All you need to know about shipping a car from Alabama

Brantley Kendall

16 Mar 2022 2 years ago

Alabama is a state located in the southeastern region of the United States. It is nicknamed the Heart of Dixie and The Cotton State. If you are moving to Alabama or planning to take your car to an event, you can get your vehicle shipped by a transport company at a reasonable cost.

There’s a good reason Alabama is known as the Heart of Dixie. It’s a great place to live, and plenty of job opportunities are available. However, sometimes life takes you away from Alabama. Maybe it’s for work, or perhaps it’s just time for a change of scenery. Whatever the reason, moving your car to another state is a big deal.

The good news is that you don’t have to sell your car just because you’re moving out of state. Automobile transport makes it easy and cheap to move your vehicle anywhere in the country.

You need to find an auto transport company with the experience and knowledge to handle your vehicle from start to finish properly. But as with any business, not all auto transporters are created equal. Here’s what you need to know about shipping a car to and from Alabama, including how much it cost to ship a car, how long it takes, and what steps you can take before the big move to ensure your vehicle arrives safely at its destination.

5 different ways to ship a car to or from Alabama

Georgia, Mississippi, and Tennessee border Alabama. There are a few different ways to transport a vehicle to or from Alabama. You can drive it yourself, hire someone to drive the car for you, use a train or plane service or consult an auto transport company. 

These different options have pros and cons, so which one should you choose? We will discuss each of these options in detail. Just keep reading to find out which car shipping option works best for you. 

Drive it yourself 

If you don’t mind getting behind the wheel and navigating your way, it may be less expensive to drive your car across the country than have it shipped. However, before heading out on your own, remember that driving hundreds of miles can mean days on end behind the wheel. Also, this isn’t an ideal solution if you’re moving many other things, but if you want to get your car to your new home and don’t want to deal with shippers or airlines, it’s the way to go.

If you choose to drive the car yourself, ensure you get any necessary auto repairs completed before making the trip. Also, consider whether your vehicle is good enough to make the journey. Check the tires and brakes, change the oil and get the car tuned up. If you are going through extreme weather conditions on your trips, such as desert heat or mountain cold, make sure that your vehicle is prepared for those conditions as well.

Hire Someone to Drive the Car for You

If you want your car shipped, but don’t want to drive it across town, consider hiring someone else to do it for you. It’s easy to think that having someone else drive your car is the best option, but there are a few pros and cons you should consider before making up your mind. This option is much cheaper but can be pretty risky depending on where your driver will be coming from and how they plan on getting there. It’s not difficult to find professionals offering their services as drivers. Still, if they come through in an unexpected situation like inclement weather or are involved in an accident, your insurance may cover it, but only if they have insurance of their own. You should make sure that whoever takes possession of your vehicle has adequate protection for themselves and for any issues that might arise during transport.

Use a Train Service

Car transport by train, also known as auto transport by train or car shipping by rail, is when a vehicle is transported from one city to another via a railroad line. This method of transportation is popular for those who need their vehicle transported over long distances and those who are concerned about their cars being on the road for too long. 

Train shipping is slightly different from the other methods of shipping a vehicle. It’s pretty much the slowest method, but it’s also one of the cheapest, and you can load up a lot more cars on a train than you can on a truck. The only drawback with this method is that it is not as convenient as tracking your vehicle. The train does not operate every day, and it can take some time to get your car on the rail tracks.  

Use a Plane Service

This service to transport your car saves you time, money, and stress, so much so that it’s probably worth paying a little extra for this service. While transporting your car by plane requires additional time and planning, it’s often faster than other vehicle shipping methods. The most notable downside of sending your vehicle through an airport is that you can’t be present for any required inspection or paperwork before departure. However, once you arrive at your destination airport with all of your documentation in order, it should be smooth sailing from there. However, you should always ensure that your vehicle is suitable for travel before arranging transportation. If your car is too large or if there’s excess weight in it, you may find yourself having to pay an additional cost.

Use an Auto Transport Company 

Hiring a reputable auto transport company is much more cost-effective and convenient. These companies operate on a large scale, which allows them to negotiate better rates with carriers than you could as an individual. It also means they’ll likely have many open shipments going from or arriving in your city on any given day. This helps ensure that your vehicle will get loaded onto the next leg of its journey as quickly as possible.

Many people use car shipping companies to transport their cars all over the country. When you need to ship your vehicle from and to Alabama, you should go with a company with years of experience in moving vehicles. If you are going long distance, it’s better to go with companies specializing in auto transport like SAKAEM because they have more resources that they can rely on, such as proper packaging materials and procedures. 

When using this specialized auto transport, there is no need for you to be worried about scratches or dents on your vehicle. These companies will take care of them. But don’t just hire any company out there because not all of them can give a 100% guarantee that they will deliver your vehicle without any damages, so make sure to do some research first.

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Different types of car shipping 

  If you’re planning on shipping your vehicle to and from Alabama, there are many different service options to choose from. Shipping companies generally offer two primary car transport services: open car transport and enclosed transport. Depending on what service is best for you will depend on things like your location at pick up and drop off, how much time you want to spend away from your vehicle and how much money you want to spend doing so. Let’s look at these services and their usability based on your needs.

Open car transport

Open car transport is the standard way to ship a car, and it’s the most affordable way to go. It’s also the most common type of shipping, which means you’ll have a lot of options when you’re looking for auto transport companies to ship your car. Your vehicle will be loaded onto an open truck with other cars and shipped to your desired destination. Open transport is very safe and secure, but some risks come with it. Your vehicle will be exposed to the elements during its journey, so if your car is particularly valuable or delicate, you might want to look into enclosed transport.

Enclosed auto transport

Enclosed transport offers more protection for your vehicle, as it’s completely covered on all sides by a fully enclosed trailer. A soft-tie system secures your vehicle in place, preventing it from shifting during transit. The enclosed trailer will protect your car from all elements throughout the shipping process. Enclosed auto transport is a better option if you need to ship a luxury or classic car that needs protection from road debris and inclement weather. Enclosed carriers can also ship less than a full load, costing more but providing more personalized service. Generally speaking, open transport is usually cheaper than enclosed transport, but it’s also less secure and less efficient than its covered counterpart.

Different types of car shipping services 

Car shipping is an excellent option for transporting your car, but there are many different types of services to choose from. Each type comes with its advantages and disadvantages, and it is crucial to understand each type when looking for a service to ensure that you get the best one for your situation. Here’s what you need to know about every kind of service when choosing how to ship your car to and from Alabama. 

Guaranteed pick-up

Guaranteed pick-up is the best option for those who want to plan and make sure that their car moves on the desired date. The service is not cheap because it is customized to fit your needs. With this service, you can pick the exact day on which your car will be picked up, which can help you save time and money. Plus, you get peace of mind knowing that everything will go smoothly moving forward with your relocation.

Express service 

If you need faster shipping, you can choose this option. It is more expensive than standard shipping, but it can get your vehicle transported in a matter of days. This option is excellent for running out of time or relocating for work. If you have only one car or you’re driving cross country, you can use express service to ship the other vehicles in your household.

Military shipping service 

This type of service is aimed at military personnel and their families who need to relocate with the help of a professional car shipping company. Usually, such companies offer discounts for military personnel and their families.

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How much does it cost to ship a car from Alabama (and vice versa)?

The average cost to ship a car within the continental United States can range between $500 to $1,500+ which depends upon the service offered by the auto transport company. The cost to ship a car from Alabama to New York will be different from shipping a car to some other location. This is because of the distance and the fuel prices. The shorter the distance, the lower the price. Also, if there is more demand for shipping vehicles in one direction than another, it can affect rates. But that’s not all, here are some more factors that can affect the car transportation cost. 

Distance matters

The distance between point A and point B directly impacts the price charged by auto transport companies. The longer the length, the more you have to pay. This is true for most transportation services, so it shouldn’t come as a surprise that it applies to car shipping.

 Vehicle type

There are two main types of carriers: open and enclosed. Enclosed carriers offer more protection, but they also cost more to use. If you want to protect your classic car or luxury vehicle, enclosed transport is a good idea. However, if you want to save money, an open carrier will suit your needs just fine.

Time of Year

Like airlines and hotels, auto transport companies charge more during busier times of the year. For example, shipping an RV from Alabama to California will be cheaper in winter than in summer because fewer people are moving during the winter months. High seasons are usually during summer and end-of-year holidays when people move or travel.

Pick-up/delivery locations

You may be subject to additional charges when requesting pick-up and delivery in very remote areas. This is because, to reach these areas (and pick up your vehicle), the shipper will have to travel further, which results in higher fuel and labor costs. If you live in a rural area but would like to avoid additional charges, consider arranging with a friend or family member who lives in a city center to meet the driver there instead.

Fuel costs

Fuel costs fluctuate all the time, so it is impossible to give an exact figure here. However, if you are considering shipping your car over a long distance, consider that fuel costs may arise during this time and increase your overall shipping costs. 

Delivery time

The delivery time required also plays an essential part in determining how much to transport a car to Alabama. Immediate delivery requirements may require additional charges other than what is typically charged for a regular delivery period.

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How long does it take to ship a car to Alabama (and vice versa)?

The auto transport company that you select will take into account your entire specific details, including vehicle size and weight, as well as distance. If you’re hauling within state lines, they can typically get a vehicle from Point A to Point B in 24-48 hours. It could take two full days or more for shipments crossing state lines, depending on where you are shipping from and how far away your destination is. It’s also worth considering that being ready when it’s time for pick up is imperative. If the companies have to wait around all day for someone to get their car ready for shipping, then all other vehicles scheduled after yours will be impacted by that delay.


The distance between pick-up and delivery points, and the exact points of departure and arrival, will determine how much time it takes for your car to be delivered. The more remote your desired destination is, the longer it will take for your car to arrive.

 Type of transport route

Some routes will take longer than others when delivering your vehicle from and to Alabama. For instance, if there are a lot of hills or mountains, then the truck driver might have to reduce his speed, which will increase the transport time.

Road closures/construction zones

If you’re shipping your car during busy summer months with road construction zones or fall and winter months when roads are closed due to snow, you could find yourself waiting much longer than average for your car delivery. These road closures can also impact your shipment in other ways—they may mean more traffic on already busy highways, so schedule accordingly and don’t expect things to go quickly if there’s an accident ahead of you.

Seasonal Demand

Time of year can also affect how long it takes for your car to get delivered. For example, in the spring and summer months (April through August), there is a high demand for auto transport which means that prices will often be higher and there could be longer wait times before a driver would be available to pick up your vehicle.

Amount of stops

It is possible that the truck driver needs to stop at a gas station or somewhere else along the way for him to complete his journey successfully. These stops will also increase the time for delivery due to traffic jams or road conditions on the day that he is making his trip.

Method of transport

Whether you choose an open or enclosed carrier will affect the time it takes to deliver your car. Enclosed carriers provide more excellent protection from the elements but require more time to load/unload vehicles onto the flatbed than open carriers do. Also, there are fewer enclosed carriers than open ones available for hire at any time, so you may have to wait longer for one to become available if that’s the service you prefer.

 How does the process of shipping a car from Alabama work? 

  • Online quotes: Visit the website of the car shipping company. Fill up the online form. The company will then send you a quote by email with details of the services and corresponding prices.
  • Accepting the offer: After reviewing all the quotes, accept one that best suits your requirements and budget.
  • Pick-up and delivery arrangements: One of the logistics specialists will contact you via email or phone to go over the details of your shipment, such as dates, times, locations, and any special instructions. You’ll also get the contact information of your logistics specialist, who can help you get answers to any questions that arise during the process.
  • Paperwork: Before shipping your car, make sure you get all the paperwork in order, such as title deed, insurance etc.  
  • Pick-up day: The day of pick-up is when the driver arrives at the appointed location with a truck equipped with ramps. Then, he loads your car onto his trailer and secures it for transportation. This can take about 20 minutes or more, depending on your vehicle’s characteristics, i.e., size and weight.
  • Get updates along the way from Bill of Lading: Bill of Lading is an electronic tool used by customers to track their shipment at any stage of transportation. It allows customers to view detailed information about their order on any laptop or mobile device with internet connectivity.
  • Delivery day: Once the car arrives at its destination port, it will be loaded off the truck and delivered to its final destination address. The driver will call you once they arrive at the destination terminal or drop-off location.
  • Billing: Before taking possession of your car at its destination, review your bill to ensure there are no hidden charges or extra fees other than what was mentioned in the original quote.

Documents required shipping a car from Alabama.

Car shipping services can be arranged from anywhere in the United States, including Alabama. In most cases, you will need to prepare your vehicle for transport and gather the necessary documentation before it can be shipped. Here’s a list of documents that you may have to provide: 

  • Bill of lading: This is the contract between you and the auto shipping company that details the transaction terms. It includes information such as the dates of pick-up and delivery, the location of both places, how much it will cost to transport the vehicle and other pertinent information such as who to contact in case of an emergency.
  • Insurance terms and conditions: Every car transported with an auto shipper is insured. The insurance policy may vary, however. If you have any questions regarding this, please call your transport representative.
  • Lienholder authorization: If your vehicle is financed, you’ll need to get permission from your lienholder to ship your car. All you’ll need to do is write a letter stating you are shipping your vehicle from one location to another and send it to them for their records and email it to your shipping provider. 
  • Absent owner authorization: All owners and co-owners should be present for pick up; If owners are not current, you will need an Absentee Authorization, Signing By Third Party, and Notarized Power of Attorney.
  • Title and registration: If you are shipping your automobile from Alabama, you must have your title and registration. Suppose you do not have your title and have not applied for it yet. In that case, the shipping provider can ship your vehicle with a copy of your registration as long as the VIN (Vehicle Identification Number) on your documentation matches the VIN on your car.
  • Photo ID: When shipping your vehicle from Alabama, the auto transport company will also need to see either a valid driver’s license or state identification card. You need to provide a copy of the same. 

How to Find the Best Auto Transport Company to Ship a Car from Alabama? 

Whether it’s a corporate relocation, military transfer, or a long-distance move for a new job, moving to another city or state can be expensive and stressful. However, moving doesn’t have to be overwhelming or stressful! You can find a good auto transport company that will take care of your car and ship it safely to its new destination. You just need to consider these tips before signing a contract with any company. 


Auto transport companies are all different. Some are big, some are small, and they all have different ways of doing things. This includes the prices they charge for shipping your car. When looking for an auto transport company, keep in mind that prices vary between companies. If one quote is unusually lower than another, it might not be a legitimate company, or they may have hidden fees that will increase your final bill.

Get multiple quotes

Getting quotes before picking an auto transport company is very important. It will help you get a good idea of how much it would cost you to move your vehicle. We recommend getting three quotes so you can compare prices and services between them. This will also give you a better chance of finding a suitable transporter for your vehicle.

Choose a car shipping method.  

Depending on your budget and how fast you need the vehicle shipped, there are two options for auto transport: Open or Enclosed carriers. Open carriers are cheaper than enclosed ones because they can carry up to 10 vehicles in one trip, but they leave the car exposed to weather conditions on the road, dirt, and road debris.

Check online reviews

It’s important to know if past customers were satisfied with their service, how much they paid, and how long it took for their vehicles to arrive at their destinations. And don’t just check out reviews about shipping cars, be sure to look at other services as well.

Consider insurance options

 Depending on where you live, you may need to purchase temporary insurance while transporting a vehicle via auto transport companies carriers. Verify with each carrier whether or not they offer free coverage during transit. You also want to know what kind of deductible you would have to pay in case of an accident or damage to your car during transport.

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FAQs regarding shipping a car to Alabama

 How long is the auto transport company’s quote to be valid to transport my car to Alabama?

The quote’s validity may vary from company to company, and however, it can be anywhere between 48 to 72hrs. After receiving your quote from the auto transporter, if you decide to book your shipment within 48 hours, but you need more time to pay for your reservation, no problem! Many car transport companies will send you an invoice and allow you to pay for your shipment later. That being said, always verify with the car shipping company their policies regarding payments.

Do I need to be present at the time of pick-up and delivery of the car?

Yes, you are required to be present at the time of pick-up and delivery of your car. If you are not available for pick up or drop off, please make alternative arrangements like a family member or a friend.

 Is there insurance to cover my car when my car is in transit?

If you are shipping your car, ask the company what insurance they offer, and their policy covers it. Make sure that their policy will protect everything that you need in case of an accident or damage while the vehicle is being transported. Not to mention that an auto transport company provide insurance at no additional cost to you, and it is enough to cover the car being transported. However, if you would like to have additional coverage, you can purchase it from the company transporting your vehicle or from a third party.

How do I pay the auto transport company? 

You can pay in cash with a credit/debit card or do a wire transfer. The best way to make your payment is with a credit card to have an established paper trail. Most companies accept all major credit cards, including Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover. You can also use PayPal or even send your payment as a wire transfer if that works best for you.

Pros and cons of moving to Alabama

Alabama is a beautiful state. It is known for its rich southern hospitality history, and it is also home to some of the country’s best colleges and universities. If you are looking for a change of scenery, consider moving to Alabama. This state has a lot to offer, and it is an excellent place to live. Here are some of the benefits of moving here:


  • Alabama has plenty of outdoor activities that can keep families busy all year round, such as camping trips on Lake Guntersville, where they have boat rentals available, as well as hiking trails through Little River Canyon National Preserve.
  • The cost of living in Alabama is lower than it would be in other states like California, Florida, New York or Texas, so if you’re thinking about moving there, this could be one of many reasons why moving here might make sense!There are many job opportunities here, so it is easy to find work.


  • Alabama has a limited public transportation system, so most people rely on private vehicles to get around or rely on friends or family members for transportation.
  • The next disadvantage of moving to Alabama is hurricanes. Hurricanes bring heavy rain, thunderstorms, lightning and floods. Floods can cause damage to your home and property.  
  • At times, the weather can be oppressive, especially when summer temperatures soar into the upper 70s with high humidity levels.

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