping time is the type of vehicle you’re shipping. For example, smaller cars can usually be loaded onto trailers more quickly than larger vehicles like SUVs or trucks, which means that they can often be shipped faster. Another factor is the time of year – during peak times like the summer vacation season, demand for car shipping services is higher, and wait times may be longer accordingly.

  So those are some things to keep in mind when wondering how long it will take to ship your car to and from New York. Ultimately, the best way to get an accurate estimate for your shipment is to contact a reliable car shipping company like SAKAEM and provide them with all the relevant details about your particular situation to determine the time it takes to transport my car to car transport New York.

Car shipping

How Does The Process Of Shipping A Car To And From Houston Work?

Car transport in New York is easy, provided that you know how to do it. Here are some easy steps to help you get started:

  1. Find a reputable company that you can trust to handle your car shipping needs from New York. This is critical; as you want to make sure your car is in good hands and will arrive at its destination safely and on time.

  2. Get a quote from the company. Get quotes from multiple companies to get the best price. You can use the online quote generator available on the sites of some trusted car transport companies for instant pricing. Ask about any hidden fees or surcharges to know precisely how much the shipment will cost. 

  3. Make arrangements for pickup and drop-off of your car at the designated locations. You will need to have someone available to hand over the keys and paperwork and be there to accept delivery of the vehicle when it arrives.

  4. Pack up your car carefully, ensuring you remove all personal belongings before shipping them off. The company should provide you with instructions on preparing your vehicle for transport.

  5 . Stay in communication with the shipping company throughout the process so that you know where your car is at all times and can track its progress

Documents Required For Shipping a Car To and From New York

Whether you’re shipping a car across the country or overseas, below are a few documents that you may need:

  • Bill of lading
  • Insurance T&C
  • Title registration
  • Insurance proof
  • Photo ID

How to Find the Best Auto Transport Company to Ship a Car To and From New York

When it comes to transporting car from car transport New York, there are many things to consider. But finding the best auto transport company doesn’t have to be a headache. Here are ways you can find the best company to ship your car:

 1. Get recommendations from friends or family who have shipped their cars before. They can provide first-hand accounts of their experiences and tell you which companies they used and why.

2. Do an online search for “auto transport” and read customer reviews of different companies. This will help you understand which companies are reliable and which ones to avoid.

3. Call around and get quotes from different auto transport companies. Be sure to ask about their policies, procedures, and rates so that you can compare apples to apples.

4: Ask each company what kind of insurance they offer if something happens to your car during transit. You want to make sure your vehicle is fully covered in case of any accidents or damage that may occur during shipping.

5: Narrow down your choice: Once you’ve decided on a few good options, narrow down your choice by getting more specific quotes that include pickup and delivery dates and any other special requests or requirements you may have, such as expedited shipping or white-glove service.

FAQs Regarding Shipping a Car To and From New York

Car transport in New York requires you to carry the car’s title. This is Proof of Ownership, and it will list you as the legal owner of the vehicle. If you don’t have the title, you can get a duplicate from your local DMV office. You’ll also need your driver’s license and proof of insurance. Federal law required these documents to ship a vehicle across state lines. Finally, you’ll need a Bill of Lading, which is a document that outlines all the details of the shipping transaction, including destination, vehicle make/model, etc.

How Long Is an Auto Transport Company’s Quote Valid?  

It’s important to understand that quotes are only valid for a certain period which may be 72hrs to up to a week. This is because prices can change based on several factors, such as fuel costs or the availability of trucks. As such, it’s essential to book your shipment as soon as possible after receiving a quote to lock in the price.

Do I Need To Be Present At Pick-Up And Delivery Times? 

It’s always advisable for all customers to be present at pickup and delivery times. If you cannot be present, please make arrangements for someone else to be there on your behalf.

How Can I Pay For The Auto Transport Service?  

There are a few options available to pay for auto transport services. The most common is to pay with a credit or debit card. You can also pay with cash, although this is usually not recommended. Finally, you can set up a payment plan with the company ahead of time, which is often the best option if you cannot pay the total amount upfront. 

Does Insurance Cover My Car During Transit?  

If you are renting a moving truck or using a professional auto-shipping service to transport your vehicle, check with them to see if they offer any insurance protection for damages that might occur during transit. Usually, these companies cover your car during transit.

Pros and Cons of Moving To New York


  • High salary potential
  • There’s always something to do
  • The city is full of diversity
  • There’s a strong sense of community
  • It’s genuinely a one-of-a-kind experience  


But despite all these challenges, moving to New York can be a gratifying experience. There’s nothing like watching the sunset over the Manhattan skyline or taking a stroll through Central Park on a beautiful spring day. New York is worth considering as your next home base if you’re up for the challenge.

Jason Hilderbrand