Car Transport to and from South Carolina: What to Know Before You Ship

Brantley Kendall

10 May 2022 2 years ago

If you’re looking for a new place to live, the state of South Carolina might be just what you’re interested in. The area has a wealth of history and natural beauty and plenty of entertainment options. The mild temperatures make it easy to get outside and enjoy the weather. And when it comes time to move your car, there are many good reasons why shipping is so popular here.

For example, it allows you more flexibility than other modes of transportation and helps reduce the amount of money spent on fuel. In addition, shipping is an excellent option for people who have bought or sold a car because it allows them to get their vehicle to their destination quickly without worrying about driving across state lines.

If you are interested in learning more about how easy it can be to ship your car to and from South Carolina today, this blog is for you. Learn in this blog about different options for car transport in South Carolina, get an answer about how much to transport a car to car transport in South Carolina, the benefits of doing so, and a lot more.

5 Different Ways to Ship a Car To or From South Carolina

There are several different ways to ship your car to South Carolina. You can drive the vehicle yourself and ship it yourself or hire someone else to drive it for you. If your vehicle is larger than allowed on a train or plane, shipping with a service like SAKAEM may be the best choice. The options below will give you a good idea of how each method works:

Drive It Yourself

If you’re moving locally to South Carolina, driving your car may be an option. While this might seem like an easy way to save money from paying expensive shipping costs, there are some drawbacks. For example, if something goes wrong with your vehicle during transportation (e.g., an accident), this would cost even more than what you would have incurred when using professional help to transport my car to car transport South Carolina. Also, you will have to take care of food and lodging expenses if the journey is long.

Drive yourself

Hire Someone to Drive It for You

This can be a great option if you are short on time or don’t feel comfortable driving the car yourself. 

However, there are some potential drawbacks to this option. First, hiring someone else to drive your car can be expensive, especially if you need them to travel a long distance. You’ll need to pay the driver for their time, plus cover their expenses like gas and lodging. Additionally, you will have to trust that the person you hire is reliable and will take good care of your car while they are driving it.

Use a train service

You could also try shipping your car via train. This is usually cheaper than using a professional shipping company, but it does have some risks associated with it. There is always the possibility that your car could get damaged during transit. Also, train cargo services can be expensive, depending on the size of your vehicle and the distance it needs to travel. The next is the time frame. It can take several days for a train to reach its destination, so this might not be the best option for you if you need to transport my car to car transport in South Carolina in a hurry.  

Use an Air Cargo

One pro of using an air cargo service is that it is generally much faster than other shipping methods like ground transport. This can be important if you need to get your car back quickly for any reason. Another pro is that it is typically more reliable than other methods since your vehicle will be shipped directly by plane and will not have to make any stops. There are a few potential cons of using this service as well. One downside is that it may not be available from all locations – you may have to drive your car to a nearby airport to be shipped out. Additionally, because air cargo services are generally more expensive than other shipping options, it may not be ideal if you are on a budget.

Hire a Professional Shipping Company

When you hire a professional shipping company to transport your car, you can relax and enjoy your trip, knowing that your vehicle is in good hands. A reputable shipping company will have a fleet of clean, well-maintained trucks and trailers, so you can be sure that the auto transport company will transport your car safely and securely. Shipping companies will typically pick up your vehicle from your home or office and then transport it to its destination. And, once your car reaches its destination, the shipping company will deliver it right to you. In addition, experienced drivers will know the best routes to avoid traffic congestion and get your car to its destination on time.

Types of Car Shipping Options

 Options for car transport in South Carolina generally fall into two popular categories: open carrier and enclosed. An open carrier is the most common and economical option, while an enclosed carrier offers the most protection for your vehicle. Here’s everything you need to know about both the options:

Open Shipping

Open shipping involves transporting a vehicle on an open trailer, the most common and cost-effective option available. The main benefit of open shipping is less expensive than enclosed shipping options. However, open shipping does have some potential drawbacks. Vehicles transported via open shipping are exposed to the elements such as dust, debris, and harsh weather conditions. In addition, open trailers typically have lower insurance coverage limits than enclosed trailers, so it may involve more financial risk in choosing this type of car shipping option.

Enclosed Transport

Enclosed transport involves placing a vehicle in a fully enclosed trailer for protection from the elements and potential road debris. Enclosed transport is generally more expensive than open transport options, but it can provide peace of mind for those worried about their vehicle sustaining damage during transit. In addition, enclosed trailers typically have higher insurance coverage limits than open trailers, which may involve less financial risk in choosing this type of car shipping option. If you have an expensive or a classic vehicle, this could be a great option to transport my car from car transport South Carolina.

Enclosed shipping

Different Types of Car Shipping Services

Different types of car shipping services are available to meet the diverse needs of customers. Below are the three most common ones:

Express shipping

Express shipping is an option for those who need their car shipped quickly. With Express Car Transport, you get a flat rate and a guaranteed delivery date. The downside is that it’s more expensive than other options. Still, the speed and reliability should be worth the extra cost if your time is valuable or you have an upcoming event where you’ll need your car in South Carolina.

Guaranteed Auto Transport

It also includes a flat rate, but it offers less flexibility when scheduling your pick-up or drop-off times (because they’re pre-booked). If this doesn’t bother you and speed are still important, consider Guaranteed Auto Transport instead.

Military Auto Transport

The military uses a lot of vehicles in its operations, from Humvees and tanks to transport trucks and buses. Shipping these vehicles around the world can be an enormous logistical challenge, so the military often relies on auto transport companies to get the job done.

How Much Does It Cost To Ship A Car To Or From South Carolina?

There are a lot of factors that affect the cost of transporting a car to car transport in South Carolina. Here are five things you should consider when budgeting for your move:


If you’re moving from one end of the state to another, distance will be much less of an issue than if you’re transporting your car across state lines.

 Weight and Size of Vehicle

The heavier and larger your vehicle is, the more it will cost for car transport in South Carolina. For example, if your car weighs more than 3,000 pounds or is over 12 feet long, it might be difficult for some companies to transport safely on their trucks and dramatically increase transportation costs.

 The time of year

 It will cost more to ship during peak seasons like holidays or summer when more people are traveling around the country and need their vehicles back home quickly to go on vacation or start their new school year at school.

Weather Conditions

 The weather plays a vital role in determining how much to transport a car to car transport in South Carolina to transport your vehicle safely from point A (where you live) over point B (where they’re located). So, if there’s bad weather expected on any given day, then expected prices will rise accordingly because companies may need to ensure extra protection.

How Quickly You Need the Vehicle Delivered

If there’s no rush on delivery time, cost to ship a car tends to be lower than when people try to get their cars back as soon as possible after they’re shipped out of state or country!

How Long Does It Take To Ship A Car To Or From South Carolina?

The time of year: Bad weather can cause delays in shipping. If you’re shipping during the winter, plan for your car to take a little longer to arrive, as roads may be icy and dangerous. Summer heatwaves can also add days to your shipping time as trucks have to take more breaks to avoid overheating.

Your location: If you stay inland, your car will likely travel further to reach a port. Coastal cities have more ports, so your car’s journey will be shorter if you’re shipping to or from one of those cities.

The route: The driver will determine the best route based on traffic and road conditions. If there are any accidents or construction projects along the way, that could cause delays.

Method of transportation: You can ship cars via land, sea, or air. Air shipping is the quickest option and the most expensive, and land and sea shipping will take longer but are typically more affordable options.

Car size/type: Shipments of smaller cars or SUVs generally take less time than larger vehicles like trucks or vans. This is because smaller cars can be loaded and unloaded more quickly than larger ones.

Assuming all things are equal, here are some average transit times for popular routes:

  • Charleston to Columbia: 2-4 days
  • Myrtle Beach to Greenville: 3-5 days
  • Charleston to Asheville: 4-6 days

Of course, these are just averages, and your particular shipment may take more or less time, depending on the specific circumstances. But in general, you can expect your car to arrive within a week or so after the shipping company picks it up from its point of origin.

Car shipping

How Does The Process Of Shipping A Car To Or From South Carolina Work?

1. Determine your origin and destination points. The first step is to determine where you are shipping your car from and to. For example, if you live in South Carolina and want to ship your vehicle to Florida, those would be your two points.

2. Research which route will be the most efficient for shipping. Once you know where you are shipping from and to, the next step is to find a route that will be the most time and cost-effective for transport.

3. Choose an auto transport company that best fits your needs. Now that you know what route you will be taking, it’s time to choose a reputable auto transport company that can get the job done efficiently and affordably.

4. Get multiple quotes: To get the best deal possible, it’s always good to get quotes from numerous companies. You can also use an online instant quote generator to quickly get a fair idea of the prices different companies offer.

4. Schedule a pick-up date with the company. After researching and finding a company you trust, reach out and schedule a pick-up date that works for both parties involved.

5. Drop off your vehicle at the agreed-upon location on the scheduled day. On the day of pick-up, drop off your car at the specified location, or let them pick it up if you have opted for a door-to-door service so that it can begin its journey!

6. Check in regularly with the status of your vehicle’s shipment until it reaches its final destination safely

7. And finally, once your car is on its way, make sure to check in periodically with its status until it arrives safe and sound at its new home

Documents Needed To Ship a Car To or From South Carolina

If you’re shipping a car to or from South Carolina, there are a few key documents you’ll need to have in order.

A bill of lading

This document is a contract between you and the auto shipping company. It outlines all the terms and conditions of the shipment, including things like insurance coverage and liability. –

Your driver’s license

The carrier will need to verify your identity when they pick up your vehicle for transporting a car from car transport South Carolina. Make sure you have your license ready when they arrive.  

The vehicle registration

 You’ll need to provide proof that you own the vehicle. The registration should be in your name and up-to-date. –

A release form

This document gives the carrier permission to transport your vehicle. If you’re not going to be present for pick-up or delivery, make sure you sign a release form ahead of time so that they can legally ship your car.

How to Find the Best Auto Transport Company to Ship a Car To or From South Carolina?

1. Ask family and friends for recommendations: Chances are someone you know has had to ship a car before, so they may be able to point you in the right direction.

2. Do some research online: A quick Google search will reveal several options in your area. Once you’ve narrowed down your choices, take some time to read online reviews from past customers.

3. Make sure the company is licensed and insured: This is important for your safety and financial security if something goes wrong during the shipping process.

4. Get an estimate in writing before booking any services: This will help avoid unwanted surprises when it comes time to pay the bill.

5. Refund policy: Make sure you understand the company’s cancellation and refund policies before booking any services. This will protect you if you need to change your plans for any reason.

6. Ask about potential discounts: Many auto transport companies offer discounts like AAA membership, military service, and more.

7. Get everything in writing before car pick-up: The estimated price, delivery date, shipping route, and other essential details. 

8. Experience: Check if the company you plan to hire is experienced and has a good BBB rating.

FAQs Regarding Shipping a Car To or From South Carolina

What kind of insurance do I need for my car while it’s being shipped?

 It’s essential to make sure your car is fully insured while being shipped. Your auto insurance policy might cover damage during shipping, but it’s always a good idea to check with your insurer beforehand to be sure. You may also want to purchase additional insurance coverage from the shipping company.

Do I need to do anything to prepare my car for shipment?

 In most cases, you need no special preparation for your car before shipment. However, it’s always beneficial to give it a thorough cleaning so that any existing damage is visible. You should also remove all personal items from the vehicle’s interior and make sure there’s enough fuel in the tank for transport.

Is there any size or weight restrictions for shipping a car to South Carolina? 

There are no size or weight restrictions for shipping a car to South Carolina. However, oversize or overweight vehicles may be subject to additional fees.

Should I be present at the time of delivery of the car?

You are not required to be present at delivery, but we recommend it. You can inspect the vehicle and sign off on the delivery receipt.

How do I pay the auto transport company?

Most companies will take cash, check, or credit cards, and some may also offer alternatives such as PayPal or bank transfer. Be sure to ask about payment options when you book to be prepared with the proper form of payment when it comes time to pay up.

 Pros and Cons of Moving to South Carolina


  • Low cost of living, low taxes, and great schools
  • Beautiful beaches and mountains
  • Excellent public schools
  • Low crime rate


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