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The entire process was world-class and left me with the same type of feeling I have when I buy a new suit at Nordstrom's! Thanks for all your help Dawn. Sakaem is lucky to have such a professional like you on their team!


I was very satisfied with using SAKAEM Logistics to move my SUV from Georgia to New Jersey! Awesome job guys I would highly recommend!


Looking to transport a car to or from North Carolina? Here's what you need to know!

North Carolina is a great state for car shipping. It's centrally located on the East Coast of the United States, making it easy to reach by land or sea. Plus, with its diverse terrain and scenic views, North Carolina is a beautiful state to travel through.

If you're planning on shipping a car to or from North Carolina, there are a few things you need to know. In this blog post, we'll cover everything from paperwork and insurance requirements to finding the right shipping company for your needs. Keep reading for all the details!

What to consider before booking an auto transport service provider

Remember a few crucial points before shipping a car to or from North Carolina:

Do some research in your area: One characteristic that distinguishes North Carolina is that several smaller and distinct rural areas surround each large city center. Investigate the location you intend to visit so that you know the sights to see nearby.

• Determine your pickup and drop-off options: Does the North Carolina car shipping company you chose provide a drop-off option, or will you have to pick up your vehicle at the nearest depot? These are crucial details to consider before booking your auto transport services.

Before shipment, clean up your car: To ensure that you lose nothing throughout the auto shipment procedure, clean out all of your belongings before transporting your automobile. Most auto transport companies will require you to sign a release before shipping to protect you from liability for anything in your vehicle.

Car Delivery Service from/to Winston Salem via International Auto Transport

SAKAEM Logistics can safely deliver your vehicle to and from Winston Salem and vice versa. To organize transportation, contact the SAKAEM’s Carolina vehicle shipping business directly.

If your vehicle needs to travel across an ocean, our auto transport firm may arrange for it to be transported by ship. Our car transport firm can load your vehicle in a container or via the RoRo technique, which is the most common and least expensive. You'll have to pay a normal charge to ship your car, which is usually greater than what you'd pay for RoRo in other North Carolina ports.

Car movers in Eastern North Carolina ship luxury and classic cars

Speed and safety are usually the most crucial factors when transporting a luxury, vintage, antique, or exotic car. As a result, most of our customers choose our enclosed auto transport carriers. This choice makes quick vehicle delivery an easy task, and transportation risk is almost non-existent.

Using a covered truck to transport expensive or antique cars prevents criminals from vying on your vehicle. Nobody can go close to the vehicle, so there's no risk of someone scratching it or pebbles flying off the road while it's being transported. Our drivers avoid taking diversions by staying alert of the road condition. It ensures that your vehicle arrives in North Carolina as quickly as possible.

North Carolina's Auto Transport Safety Measures

Most car shipping businesses in North Carolina have a reputation for being less safe than their enclosed rivals. These views, however, are grossly overstated.

 We take great care in making sure your vehicle is safe during transport. We use enclosed carriers to protect your car from the elements and other potential hazards. We also take other preventive measures, such as securing loose items inside the car, to ensure a safe delivery.

Enclosed carriers are always a good choice. However, open carriers are much more affordable than enclosed trucks, which makes them a better choice for most car owners. Although they arrive a little slower due to the larger number of cars they carry, open carriers but customers still prefer it due to the affordability and value it offers. 

How to Obtain a Cost Estimate

If you're set on sending your car but aren't sure if you can afford it, comparing auto shipping quote services could be the answer. You can quickly request a quote from us by filling out the online form at the top of the page.

It's made up of two sections. It'll lead you to a slightly longer form after completing the first couple of brackets, where you'll need to fill out more personal information. It takes less than 5 minutes to complete the process.

You can contact us directly if you'd like us to tailor your service. North Carolina auto transport can tailor a program to match your budget and requirements.

How much does it cost to ship an automobile to another state

When shipping an automobile to or from North Carolina, the distance the car must travel is the most crucial element impacting the cost. The farther the distance, the more the car will cost to ship.

The size and weight of the car, as well as any specific shipping needs, can all affect shipping prices, insurance, for example.

You may get a general estimate of the cost of transporting your car to or from North Carolina by using an online shipping calculator. Remember that, the ultimate cost may vary depending on real shipping conditions.

Towing on the interstate

There are a few things to remember if you're having a vehicle towed to or from North Carolina. First, ensure you hire a reliable business with interstate towing experience to or from North Carolina. Many firms claim to be able to handle interstate towing, but not all offer the same service level.

Check with your local DMV to see if there are any permits or regulations you need to follow. Make sure your vehicle is in good working order before attempting to tow it. This means checking fluid levels, tire pressure, and making sure all lights are working properly. 

Registration of Vehicles

To register a vehicle, you can contact the DMV by mail or in person. The registrar will require your driver's license, vehicle title, insurance policy, numerous applications, affidavits, and proof of registration price payment.

You will be excluded from the initial vehicle inspection as a new resident, but you must complete a final inspection report before submitting your registration renewal.

To legally drive your car on North Carolina roadways, you must have it properly titled and registered. The paperwork for both stages is the same, and you can apply for both simultaneously.

New Residents Registration in North Carolina

You must apply for a driver's license, vehicle registration, and title within the first 30 days of your newly established residency. While you are exempt from the initial automobile inspection as a new resident, you only have 90 days to acquire a vehicle inspection before your registration expires. You can submit this documentation to receive your vehicle registration if you have already applied for your driver's license:

• Driver’s license

• If you haven't received your license, bring the temporary driving certificate you received when you applied for the new license and your prior state's license.

• Your automobile insurance coverage

• The title certificate for your vehicle

• Payment of the plate fee and any other necessary state taxes

• A fully completed application for titling

• Payment of the plate fee and any other necessary state taxes

What is the procedure for registering a car in North Carolina?

Whether you purchased a car or received it as a gift, you must register it at the state DMV office as soon as possible. You can register your vehicle either by mail or in person.

Vehicle registration in person

At your local DMV office, you must present the following documentation:

•        A valid driver's license or ID card

•        An insurance policy

•        A notarized copy of your vehicle's title certificate

•        A set of standardized documents, including an odometer statement, damage disclosure, and title application, all filled out completely

•        Payment of the plate fee and any applicable ship-related taxes;

•        The vehicle's bill of sale

Vehicle registration via mail

Assume you cannot register your vehicle in person. In that case, you can register it by mail by submitting the papers mentioned above along with a copy of your driver's license.

Problems with Registration

If you are in one of the following scenarios, you must first resolve the problem before applying for registration:

•        If you have a DMV debt, you must be cleared before applying for registration.

•        If it did not cover one of your old checks to the Department of Motor Vehicles, you should contact the DMV to get the stop lifted so you can apply for registration.

•        You must contact the Health and Human Resources Department before applying for registration if you have a history of not paying child support.

•        The registration will be delayed if they discover problems with your VIN, vehicle title, application loans, etc.

•        Before you apply for registration, you must pay all county taxes in your name in full.

•        Before filing for registration, you should call the Courts' Administrative Office if you have ever lost your license due to a drunken driving charge.

•        Before applying for registration, you must acquire motor insurance coverage.

•        If the car you're seeking to register has been reported stolen, you should contact the DMV's Theft and License Bureau to have the report cleared before registering it.

North Carolina Military Personnel and Vehicle Registration

Active duty military personnel stationed in North Carolina are not required to register their vehicles with the state. However, they must maintain vehicle registration in their home state and comply with that state's insurance requirements.

Service members who are permanent residents of North Carolina must register their vehicles within 30 days of establishing residency. The registration process is the same as for civilian residents.

Vehicles owned by out-of-state businesses and driven primarily in North Carolina must be registered with the Division of Motor Vehicles.

Residents of North Carolina stationed in other states must register their vehicles

Suppose you leave this state and go to another state to serve in the military. In that situation, you can register your car by mailing the needed paperwork and a copy of your driver's license.

For all sorts of charges, such as instant title, plate fee, title certificate, tax of registration with the Authority of Regional Transportation, a tax for interstate roads, plate transfer fee, and so on, you can pay DMV fees by check, cash, or money order.

License Plates from North Carolina

The cost of obtaining a license plate in this state varies based on the kind of vehicle and the plate type. You have the option of ordering personalized or conventional license plates. When you register your vehicle, you will obtain stickers and license plates.

Getting your car to or from North Carolina is a simple process

North Carolina is a favored destination for people looking for the right combination of cities, beaches, countryside, and mountains. And everything those comes with them—no matter the season or reason, think of sporting events, dining, water activities, sunbathing and hiking.

It's no surprise that North Carolina attracts more than 50 million visitors annually. People aren't just drawn there for a vacation; in 2019, over 350,000 people relocated to the state. Perhaps you're planning a long vacation, relocating for college, or seeking a more permanent change of scenery. How do you intend to get around? Of course, anyone would love to have their vehicle to explore North Carolina’s life. So, how to take your vehicle to your new home when relocating there? The answer is auto transportation services: Auto-shipping is a convenient way to transport your vehicle to its destination if you travel by automobile.

Things to remember when shipping a car in North Carolina

When and where will you require your vehicle to be picked up and returned? What is the manufacturer and model of the vehicle? When calling auto transport providers, you may be requested for this information. The most frequent mode of transportation is door-to-door. However, if your pick up or delivery site is in a remote area or along a winding road, the truck may not be able to get directly up to your door. In these cases, an alternate meeting site for the driver will be agreed upon.

This may appear to be a lot to consider, but it can be simple when working with a competent vehicle shipping company like SAKAEM Logistics Auto Transport. SAKAEM Logistics transports thousands of vehicles each year and can easily handle your move.

Choose the best auto transport business in North Carolina

Choosing the details of your car transportation shouldn't be complex or time-consuming. It means, finding the right company to handle the task shouldn't be a problem. Working with a skilled auto shipping broker will take care of any worries you could have. Brokers have access to tens of thousands of carriers and will match you with the best one based on your vehicle and shipment needs.

SAKAEM Logistics Auto Transport experts have been helping clients ship their cars, trucks, vans, RVs, and other vehicles across the country for years. Our first-of-its-kind cost calculator sets the standard for industry innovation, providing you with a quick shipping quote. Get an estimate for car shipment to North Carolina right now, or call (888) 725-0005 to talk with one of our representatives.

North Carolina fun facts

•        After flying their glider in 1902, the Wright brothers perfected their innovation the following year in Kitty Hawk with the first flight of a powered airplane.

•        The Lost Colony, America's earliest English settlers, lived on Roanoke Island in the state's Outer Banks region.

•        Because of its long history as a manufacturer of tar and other naval supplies, North Carolina is known as "The Tar Heel State." "The Land of the Sky," "The Old North State," and "The Rip Van Winkle State" are some of the less well-known nicknames for the state.

•        In 1914, George Herman Ruth hit his first professional home run in Fayetteville. During his time there, he earned the moniker "Babe."

•        Do you enjoy watching singing competitions on reality television? North Carolina has the highest number of American Idol finalists of any state.

Attractions in North Carolina

•        George Vanderbilt built a 35-bedroom home on the 8000-acre Biltmore Estate in Asheville in 1895.

•        If you're looking for a place to cruise in your new car, the Blue Ridge Parkway, which runs through the Appalachian Mountains, is "America's favorite drive."

•        Morehead Planetarium and Science Center is a fun destination for those interested in space and a site where many famous astronauts, including Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin, were trained for space travel.

•        At 210 feet, the Cape Hatteras Lighthouse is the highest in the United States; climb to the top for spectacular views of the Outer Banks.

•        Visit the Stanley Rehder Carnivorous Plant Garden to witness Venus Fly Traps, Pitcher Plants, and more for a unique experience.

North Carolina's top beaches

•        There's a boardwalk, an aquarium, concerts, nightlife, cruises, shopping, and outdoor activity for the whole family at Carolina Beach.

•        Most visitors come to Nags Head's sandy shore for relaxation or fun like go-karting and mini golfing. Emerald Isle, located on North Carolina's Crystal Coast, is a hotspot for beach and water sports, including chances for volleyball, fishing, kayaking, and paddle boarding.

•        When visiting calm and distant Bald Head Island, leave your automobile at home; inhabitants and visitors alike get around by golf cart or bicycle.

•        Corolla is a natural home for wild horses and a popular stop for visitors who want to drive on the sand if their vehicle has a four-wheel drive.




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