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The entire process was world-class and left me with the same type of feeling I have when I buy a new suit at Nordstrom's! Thanks for all your help Dawn. Sakaem is lucky to have such a professional like you on their team!


I was very satisfied with using SAKAEM Logistics to move my SUV from Georgia to New Jersey! Awesome job guys I would highly recommend!


Car Shipping Companies Near Me

Are you in search of local Alabama vehicle shipping companies? From Alabama to California, your car might go about 2,300 miles, or over 800 miles to Fort Lauderdale. To put it into perspective, you can see how much abuse a car can suffer on the way to a location. If you have to return it to Alabama, you'll have to cover twice as many miles. Put your car through needless strain.

Choosing a Car Transport Firm in Alabama

Keep these pointers in mind when searching for a car shipping company in Alabama.

As soon as possible, reserve your spot: The more time you give yourself to arrange for Alabama vehicle shipping, the better your chances are going to be.

will be able to choose the Alabama auto shipping company that has the trucks (enclosed or open-air) you want to work with at a price that works best for your budget. It also helps to know how long you have before you need to hire a car transportation business in Alabama.

To discover the best Alabama auto transport service, compare estimates from several companies: You may be sure to obtain the greatest deal on Alabama auto shipping with a wide range of rates. If you're looking for an auto transport business to ship your automobile to Alabama and a quick estimate that meets what you're looking for in an auto shipping company as well as a price that works within your budget, then you'll need to do some research. Find out if you're eligible for military or senior citizen discounts.

Look into the Alabama auto transport firm you're considering: When you identify a company you'd like to work for, you'll want to learn more about it. The more research you can do ahead of time, the more likely it is that you will locate a company that you love carrying your automobile to your door.

If you're looking to explore the beaches of the Gulf of Mexico or the little, all-American villages that line this southern landscape, you'll want to bring your own car. Having your automobile transported safely by an Alabama auto transport company will allow you to take in all of Alabama's sights and sounds with ease and comfort. Any of our prior customers will confirm that their car arrived at their door or selected destination in time.

To learn more about exporting a car to or from Alabama, go to the state's Department of Transportation website.

Shipping a Car Overseas from or to Alabama

No matter where you live, you can use Sakaem Logistics. It doesn't matter where you want to go with your car; we can ship it anywhere.

International shipping implies a lot of paperwork with which we can help you as well. You, on the other hand, will almost certainly have to get ready:

Passport or other kind of ID

  • A receipt for a purchase.
  • A bill of lading
  • The licence plate number of your vehicle
  • Evidence of its origins

Our staff will be on hand to help you through the procedure, making it easier for you. To get started, call right away.

Luxurious Goods Are Being Shipped to Alabama

If you possess a high-end vehicle, you may wish to consider additional safety measures, even if open containers are absolutely safe. We recommend using one of our covered carriers if you're moving exotic and luxury, antique, and recreational vehicles to Yellowhammer state.

Scratches and bumps can be caused by the weather or vehicles moving on top of trailers on rare occasions. An inexpensive vehicle can have this problem fixed for a reasonable price, but an expensive vehicle may require extensive repairs. Enclosed trailers may be a need if you're transporting a high-end or vintage vehicle to Alabama.

Measures to Protect Auto Transport in Alabama

Using Alabama to transport your automobile is safer than transporting it on your yourself. There's no need to worry about the vehicle breaking down in the middle of the trip because it's insured and has a fixed mileage.

You have the option of using an open carrier to expose your vehicle to the elements, or an enclosed truck to provide additional security. Most flying objects will be deflected by the surrounding bars and beams, though, even on open carriers. Because it'll be secured in place, there's no need to worry about it colliding with other vehicles.

How to Obtain a Quote for Services

Shipping costs can be determined by filling out a form on this page or by clicking "Get an Instant Quote" at the top of this page. The form's instructions should be followed. Furthermore, calling us directly has resulted in savings of up to 15% for some consumers. In the upper right corner, you'll see a phone number for us.

Transport a vehicle to a new location

When moving a vehicle from Alabama to another state, there are a few considerations to bear in mind. To begin, check certain the vehicle is in a safe and operable condition. As part of your preparations, you'll need to obtain a bill of sale and a vehicle registration. Finally, make sure to thoroughly map out your route and leave enough of time to stop for rest or deal with any situations that may arise.

Towing over the interstate

There are a few things to be aware of if you need a vehicle to be transported to or from Alabama.

To begin with, make sure you hire a trustworthy towing service that has experience transporting vehicles over state lines. Towing over state lines is offered by a variety of companies, but not all of them deliver the same level of service.

Other states have distinct rules and restrictions, so it's necessary to be aware of that. It is imperative that you are familiar with the legislation of both the state from which you are leaving and the state to which you will be travelling to. These restrictions should be well-understood by a reputable transportation company.

Vehicle Registration in Alabama

Vehicle registration is mandatory in Alabama and must be done at a district office. It is all handled by the Alabama Department of Revenue Motor Division, which is responsible for the entire procedure. A private seller or a dealership will have different registration requirements.

Depending on the weight, kind of vehicle, year of manufacture, and model, fees will vary. If this is your first time registering a vehicle, you'll go through this process. To keep your ownership, you must, however, go to the Registration Renewal section when renewing your registration.


Before the registration procedure can begin, an application for a title must be submitted.

In Alabama, all vehicles must be insured. To register a vehicle, you must show proof of Yellowhammer state insurance.

The registration process for RVs and motorhomes is the same as for trucks and cars, with the exception of the weight-based costs.

If you're moving to Alabama, you'll need to register your car within 30 days of arriving. To register your vehicle in Alabama, you must have an Alabama insurance policy and a title. Whether you're renting or buying, you'll need to complete these steps if you have insurance and a title.

Importation of a Non-Leased Automobile for Registration

A vehicle must be registered in the county in which it is located before it can be driven.

• The title of the vehicle.

Owners specified on the paper or a POA in circumstances where owners are unable to complete the document processing themselves

• Show proof of registration

• Your vehicle identification number (VIN) checked

• All fees that are required

If you have a leased vehicle and wish to move it to Alabama, you must first go to the licencing office to register it. A leased vehicle's registration process is determined by whether or not the leasing agency holds the vehicle's title.

Purchases from individuals or dealerships in Alabama must be registered within 20 days of the purchase to avoid a fine.

Buying a car from a dealer

When you buy a car from one of their lots in Alabama, they'll take care of the title paperwork for you. When registering a truck or car, you'll need to fill out this form.

Please bring the following with you to the licencing office:

This information is included on the back of a valid driver's licence in Alabama.

It's a whole title.

If a document title isn't required, you must bring the following information instead:

• The dealership's affidavit (if the dealer is from a different state)

Proof of Sale, including any relevant tax information.

It's a number assigned to a car.

• Certificates of insurance

• A new vehicle requires a new licence plate.

• An odometer certification for a vehicle with a maximum weight of 16,000 pounds and a lifespan of no more than ten years

• Full payment of all fees and charges

Buying a car from a private seller

Buying a used car from a dealership vs. a private party has its advantages and disadvantages. Title and registration are transferred simultaneously. The registration fee includes all taxes and fees that may apply.

The following must be completed before you can get your licence:

In order to transfer your vehicle's licence plate, you'll need the following:

In order to complete the registration process, you must present your Alabama driver's licence.

If the office is unable to verify your insurance status online, a copy of your insurance certificate

• A copy of the vehicle's current registration documents.

• Fees and charges

the previous owner's title

Car Identification Number Inspection is required if your vehicle has an out-of-state title. A car that is less than 10 years old and weighs no more than 16,000 pounds should have a reasonable odometer reading.

The Registration Process for Leasing Vehicles

As with other car registrations, you'll need to present these additional documents for a rented vehicle:

It is possible to register the leased car with an official POA form from the leasing office.

Copies of any lease agreements

Vehicle Registration for Military Members

In Alabama, military members must register in a different way than civilians. A.L. residents assigned elsewhere or an A.L. resident in the same state have different laws than those from within the state.

A.L. Motor Division does not require non-residents (military personnel) to register their vehicles if they have a valid registration and insurance at their home address.

Military personnel stationed in Alabama must go through the same registration process as civilians.

If you are a military member stationed outside of the state of Alabama, you may be able to register your vehicle by mail. The licencing agency must be contacted in order to find out if this service is accessible for your home or business.

You can designate a family member to act on your behalf by filling out a POA form. Your Power of Attorney (POA) is responsible for making sure you have all the information you need regarding the Alabama Registration Process.

Inspections of automobiles

The registration process in AL does not include an emissions test. A VIN inspection is required prior to registration in Alabama for vehicles that have been imported from another state or do not have a title. In order to ensure that the VIN and the title match, this is a security step.

Following the completion of a car registration in Alabama, registration stickers and licence plates are issued. A.L. has a wide choice of licence plates to choose from. Ordering a personalised licence plate takes time, so plan accordingly.

Registration Fees in Alabama

According on a variety of criteria, the cost of registering your vehicle can be quite pricey. The following factors are taken into consideration when determining the registration charge for a new vehicle:

the vehicle's make and model

Weight of the vehicle you're driving

• Taxes and surcharges in the county

• Month of registration renewal

In order to calculate the initial charge, we will take into account how many months remain before the next renewal date. You'll still have to contact the licencing office to find out how much the registration will cost.

Shipping a vehicle to or from Alabama

About five million people call Alabama home, making it one of the most populous states in the United States. All kinds of activities are available in Sweet Home Alabama, from resting on the beach to exploring secret cave systems, from checking out the music scene and consuming unique culinary creations. Visitors from all over the world are drawn to this southern state because of its role in the American Civil Rights Movement.

The state of Alabama welcomes nearly 25 million visitors each year, many of whom return year after year to spend their vacations or relocate permanently. It's a good idea to bring your car, motorcycle, truck, or other recreational vehicle if you're planning on staying for an extended period of time.

When transporting an automobile in Alabama, here are some things to consider:

Traveling around Alabama's four distinct regions — the north, where you'll find stunning views; the centre, where the state's largest city is located; the south, where history abounds; and the Gulf Coast, where you'll find white sands and blue waters — will be easier if you have a car, RV, or motorcycle to help you get around.

When you arrive in Alabama, your personal automobile will be waiting for you! Is it too pricey for you? The good news is that there are a variety of options for finding low-cost car transportation and even earning money in the process. Consider Sakaem Logistics  Auto Transport to avoid the headache of comparing pricing, insurance plans, and reputations of car shipping firms on your own. Sakaem Logistics  handles more than 140,000 car shipments a year and has the knowledge and dedicated service agents to satisfy your specific needs.

Choose the best auto transport service in Alabama.

While you may not have exported your car before, hundreds of thousands of others have, many of whom used Sakaem Logistics  to do it. A company's reputation and customer service can be gleaned from reading evaluations left by previous customers.

Since 2007, Sakaem Logistics  Auto Transport has helped more than 620,000 clients ship their vehicles. Whether you're shipping a car, truck, motorcycle, or other motor vehicle, you can depend on us to safely transport it to or from Alabama. Sakaem Logistics  is there for you every step of the way, from the initial quote through the safe delivery of your vehicle. Contact Sakaem Logistics 's customer service staff at (888) 725-0005 for a free estimate on Alabama car transportation.

Alabama has a lot of interesting funfacts to share

Alabama was the first state to declare December 25th a state holiday in the United States, back in 1836.

In 1870, the federal government joined in.

• Auburn University Tigers vs. Alabama Crimson Tide is a prominent college football rivalry.

Nat King Cole, Hank Aaron, Charles Barkley, Rosa Parks, Channing Tatum, Willie Mays, Terrell Owens, and Courtney Cox are just few of the notable residents of Alabama.

It is the only city in the United States to have an all-water mail route.

• Magnolia Springs is recognised for its clear springs and lovely mature magnolia trees.

Mardi Gras began in Mobile, Alabama, and the city holds a parade every year to commemorate. Many residents decorate their front yards as floats in order to participate in the celebration.

Attractions in Alabama

The U.S. Space and Rocket Center in Huntsville, Alabama, is a popular tourist destination. To get a taste of what living in space is like, visitors queue up for the shuttle experience and flight simulator.

• The Robert Trent Jones Golf Trail is a favourite destination for competitive golfers because of the mild to hot year-round temperatures.

Over 25 military aircraft, including Tomcats, Hornets, and Blackbirds, can be viewed at the USS Alabama Battleship Memorial Park.

• Gulf Shores' beaches have a Caribbean vibe to them, making it a great place to spend a vacation. Fishing, kayaking, swimming with dolphins, and relaxing on the white sand beaches are all available in this tropical haven.

An excellent resource for understanding Alabama's turbulent past is the Birmingham Civil Rights Institute, a prominent cultural and educational institution.

Alabama's most populous cities include:

There are several noteworthy events that have taken place in Montgomery, the state's capital. Witness history in the making as you walk the Civil Rights Trail. There is a vibrant arts and entertainment community in the city as well.

• The U.S. Space & Rocket Center in Huntsville, commonly known as the Rocket City, is well-known for its role in the race to the moon.

It's hard to believe Birmingham, Alabama's largest city, is so nice. You and your family can also have fun at the McWane Science Center and in one of the city's many award-winning restaurants and performing arts venues.

As a city with a long and fascinating history, Mobile is full of unique museums, stunning French architecture, mouthwatering cuisine, and a stunning skyline.

• At the southernmost point is Gulf Shores, a beach town with plenty of sand and attractions to keep visitors entertained.

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